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Okuu would look way cuter with:
(a) showing her ampits
(b) wearing short shorts

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B of course.

We have enough armpits. We need more pants.

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(c) Wearing Spats

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Spats are great too.
Here is (a)

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Are that pants?

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Jean shorts are my fetish.

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The only things I like more than butts are armpits and bellies, so (a)

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Those cute feet are mine~

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(c) this hat

happy valentine's day /jp/

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In which crouch is she chilling?

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its a soft bed rest pillow, it's too small for me but its a good size for her

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But she's already impossibly cute. Why fix what isn't broken?

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Okuu is already 5/5 bretty qt, why change?

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Is it really possible for one to evolve past perfection? In appearance, that is.

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I ruined a cake I tried to make for Okuu today for the first time. I'm sorry Okuu... ;_;

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I'm sure it still tastes fine.

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I think the eye on her chest looks stupid.

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I think some birds would have a fascination with a lot of tacky jewelry and colored stones.

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So can she take off that gun on her arm or is it surgically attached?

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I'm sure you could do an amputation to remove it, assuming she can regrow limbs.

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There's more to this than I thought. Was she born with it? Is there a hand inside it?

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Control rod. And yes, there's two instances in canon where she has it off. She also is seen without her foot of fusion, fission, and cape on. She likely only wears them when needed, while at work or in combat.

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Well there you go. Thanks pal

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Peeing with Okuu!

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You make Sauron sad.

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She wears shorts in touhou mecha.

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Okuu is being unusually assertive and daring today. Thank you Orin!

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Okuu's armpits!

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why do you want to see okuus armpits anyway?

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I want to see every part of okuu

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But that's embarrassing!

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>(a) showing her ampits

Why are you guys so obsessed with touhou armpits.

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I'm personally more into bare-shoulders.

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Me too!

Even her feet and bare breasts.

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So? I still want to see it all.

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I want to do more than just see.
I'd just lap her all up.

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but okuu is so cute and lovely!

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Satori knows all about your DEEP♂DARK♂FANTASY's involving Okuu.

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But does she know all about my DEEP♂DARK♂FANTASY's involving herself?

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You can't win Okuu's body over that easily anon. You have to prove your undying love and faith to her first. That's just how ravens work.

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Are you sure? She leaves it pretty open and undefended.

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what about my DEEP♂DARK♂RANTASY

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Only when she's around family. She's become really comfortable around them, almost too comfortable.

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I wish people would draw her with tailfeathers.

And no, not that one recent image.

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Yeah, right. That picture I posted was her coming home from being out.

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Koishi hat is not that small, fucking artist.

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She doesn't say anything about just getting home! 4/10 for actually making me look.

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Sorry. I meant this one.
Okuu so innocent and sexy. A dangerous combination...

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Yes, thank you.

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You should tell her that then. God knows she probably doesn't hear it from hardly anybody due to her life of solitude.

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We should all get together and go love Okuu all at once.

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Isn't it Satori's fault they're dressed like that in the first place? In that series, that is.

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Only sometimes.

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Okuu is trying to read your mind. Stand still for a minute.

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Believe me when I say I tried, but couldn't resist.

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>I'm Satori-sama!
>I'm gonna read your heart, Onii-san!
>I know that you're thinking about how you like a girl named Okuu, Onii-san! Unyunyu!

>I thought as much. It's nice to have breasts as big as those...

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Why are they so good?

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Oh shit.
Uh...don't worry, Okuu, they're just fantasies.

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She learns rather fast, doesn't she?

She pretty much nailed it spot on.

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Their individual levels of cute are already absurdly high when alone. But when multiplied together they reach a cute value so fucking high it has no number.

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I love their out-of-combat outfits. More than the fighting ones, actually.

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So do I. But Okuu's transparent skirt in her wrestling outfit is also really nice.

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Wait, they're like aprons?

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Ravens are fast learners. Okuu just never had much social development growing up, which is key to raven brain development. If we teach her now while she's still young, she'd learn all sorts of things!

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She got you a present /jp/

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Pretty sure its called Melting or something like that.

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If Okuu liked sex, she'd be a bimbo. What do you think of that?

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What's a spat?

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The athletic shorts that women wear.

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I think it would be pretty cute. I'd like to see a book like that, of Okuu having awkward and amateur sex with someone for the first time. She'd do silly things like bump into your head when she tried to kiss you, get too dizzy from pleasure sometimes and get all swirly eyed, wonder why your dick suddenly shrank after you just came and get all worried that she hurt you.

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Bimbos are not cute.

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