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Byakuren and Miko can get along for Valentine's day, why can't you?

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Miko is not my type.

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But the feeling of love and friendship is what matters!

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Because I hate Miko's hair.

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Because I don't like you. But I like Miko and Byakuren.

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Looks pretty one-sided to me

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It'll all melt away once 13.5 happens.

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Heresy never looked so good.

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know the artist on these? I like their interpretation of Miko

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whats this from?

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It's time for blood.

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Skyscraper's Lust. It's on danbooru, but only the first half is translated. It's very good.
And don't be mislead by the title. It's not lewd.

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They'd better get along if they know what's good for them!

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Can she hear me thinking about how bad her hair is?

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Maybe your desire for her to get a haircut.

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She can hear and understand everything anout you.

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Her hair isn't bad. Am I the only one that loves how scruffy and fluffy it is? Two *ffys are best *ffys!

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No, you're not the only one.

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Taoism smells great!

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I might need to smell Buddhism so I can make an accurate comparison.

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Her hair is amazing, it just looks so fluffy and soft. I just want to hold her and let her talk to me.

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I wanna rub those hair spikes and see if they're somehow sensitive like ears.

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>Crown prince, crown prince, I bring urgent news for you! Lend me your ear!
>They're not up there...

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Cercis or carcharias

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So if Byakura is buddist and Miko is Taoist then what is Kanako?

I assume reimu is shinto?

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I want to swing that against a wall.

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I want to flip it upside down and smell her anus.

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Why are they crying?

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pls don't bully Miko

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Why does Miko has 2 tails on her head?

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Miko a cute

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She likes to look cute by putting on cat ear-muffs

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Current wall paper

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Kanako and Reimu are shinto. They all hate each other, but none of them really want to fight.

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>but none of them really want to fight.

Isn't that what 13.5 is all about?

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I meant deadly war. Small conflicts are bound to happen.

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Is Yuugi going to be in it?

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The animosity between Miko and Byakuren is nothing short of huge. I don't think they'll go to war either, but I don't doubt there's a lot of steam to be let off.

I would be really surprised if any of the SA cast made it in.

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Yeah, she basically fights the player in TD as a proxy for Byakuren.

It would be pretty funny of Futo had Molotov cocktails though. Handful of the Buddhists burn themselves to protest the violence, and Miko wins when Byakuren runs out of flammable yokai.

I hope seiga plays a part in the whole thing too.

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>The animosity between Miko and Byakuren is nothing short of huge

It is? They have different religious outlooks, but that's really the extent of it.

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The buddhists kept Miko sealed for far longer then she wanted, basically imprisoning her. Its highly hinted at that Miko and Byakuren have a past encounters, seeing as Miko basically calls Byakuren the devil. Byakuren hates Miko for some reason as well. I should reread SoPM before 13.5

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They're chained up and being drawn by Gaoo. They're scared.

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read Symposium of Post-mysticism and decide for yourself. They take some pretty blatant pot-shots at each other and
Byakuren admitted trying to keep Miko sealed, but they're still mature enough to keep it only at that level

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Miko just has really bad bedhead from that long nap.

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oh neat, since SoPM came up I was going to bring up how shitty the translation was but it looks like it's been fixed. The page I bookmarked at least.

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Cercis draws the best Miko

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That's not makuwauri. Or whoever did Skyscraper Lust.

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Translation when.

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Cercis' porn blog is horrifying... but I know /jp/ would like it

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But they don't hate Reimu. In fact, the Taoists are still trying to win Reimu over to their faction, since Reimu uses Taoist powers as well.

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Of course everybody wants Reimu, the border is the ultimate power in Gensoyko.

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>Of course everybody wants Reimu

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Are you sure you want to see dangerously furry Miko humping Tojiko?

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Reimu is just the police, she's there to protect the external layers.
The true architect is Yukari whose powers support the whole infrastructure.

Don't wanna say with this that Reimu is irrelevant.

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You mean this shit?

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The hell?

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She mirin'

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You don't look as good in Reimu's clothes as Reimu herself, Yukari. Give them back.

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I like Miko's motif

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Not sure how I quoted someone posting that, that wasn't intended for anyone

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Yes, except worse

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Did you have a good St. Valentine's day with Miko?

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Why would I have spent the day with her?

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I spent it alone.

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Pfft, what's so great about Taoism?

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Chasing immortality

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I think the right answer is the Taoists.
Although not Tojiko.

Because Tojiko sucks, sucks hard.

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Why would anyone want that?

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I would spend thirty lifetimes with a saint.

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He likes so much the animalization of Miko, is he a furry?

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Who draw the best Taoist? Makuwauri or Cercis?
>They will never be Carcharias translated dj other than Moriya Shrine's Holodomor & Myouren Temple's Black Death

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No. He like cute thing. Asian is not dirty like whitto piggu.

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As cute as the pairing is, I'd rather see more stuff like Skycraper's Lust

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Being the dominant one suits Miko so well. I wish more people realized that.

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It's a hard realization to make unless you delve into canon. Really, Miko and company had it tough for the longest time since TD was easier than UFO so it's a natural assumption to think that Miko was weaker than Byakuren or any other stage 6 boss simply because her game was easy.

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Horns? Weird.

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best spellcard

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Kyouko a cute

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Kyouko a cute!

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Miko still has not finished her birthday cake.

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She is eating something else

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Since the OC thread reached the bump limit, it wouldn't hurt posting this here

Leave it to me!

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What the HECK is in her mouth?

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Ritual Baton

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I thought it was "Please let me handle this!"

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That hat's not even on her head.