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Have some chocolate, /jp/~

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L-lewd! But I like it.

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I have lactose intolerance.

Can I have milk free choclate please ?

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Have some chocolate, /jp/~

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>lactose intolerance


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Not him, but even I have trouble with dairy products. Keep in mind that I can drink alcohol and eat bread no problem, so I can assure you I'm not asian.

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Disgusting. Get your feet out of my face, whore.

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I thought shes pressing her boobs on something.

What a missleading thumbnail.

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I would gladly except Alice's "special" chocolate straight from her "oven"~

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That's gross and lewd.

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hmm. wheres that tewi pic where shes "making chocolate".. you know which one im talking about...

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I am subed to almost every pixiv artist who makes scat and have seen GB of said images.

I dont think I have ever seen that

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Are you talking about this?


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Yakumo sama ;_;

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Yakumo-sama is so beautiful...

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thats the one. those warm little pebbles of love...

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that chocolate looks like dirt

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>>10487412 (Dead)
Why is this post gone?

There is no nakedness or anything lewd in it.

It's just poop...

How is poop offensive in anyway? We all do it. That's like censoring or removing posts that show people breathing. We all do it yet it is considered offensive and a means of post deletion.

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Put it between your butt cheeks and I'll eat it.

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I don't see any chocolate

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It's in her butt. She wants you to eat it out of her butthole.

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Put it on your anus and I'll eat it.

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Dip your feet into a chocolate fondue pot and I'd lick them clean, if you know what I mean.
That gave my a semi just thinking about it.

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that's is fucking gross

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Yakumo-sama i'm glad you thought of me on this day but I must refuse eating something you've put your feet on...

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Don't worry, she doesn't walk, just uses the gaps to go everywhere so eat it before she gaps your taste buds to your anus.

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I'd rather she gap it to her anus instead.

You know what? She does not even need to gap I can just go for her anus myself.

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But I see some tasty sweaty feet~

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Drizzling "chocolate" on Patchouli!

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