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Hey guys, this may not make sense at first but just hear me out. Did you know the solution to /jp/'s moderation problems is to emigrate to a board where we can all talk about this season's anime with ZUN!shit and his Steam buddies?

It's eye-opening. Hey guys, which girl this season looks most like homu? XD I asked /a/ but they banned me again ;_; anyone know if the admit is going to set up a Facebook group for us btw? I can't log into steam from my smartphone. Epic fail.

So come along, get your own tripcode, join the Steam group and get in the IRC channel! Hikikomori forever!

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pls already, go away

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>own tripcode

>> No.10487046,1 [INTERNAL] 

steamin janiturd

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This better have been ironic.

>> No.10487046,3 [INTERNAL] 

of course it was sarcastic

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whats the ota irc channel?

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there isn't one

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how can you be so sure? I always get the feeling theres always some underlying steam/irc/whatever circlejerk and most of the trips and anons know eachother outside the board and it makes me feel very left out.

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lots of people know each other, but there's no IRC

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its not fair that there are behind the scenes friendcircles though

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can't be helped
buzz off

>> No.10487046,11 [INTERNAL] 

I have n owhere else to go

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recommend me a good movie

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I just want things to be right

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why did you abandopn me

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i bet you're one of them

aren't you

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no i don't have any friends

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where is everyone...

>> No.10487046,18 [INTERNAL] 

what the ffuck am I supposed to do with my life

just kill me. q

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