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Has literally been made by the janitor
I know because I just got a 15 min block

keep trying fagit
in the end you will be alone in this board

ded board

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>in the end you will be alone in this board

Judging by who seems to have moved to that board, who gives a shit.

Enjoy talking about anime with your fellow Steamtards who think /jp/ started in 2011. Maybe you can even share epic old memes like le zunbar face and "quotation man".

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You're pathetic jannie

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Won't be long before that url gets filtered.

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I'm glad people like this aren't moving to the new board.

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I would rather eat my own feces.

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rofl get owned n00b saberfag

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Please wait patiently. This will be resolved in a few days.

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Once a tk site always a tk site.

You can't polish the shit off of a shoe made of shit.

Just delete the site before I'm forced to get serious.

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I need some help flooding these faggots.

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Otaman needs to ISP ban Trevor

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Well aren't we bitter~? <3

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>>10487064,9 to: >>10487064,6, not OP.

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Thanks, I wouldn't have figured that out on my own.

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Would you mind telling me what those threads were about?

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/pol/ reposts and ron paul

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lol I reported all of your threads faglord

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Holy shit ur steamed as HELL kid!

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So they have their own janiturd over there, huh?

Good to know.

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foaming hard through the teeth

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Trevor just got owned

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Holy shit that's an impressive amount of butthurt right here.

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>You have been banned from all boards for the following reason:


>Your ban was filed on Thursday 14 February, 2013 and will not expire.

>Your IP address is

>Expose their lies.
>Get silenced.

Classic Jew tactic.

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Haha, oh wow.

Looks like they needed moderation, after all. Pretty ironic.

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You just owned yourselves, actually.

The house of cards comes crashing down.

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More never because everyone has read this story 51 times before.

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Yeah, can't believe that the admin deleted Ron Paul spam, /pol/ shit and /v/-me-mes.
Fuck this I'm going back to /jannys playground/!

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Please don't assume that Trevor is a rational human being who can be reasoned with.

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laff @ retarded IRC kids getting completely drunk on an iota of power

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You fucked up, kid. Accept it and move on.

You can start by taking down your hypocritical, neo-/jp/ concentration camp of a site.

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owned at /jp/
owned at warosu
owned at life
irc kids status: buttdevatsted

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You give them the unyielding power of a janitor and suddenly their old ideals of freedom and equality become nothing but annoying hindrances.

Ironic, really.

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How do I become a janitor for ota-ch?

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Kind of annoying that half of the threads that I was following last night and this morning are now missing.

Was there some sort of deletion sweep or were they pushed off?

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Pushed of by Trevors autism:

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I posted a lot of shit and I didn't get banned. But trevor takes it to a whole new level.

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You should probably make the more serious threads on that other board.

>> No.10487064,44 [INTERNAL] 

You mean by all two of my threads?

Keep grabbing at straws, you might find a needle to kill yourself with.

[ ] DEAD

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The admin actually felt sorry for him and unbanned the sperglord.

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Think of Ota as a temporary apartment until Hitler quits his job or shot in the head.

>> No.10487064,47 [INTERNAL] 

>The admin

So now he's some sort of god who thinks he's above being named?

Absolutely pathetic.

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You mean by all 10 of your threads?

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Finally, a concentration camp away from concentration camp.

The American Dream.

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You can call him Otaman if you want.

>> No.10487064,51 [INTERNAL] 

No, I meant 2.

What base are you counting in?

>> No.10487064,52 [INTERNAL] 

I think I'll stick to calling him Shitlord, King of the Barren Wastelands.

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That's up to you.

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Are you seriously still talking to me?


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Whatcha gonna do 'bout it, NERD?

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Noone of the /soc/ faggots referring to each other by name are part of this board.

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Kick your fucking ass, obviously.

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What are you even talking about?

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Come and try, fagmeister! I have a black belt in Aikido!

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shut the hell up befor i kick your ass

>> No.10487064,61 [INTERNAL] 

I'm waiting. Attack me whenever you feel like it, if you're lucky I'll just break your legs and let you walk away with your life.

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Just fuck already buttkings

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LOL /ota/ is literally DEAD!!
What now, faggots?

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Looks who's talking, crossboarder /jp/er who came here 14 days ago!
Get the fuck out of warosu and go suck janitor's penis

/ota/ >>>>>> shit >>>>> you >>>> /jp/

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How many people are still posting on /ota/?
You and who else?
No one. Because the board is shit and you're the only person who hasn't realized it yet.


>> No.10487064,66 [INTERNAL] 

Suck on THIS.


Everyone's leaving. /jp/ is only good for shitposting anymore.

>> No.10487064,67 [INTERNAL] 

They might be leaving but they sure aren't leaving for /ota/.

>> No.10487064,68 [INTERNAL] 


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I'm posting on /ota/, and if you're a pre-splitter you should be too.

Give it a chance; it's only been around for a little while, so it's too soon to judge. If it becomes nothing but a circle jerk hangout for tripfags than so be it, but at the time it still has potential.

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There is like nothing on page 0 except for the regular general vn thread. The guys on /pol/ were right, it's finally happening.

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To clarify whats NOT okay

>yo nerds the rebel INS here to drop some knowled
>Ara ara~
>textless touhou
>And now, I shall over-analyze a memetic quote for the sake of my own (
>Learning with Keine!
>Alice is my favorite Touhou character. Who’s yours?
flan-flan thread
>Yesterday I met my old classmate from middle school, who used to boy but now he is girl. This is just like in my Chinese girl games...

Whats okay/don't give a shit
>Black hair is the best.
>Best Cinderella
>VN General Thread
>are you a weird person /jp/
> Romance of the Three Kingdoms
>TDCG/MMD thread
>yo nerds the rebel INS here to drop some knowledge ***Leave up for 30 minutes then delete

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>are you a weird person /jp/
How is this okay?

>> No.10487064,73 [INTERNAL] 

The crossboarders finally got fed up, made their own board and are going to leave?


Who gives a shit about the post rate, it's always been quality over quantity.

Please go with them, shitposter. Touhou threads are always fine. Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a video game based on Chinese history, is not fine. Senran Kagura has an anime adaptation and is not fine. Trading cards are not fine. I'm begging you, please convince all your crossboard friends to pack their bags and take their shit to 2D/Random.

I really do hope that board takes off. Every post there is one less shitpost on /jp/.

>> No.10487064,74 [INTERNAL] 

>Touhou threads are always fine.
> quality over quantity.

>MFW every single Touhou thread is some mindless textless thing and or shit.

>> No.10487064,75 [INTERNAL] 

Some video games are fine IMO. Gust, AT and JRPGs should be allowed since we all love them and they fit in well with the board. This should have been allowed from day one five years ago.

>> No.10487064,76 [INTERNAL] 

Yeah I love posting on /jp/ with the 3 autistic retards who aren't banned because all they do is spam 'X with Y Touhou' threads.

Stay delusional shitter.

>> No.10487064,77 [INTERNAL] 

Don't think you can enrage me with your obvious attempts at being wrong. 0/10, shitty troll, not even mad you dumb faggot.

>> No.10487064,78 [INTERNAL] 

Go make 20 more mindless Touhou threads, nerd.

>> No.10487064,79 [INTERNAL] 

I wouldn't expect a shitposter to understand.

Any Touhou thread is high quality, because Touhou is high quality discussion material. The crossboard subjects you are interested are low quality that will be deleted on sight no matter what.

That's why we can have a textless Touhou thread, and why even though you try to write a 3-page dissertation on Naruto or sword girls or "light novel characters" *wink* *wink*, it will always be deleted.

So please take your random crossboard threads to your brand spanking special new wacky SO RANDUMB XD crossboard clusterfuck board.

>> No.10487064,80 [INTERNAL] 

I am to hungover to tell if you are being ironic or not. What I can say is that people with your mindset have been bringing this board down for years. We should be able to have more diverse content and discussions and not 100 Touhou imagedumps a day.

>> No.10487064,81 [INTERNAL] 

>"light novel characters" *wink* *wink*

Oh, I forgot you were that one dude who literally throws a fit and proxy reports any LN character discussion thread to deletion. I guess we are done talking here.

>> No.10487064,82 [INTERNAL] 

You're probably trolling but you indirectly make a good point.

A "low quality" Touhou thread is A-OK, a high quality shinto thread is "tolerated". This is the Touhou board, so it's much in the same way that you could have an excellent thread about international politics on /tg/, but it's still more likely to get deleted than a "how do i play war hammer??" thread. Janitors officially aren't allowed to be subjective, but this is left to their discretion. The janitors are bending the rules by not deleting your Homu thread from the Touhou board.

>> No.10487064,83 [INTERNAL] 

What decides if a thread is high-quality or not is not the topic, you dumbfuck. The textless touhou threads are accepted because they are low quality, yet they are still on-topic. Saten and other LN characters with an anime adaptation are not accepted due to the fact that they are OFF-topic. You think too highly of yourself, yet you can't grasp simple concepts that work in all 4chan boards. Not only that, but you resort to irony to prove your points. It would be easier if you just killed yourself so neither /jp/ or /ota/ would have to deal with the likes of you.

>> No.10487064,84 [INTERNAL] 

Of course he's joking. He's had this gimmick going for awhile.

>> No.10487064,85 [INTERNAL] 

>neither /jp/ or /ota/
neither /jp/ nor /ota/

>for awhile.
for a while

>> No.10487064,86 [INTERNAL] 

I like how /ota/fags are so desperate for traffic that they keep bumping their shitty warosu threads to defend how shit their board is.

>> No.10487064,87 [INTERNAL] 

Maybe you should do something interesting so there's something else to gossip about.

>> No.10487064,88 [INTERNAL] 

Warosu master race reportin' in.
Warosu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everything

>> No.10487064,89 [INTERNAL] 

Warosubros for fucking life

Sieg heil dude

>> No.10487064,90 [INTERNAL] 


I'm nitpicking but you tell me how senran kagura is worse than "I wub Alice thread #5385 or "sanae is a gurl xDDD" thread #10341. Just because it has an anime adaption, it automatically turns into an unwanted discussion for you?

Oh hell the crossboarders trump card!? "Oh my fucking Lard you go to /g/!? Get out of /jp/!!!!!1! (I mean my pretend sanctuary gensokyo protected by a magical gate with shiny spell tags and maho circles).

>> No.10487064,91 [INTERNAL] 

Why do people complain about their threads being deleted?

Just repost it and evade bans until li'l jannieboy gets tired and leaves it alone. This works.

>> No.10487064,92 [INTERNAL] 

>Just because it has an anime adaption, it automatically turns into an unwanted discussion for you?

The problem is that this sort of defense was valid for a while, but shitposters turned it to their advantage. "What do you mean? I'm just trying to discuss Saten and Horo, they're both characters from 'light novels' that I've 'read' recently!"
Sometimes it was a sincere attempt to discuss off-topic materials, sometimes it was just to troll and start a fuss, but rarely did people ever want to discuss on-topic light novels. We had maybe one light novel thread a month before moot mentioned light novels in that one sticky, then some people saw an opportunity to abuse it.

It's just easier to add a rule that circumvents all this. If you want to discuss light novels with anime adaptations, you can on /a/, where you also have the advantage of being able to discuss the anime. It's unfortunate to the two or three posters who would genuinely want to discuss, say, Haganai or Index without it just being a front for an off-topic or shitposting spam thread, but this is the sacrifice we had to make to curb one popular method of shitposting.

>> No.10487064,93 [INTERNAL] 


holy shit what an aspie wall of bullshit

i will just post what i want, it takes me ten seconds to press a button in my router's control panel if jannieturd mutes me

>> No.10487064,94 [INTERNAL] 

One particular complaint people from other boards have made in the past is how much of a shithole /jp/ was.

I think that now instead of being put off by all the hostile shitposting and flame wars they'll settle into the new /jp/ community and become productive posters.

>> No.10487064,95 [INTERNAL] 

We should be able to discuss LN characters even if they were in an anime adaption. The only reason that one paranoid anon doesn't want it on /jp/ is because it could porentially attract "the dreaded and legendary crossboarder".

>> No.10487064,96 [INTERNAL] 

You guys shouldn't listen to 4channers.

>> No.10487064,97 [INTERNAL] 

What does ban evasion feel like?

>> No.10487064,98 [INTERNAL] 

>Feelio when still permabanned for posting in a dubs thread

>> No.10487064,99 [INTERNAL] 

Seeing the "You are banned!" page is just a signal for me to reset my router.

>> No.10487064,100 [INTERNAL] 

My high-level ban evasion tactic is to take a MAC from some random generator and spoof my router with it. This takes about one minute, then I have a new IP and it's back to shiteing turdos out for li'l jannie to wipe up.

>> No.10487064,101 [INTERNAL] 

A true shitposter simply increments their MAC address by one so they never accidentally get an old one.

It may only be a 1/10.000 chance but it's still not worth the risk.

>> No.10487064,102 [INTERNAL] 

My router has some snazzy web interface to reconnect and fetch a new IP address, and it just takes some POST data so I've written a shell script with cURL to automate it.

Is there any Firefox extension that can run an external program under certain conditions?

Failing that I might just write some sort of daemon that polls the /banned page every so often to see if I'm banned, and it runs the IP address script if I am. Hands-free ban evasion.

>> No.10487064,103 [INTERNAL] 

>mfw aspies like >>10487064,73 >>10487064,92 spend 1000 hours trolling ghost and i just lulz and go to /ota/
a winrar is me

>> No.10487064,104 [INTERNAL] 

You should make this into a meme poster.

>> No.10487064,105 [INTERNAL] 

>thinking lulz is a verb

lol no

>> No.10487064,106 [INTERNAL] 

Don't argue with Touhoufags. People like >>10487064,73 are mentally ill. They're autistic NEETs who spend all day posting in secondary Touhou threads. They have no interest in otaku culture. Most don't watch anime.

Just ignore them completely.

>> No.10487064,107 [INTERNAL] 

As an autistic NEET I'm offended that you would group me with them.

>> No.10487064,108 [INTERNAL] 

I'm sorry.

>> No.10487064,109 [INTERNAL] 

>watching anime

shiggy diggy

>> No.10487064,110 [INTERNAL] 

>unironically forgetting it's 2013

>> No.10487064,111 [INTERNAL] 

oh shit

>> No.10487064,112 [INTERNAL] 

Holy shit these nerds man, these fucking nerds.

>> No.10487064,113 [INTERNAL] 

I'm shitting all over them.

>> No.10487064,114 [INTERNAL] 


Why would shit on your nerds? What a waste of candy dude.

>> No.10487064,115 [INTERNAL] 

Yeah, 2 niggy thread!


>> No.10487064,116 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10487064,117 [INTERNAL] 

lmao eat up fag

>> No.10487064,118 [INTERNAL] 

I would never evade a ban but it's getting tempting. There will be a point where I will have to stand up to bad moderation. The new moderation is perfect for /jp/ except the janitor abusing global rule #6 and giving his powerhungry ass the ability to ban block anything he pleases.

Five years later and with current /jp/ the whole situation has kind of changed and i know this board will never be good again.

*taps on router while thinking.

>> No.10487064,119 [INTERNAL] 

yo gigs what would you do if you see a /jp/er walking down the street?

>> No.10487064,120 [INTERNAL] 

Dunno, I guess I would buy her a beer and discuss sports and casual talk. I already know people IRL that post on /jp/.

>> No.10487064,121 [INTERNAL] 

I'd spit on you

>> No.10487064,122 [INTERNAL] 

he'd arrest the HELL out of you man i wouldn't want to fuck with a cop

>> No.10487064,123 [INTERNAL] 

Dorner will give me strength

>> No.10487064,124 [INTERNAL] 

You have been banned from all boards for the following reason:


Your ban was filed on Sunday 17 February, 2013 and will not expire.

Your IP address is 69.333.230.162.

>> No.10487064,125 [INTERNAL] 

Thanks for telling us your IP.

>> No.10487064,126 [INTERNAL] 

Holy fuck are you a hacker man??

>> No.10487064,127 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10487064,128 [INTERNAL] 

haven't you heard of Anonymous man, hackers on steroids man, gon fug ur shit up ? Fugging 情弱

>> No.10487064,129 [INTERNAL] 

Get in here /b/ros
Their Janny is asleep
Let the asswrecking begin

>> No.10487064,130 [INTERNAL] 

Get in here milkbros

>> No.10487064,131 [INTERNAL] 

Nerds keep getting owned by NSJ so they have to pick on /ota/.

>> No.10487064,132 [INTERNAL] 

Ah, so I see... Idiots.

>> No.10487064,133 [INTERNAL] 

Why did you capitalize that? Are you stupid?

>> No.10487064,134 [INTERNAL] 

Yes... He definitely seems like... a... retard.

>> No.10487064,135 [INTERNAL] 

Who says I have to leave to post on Ota? I'll just post there IN ADDITION to the other boards I visit, including /jp/. But if you want to antagonize other users by calling them shitposters, well that's fine too. Wallow in your own shit all you like.

>> No.10487064,136 [INTERNAL] 

Fuck the /ota/ janitor.
It's really no different than /jp/ when it comes down to it.

>> No.10487064,137 [INTERNAL] 

assblasted milk poster

>> No.10487064,138 [INTERNAL] 

milk is now a servant in the Holy Grail War. What class would she be?

>> No.10487064,139 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10487064,140 [INTERNAL] 

I know you are but what am I?

>> No.10487064,141 [INTERNAL] 



>> No.10487064,142 [INTERNAL] 

They can't even spam a board of that caliber. This is almost sad.

>> No.10487064,143 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10487064,144 [INTERNAL] 

I don't see anything wrong with that board. What the fuck is wrong with you guys, you sound like a bunch of /b/tards.

>> No.10487064,145 [INTERNAL] 

dead lel

>> No.10487064,146 [INTERNAL] 

It's mostly Trevor.

>> No.10487064,147 [INTERNAL] 

/ota/bro here

dgaf about spam it's pretty funny

i used to spam niggy on /janny's playground/ (i would necro like 20 threads from the last pages) so it's cool

>> No.10487064,148 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10487064,149 [INTERNAL] 

RIP /ota/

>> No.10487064,150 [INTERNAL] 

rest in piss /ota/shit

>> No.10487064,151 [INTERNAL] 

How about the fact that it's user base is shit?

Tripfags and steamfags populate the administration and most of the user base. People hype the board but all I see is the same boring, autistic shit with another, different shitty janitor. Not to mention half of the threads are nothing but metathreads about real-/jp/.

Absolutely pathetic.

>> No.10487064,152 [INTERNAL] 

Absolutely pathetic.

People hype the board tripfags and steamfags populate but all I see is the same boring not to mention half of the threads. the administration and most of the user base are nothing but metathreads about real-/jp/.

How about the fact autistic shit with another, that it's user base is shit? different shitty janitor.

>> No.10487064,153 [INTERNAL] 

What are you even talking about? There's one admin and no other staff.

Take your pills.

>> No.10487064,154 [INTERNAL] 

Take your one admin and no even talking about?Other staff.

What are you?

>> No.10487064,155 [INTERNAL] 

That's it, I'm telling your mom on you Trevor.

>> No.10487064,156 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10487064,157 [INTERNAL] 

You're going to make him sad.

>> No.10487064,158 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10487064,159 [INTERNAL] 

You're an asshole, you know that?

>> No.10487064,160 [INTERNAL] 

Let's put this behind us and go back to being warosubros.

>> No.10487064,161 [INTERNAL] 


I think I found her.

>> No.10487064,162 [INTERNAL] 

Big whoop. Are you going to blackmail me with my mom's obituary now?

Fucking pathetic.

>> No.10487064,163 [INTERNAL] 

So it turns out ZUNbar is the admin of /ota/.

Though I doubt he will admit it, just like Jones won't admit he is the admin of /bun/.

>> No.10487064,164 [INTERNAL] 

You took that way to far :(

I'm sorry for your loss Trevor, I know you've talked about it in the past.

I guess I won't try and spur you into some multi-hour thread derailing conversation tonight.

>> No.10487064,165 [INTERNAL] 

You can shove your fucking sorries in a sack. I don't wanna hear it.

>> No.10487064,166 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10487064,167 [INTERNAL] 

poor Trev :((((

>> No.10487064,168 [INTERNAL] 

>ZUNbar is the admin of /ota/
Any proof whatsoever? Also, I have no problems with this. In comparison to Jewnes, Zun!bar is a decent poster.

Also, Jonesy never really owned /bun/, while he may have some privileges (he changed a lot of code on the site), I doubt he's a main admin, but definitely he has some moderator abilities.

>> No.10487064,169 [INTERNAL] 

>Zun!bar is a decent poster

- Zun!bar
- decent poster
pick one

>> No.10487064,170 [INTERNAL] 

Oh wow, his mom actually died from cirrhosis? I thought it was just another one of his autistic jokes.

I feel kinda bad for making fun of him for it now.

>> No.10487064,171 [INTERNAL] 

Trevor, I want to be your friend.

>> No.10487064,172 [INTERNAL] 


>>Mr. Hunwick's tough-guy reputation at beach hangouts was sealed in 1982 when police fingered him as the leader of a six-man hit squad responsible for as many as 300 murders across the country.


>> No.10487064,173 [INTERNAL] 


>Mon Mar 12 01:28:13 2012

Well, shit.

Poor Trevor.

>> No.10487064,174 [INTERNAL] 

...I just realized that 3x3 image with the frog was made by him.

>> No.10487064,175 [INTERNAL] 


Trevor is badly indebted and needs your help: >>9605795

If you set up a Paypal account or something I'd be glad to help you, friend.

>> No.10487064,176 [INTERNAL] 

>$36k in the bank

I wish. Looks like I forgot a decimal there.

It's more like 5 bucks these days.

>> No.10487064,177 [INTERNAL] 

Did Trevor make any posts on March 11, 2012?

I want to see how he dealt with the grief.

>> No.10487064,178 [INTERNAL] 

what's the mo for trevor? is there a post i can read about the most up to date info on him?

>> No.10487064,179 [INTERNAL] 

He has terminal autism and has been sperging on /jp/ since its inception, driving away every janitor in the process.

That's all you need to know. Don't bother trying to understand him or why he does what he does.

>> No.10487064,180 [INTERNAL] 

>terminal autism
RIP peace trevor

>> No.10487064,181 [INTERNAL] 


Please stop trying to take credit for other people's spam, Trevor.

>> No.10487064,182 [INTERNAL] 


Jesus, what a fucking whiner.

>> No.10487064,183 [INTERNAL] 

You are so fucking weird, Trev-trev.

>> No.10487064,184 [INTERNAL] 

He really is insane. Cool.

>> No.10487064,185 [INTERNAL] 

>I don't know if you guys knew this but my mom just died of cirrhosis.

That gave me a good laugh.

Why is he so bipolar?

>> No.10487064,186 [INTERNAL] 

Freud would get a massive boner from this.

>> No.10487064,187 [INTERNAL] 

We all cope in different ways

>> No.10487064,188 [INTERNAL] 

;_; Trev-Trev, I'm still sorry

>> No.10487064,189 [INTERNAL] 

It's too late. He said he's not coming back to warosu...

>> No.10487064,190 [INTERNAL] 

Link to the post?

He's also gone on about how he was never going to post on /jp/ anymore numerous times.

>> No.10487064,191 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10487064,192 [INTERNAL] 

What a worthless twink

>> No.10487064,193 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.10487064,194 [INTERNAL] 

Where did that LauraB thread go I was owning some nerd

>> No.10487064,195 [INTERNAL] 

up ur ass feg

>> No.10487064,196 [INTERNAL] 

Fug you nyrd.

>> No.10487064,197 [INTERNAL] 

I tried /ota/ and I like it, but I'm still not going to abandon /jp/. Now I have two boards to ask lewd questions on.

>> No.10487064,198 [INTERNAL] 

Reading this it's almost like he has a time machine and posted in reverse, in response to our actions now.

>> No.10487064,199 [INTERNAL] 

Browse /ghost/ and /ota/

>> No.10487064,200 [INTERNAL] 

The first thread I made on 2D/Random had its image deleted. Is it SFW or what

>> No.10487064,201 [INTERNAL] 

Oh, nevermind. I read the rules (lol.)
So it's just another Tohnochan/Bun. Enjoy your dead board weebs.

>> No.10487064,202 [INTERNAL] 

>Leaves thread bullying of a 13 year old
>Del bullying of ``2kike" off the bat

>> No.10487064,203 [INTERNAL] 


It's `` and ''.


>> No.10487064,204 [INTERNAL] 

No one gives a shit you /prog/nigger

>> No.10487064,205 [INTERNAL] 

Just went through everything on the site. What a shit board.

>> No.10487064,206 [INTERNAL] 

Forgot to add more Touhou lol? Whatever think I should just stop with imageboards all together. Peace out weebs, enjoy your Gensokyo.

>> No.10487064,207 [INTERNAL] 

Lmao owned fag

>> No.10487064,208 [INTERNAL] 

I know all the posts against /ota/ are just Trevor and one other anon samefagging because there are less than 10 warosubros and all but these two are there.

>> No.10487064,209 [INTERNAL] 

This is what an /ota/ admin actually looks like.

>> No.10487064,210 [INTERNAL] 

The faggot admin from that site deleted my thread.

>> No.10487064,211 [INTERNAL] 

lel what a butthurt homo

>> No.10487064,212 [INTERNAL] 

Trevor is gonna kick your ass for grouping him with another faggot.

>> No.10487064,213 [INTERNAL] 

The board is pretty slow now...

>> No.10487064,214 [INTERNAL] 

They should ask for Trevor's blessing.

>> No.10487064,215 [INTERNAL] 


Slow because I haven't posted on real /jp/ since the janitor was 'slayed'. I'm sure others feel the same way.

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