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What do you think about Meiling's feet?

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She stands a lot.
Let's donate a chair.

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They're probably blistery as fuck from standing in front of the gate all the time unless she's sitting on a chair.

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Nothing because I'm not a sub human foot fetishist.

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I want to rub my warm hard penis on her cute feet.

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I'd rub my dick up and down the soles of her feet.

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Would anyone else let Meiling beat the everliving shit out of them?

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>nail polish


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wud suk

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See this I don't get
The Gate Guard
Why does she have to stand?
I mean look at her, she has to be on her feet all day? That's brutal.

It is inhumane to make a woman stand on her feet in one spot for the entire day!
Why shouldn't she have a chair?

Oh you~
You beat me to it.

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>It is inhumane to make a woman stand on her feet in one spot for the entire day!

I propose that she can sit on my rock hard dick with her soft wet warm squishy pussy.

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>It is inhumane to make a woman stand on her feet in one spot for the entire day!

Why is that? Plenty of men serve as guards. Aren't women "equal'?

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You know you could've at least posted a picture of George that hasn't been ruined by the >ISHYGDDT meme.

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but she is not a woman, she is a youkai

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What do you think about 3DPG's feet?

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I don't like those in the picture, but I prefer them over 2D feet. 2D feet are normally not drawn well and art often fails to capture many of the features of feet that I like.

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But then there are those that are actually drawn well and include those features. When I see this, I get Diamond hard.

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Yeah I really like those of course. It just sucks that they're such a minority. Also another reason I prefer 3D is that I really like f/f foot worship and that is pretty rare in 2D, whereas 3D porn has tons of video of it.

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>Come taste my foot with me, anon-kun!

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Oh god, please.

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yes milk yes

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Feet are the most disgusting part of the human body.

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>not wanting to massage Meilings tired feet.

What a pleb.

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What about the asshole?

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>Red Nail Polish

Automatic turn-off. That is the single worse color a girl can put on her feet. It makes me cringe, want to vomit and get away from them. Why not blue? Why not black? Why not natural even? Anything but red.

No, until you fix that, I shant have any of Meiling's feet in my face.

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Red nail polish?

Automatic turn-off. That is the single worse color a girl can put on her feet. It makes me cringe, want to vomit and get away from them.

Why not blue? Why not black? Why not natural even? Anything but red.

No, until you fix that, I shant have any of Meiling's feet in my face.

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She is a female, adult youkai, therefore, a woman.
What she is not is a human. And because she's not human, it doesn't matter if it's "inhuman" to let her stand all day.

But she is still a woman.

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>She is [...] a woman.
>What she is not is a human.

back to biology 101 for you

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Oh yea? 101 THIS

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I'll fucking 101 your sorry ass to chinatown if you don't shut the fuck up

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I've never thought about a foot jack off before, but I wouldn't mind exparementing with Meiling.

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One can still use the ethical and social meaning of "woman".

And even if you seriously want to use biological standards in a thread about a youkai... She could be considered a derived species of human, or even superhuman. Or subhuman.

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>that picture

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I would give her a thorough foot massage ever night when she is done with gate duty. Then I would sniff her feet and lick them clean. I would finish by rubbing them with lotion made with my penis.

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Flandre's are much better.

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We wouldn't have this kind of confusion if we still said "wifman" and "wereman". Then it would be obvious that she was a she-youkai, not a she-human.

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>the ethical


>and social meaning of "woman".

Don't be silly. Do you call female giraffes "women" too?

> She could be considered a derived species of human

She's probably a dragon, spergmaster

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Since when are giraffes humanoid, huh?

> probably a dragon
Your "probably" doesn't really seem confident to me.

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Holy crap I am starting to lose my patience with your bullshit now you frickin nerd

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I think they are beautifully adorned by the color of the communist party.

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I'd put my dick in an asshole before I rub them on someone's feet.

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Come at me.

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You aren't even worth my time. Needless to say if we were in IRL this discussion wouldn't have gotten much further than me landing a right hook on your nerdy fuc*kin face

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Sure it would, you are big, white and strong.
And now shut it, this tread got a topic.

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I decide what your gay fucking thread's topic will be. In fact I have the janitor on speed dial and if I want this thread gone it will be deleted in seconds no questions asked. Better think that over before you start shit with me again pussy

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>Meiling thread
Best day ever

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His cock is so big.

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Meiling is a nationalist, not a communist.

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You had better believe it

"When I first set my eyes upon his magnificent snakelike manhood I suddenly remembered my beta pussyfag of a son and felt completely ashamed. Truly this is the first time I had been in the presence of a real man."

--excerpt from the 300 page chapter all about me from your mom's future autobiography

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She already wrote it. In fact, there is only one page about you and the only thing written in it is "what a fag", underlined twice.

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What was your argument with that guy about again? Before you whipped out your dick in anger?
Oh yeah, Meiring wasn't a woman.

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Same thing people wrote about you in your high school yearbook? What a strange coincidence dude

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What is anon's name?

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Who fucking invited you to the party? My acquaintance and I are in the middle of settling a dispute like men, back off vultures

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Can I still watch?

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Indeed, nice feet.
But rather than her feet, I'd like to tenderly caress her abs.

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When I was in high school, only those strong enough even survived to the point of being mapped in the yearbook.

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Don't bother projecting your betamax experiences dude. My biology teacher in HS used me as an example for the class when teaching about apex predators and the strong in natural selection. Hey, maybe paying attention in that class is why I know more about Meiling's genetic makeup than you!

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They taught monster biology in your HS?
That sounds...erm...

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Did you seriously just use a fucking ellipsis? Wait, did I seriously just read this? LMAO HOW beta can you possibly be exactly?

This is over. Better luck next time.

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I invented the term of the selection of the strong when I ate my way out of an behemoths maw who just managed to gulp me down because I needed to rip out his lungs as a birthday present for my daughter.

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Molecular biology SAT grade?

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Are you using an ad hominen in your argument?
I think my biology teacher in HS would be using you as an example of someone with a reptilian brain.

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You aren't the only one anon.

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Traditional media!

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can you post more delicious feet instead of arguing like the nerds you are?

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>in /jp/ for feet pictures
Go look at a shoe catalog or something.

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Hold it together, Meiling!

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Wouldn't a shoe catalog be full of , you know, shoe pictures, as opposed to bare feet?
Please, at least try to make sense.

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They're nice, but the rest of Meiling is better.

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Go look at foot catalogues, then.

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...does it...bother...you?

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Why would I look at a shoe catalog for bare feet?

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But you dont see their succulent soles or the underside of their heels

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But it's winter.

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They look so nice and smelly...

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This is a cute picture and feet do nothing for me.

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They'd also be of real women, so that may not appeal to everyone on /jp/.

Unless you want a real women to pin you down and stick her sweaty, smelly feet in your face.

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>Unless you want a real women to pin you down and stick her sweaty, smelly feet in your face.
No thanks, 2D only please.

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>real women

Oh, well, just look in the children's section.

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When I had a shitty retail job I was in charge of the upkeep of the girls shoes section.

The lewd things I saw...

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Explain further. I don't understand how anything related to the matter could be lewd.

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Please tell me more.

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This. Nailpolish is disgusting. Especially red. Especially on feet.

The ONLY exception to this is black nails on sexy little boys.

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Well, lewd if you're cursed with this stupid fucking fetish.

I remember one really cute little girl trying on a bunch of shoes that were too big for her, and she wasn't wearing socks so I saw a lot of her feet. She was talking to her mom, and her mom said something about her having bad foot odor, so the girl sat down and smelled her own feet and said that they stunk.

This stands out in my mind because it happened the same day that my cat died, so it was nice to get a little bit of fanservice in my miserable life to make up for that downer....

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>Unless you want a real women to pin you down and stick her sweaty, smelly feet in your face.
I do like that.

I prefer japanese feet though

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>just look in the children's section
WHAT are you implying, you sicko?

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More stories like that one, please!

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Did you manage to smell her feet? How can loli feet sweat smell bad?

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I see some feet fetish and it raise it a bundy

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I stole my imouto's socks once. And twice. And many more times. She was 9 at the time and one of the few beautiful people in my family. The rest are just average, including me.

It was my dirty pleasure.