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How are you enjoying your dead board weeaboos?

I'm having a blast at Ota★ちゃんねる with ZUN!bar, Sudo and all legit /jp/sies that left during tha janny war.

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>legit /jp/sies

boring tripfags and a bunch of /v/tards greentexting about anime

"legit /jp/sies"

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This place is so much better now that they are gone.

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sounds like theyre lest autistic than this board

im not going there though cause both boards are shit

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It's quite cool. Still get a bad taste for it not being here...

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Thanks for the link, looks pretty cool ^_^

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hey trev-trev

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get fucked

im loyal with ♥ /jp/ ♥ forever

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I feel kinda bad for leaving Trevor behind.
At least he still got janny by his side.

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You only say that because you haven't seen what post-neo-/jp/ is like. By now you're lower than a CROSSBOARDER.

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why so asshurt steam fags

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Our organization is much bigger than that.

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The new board is actually pretty amazing.

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I like it.

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Come and post on /ota/, the cool new hip place for otaku!

Board moderators: tokiko, gigs!bar, sudo

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go to your stupid board then, why are you here now?
/jp/ is my love forever.
if its neo, its ok.
if its post-neo-postmodern-transdimension-hyperspace-/jp/, its still ok.
the kimochi never ends.

without love it can not be seen.
you have no love.
you have no loyalty.
see you later then bye bye

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When I visited it the board had like 1000 posts and they were having already a Milk general thread 6#
Judging on that I'll stay here.

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Still better than /jannys playground/.
Still shit though.

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I hate everyone involved with this - the modlist for the board literally makes me feel ill - but it would be good to have a board that actually threatens this one, so the janitard will stop deleting everything that doesn't adhere to her tastes.

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What modlist?

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There aren't any mods on /ota/ as far as I'm aware.
Just the admin who hosts the site.
If that's even what you're talking about.

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It was on number 6 because the other milk threads were deleted.

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So, if I spammed this board for hours with on-topic but still incredibly shitty threads, what would happen?
Theoretically, I mean.

It's not very fast so I could wipe out the whole board very quickly.

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Absolutely nothing, you'd just have wasted your time.

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So, how is this different from /jp/?

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I find it hilarious how it was advertised as a board with freedom for shitposters and then they banned Trevor and niggy not even a day later.

I can't really blame them, but it's still pretty hypocritical and I can see why they're getting blasted for being shit.

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>a board with freedom for shitposters

That's /b/.

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It was advertised as freedom for goodposters.

Shitposters belong in their cage on 4chan.

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Then why are you there?


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Because I'm a goodposter.

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He finally said it.

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He's a goodposter, I can vouch for that.

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Alright, who of you fags killed the fucking site?

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/jp/ - Gensokyo


/ota/ - Little Garden


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/jp/ was never "2D Random" though. Just to mention one thing, Anime was never supposed to go on /jp/. If anything it's /a/ that grew to be "2D Random".

But whatever. I guess the site also has that "Otaku Media" board, which I guess would be more similar to /jp/.
Idols or whatever would go in neither though, but I guess that's intentional as none but the idol-fans wants them.

Still. Despite /jp/'s(4chan's version) current state, I am still very sceptical to the idea of a new site.
And beyond that it doesn't seem like it has an equivalent of easymodo, and one would have to port all the good scripts.

I think I am going to try to observe /jp/ some more. Who knows, perhaps someone actually deletes /vg/, and the moderation at /a/ gets their act together, and /jp/ somehow manages to rise from its ashes.

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>Otaku isn't /jp/ imma fag please rape my face!
- you

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