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/jp/ - Soap opera starring Janny and Trev-Trev

/ota/ - Good old days /jp/

Enjoy your 404'd Flanfly thread.

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We can have LEGIT Flanfly threads at Ota

Nothing like this pathetic excuse of a thread >>10490074

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oh no you're going to delete a shitpost that you made like it's threatening or something

how's the competition for deadest board going, have you beaten /bun/ by a landslide yet

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Please don't encourage subhumanism such as flanfly threads.

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I like it better there.

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I can Flanally enjoy Flanfly ;_;

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>/janny's playground/fags
>knowing posters' names
They just silently spam Touhou pics.

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>/jp/ - Soap opera starring Janny and Trev-Trev

I thought he stopped posting on /jp/ a while ago and moved to warosu.

Isn't that where all this warosubro stuff has been coming from?

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>First thread
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Get this shitty site's link off of my warosu right now.

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Dude, just accept it already. Everyone loves flanfly now, except you and me.

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If you don't like Flanfly, you must be some sort of 4chan secondary.

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The site is nice to take a shit on. Lmao eat up faggots.

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You don't seem to be doing a very good job.

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