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It's time to move on from this dead board /jp/.

Join us at Ota★ちゃんねる!
Where dreams come true.

Flanders gonna fly
Janitors gonna cry

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Not otacool enough, sorry.

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link gave me virus, don't click

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That glorious title. 2D/Random

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Websites are inventions and works of art. What you are offering is just another shitty imageboard (no offense). Think outside the box a little and come up with something else.

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Same here.

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>works of art
No, they are not. You're sounding pretentious.

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I'm a graphic design graduate, I know what I'm talking about.

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How's that damage control going now that nobody wants to browse your shitty janitor ruled neo-/jp/ jannie?

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I'm not the janniturd,vagmaster. All I'm saying is your shitty site will get shat on for a few days then abandoned next month 'case it's unoriginal.

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Thanks derek!

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And don't come back.

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>I'm not the janniturd
Thread deleted instantly after said post, gee you're not very good at hiding you know jannie

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Sparky did something exactly like this. Actually, his looked exactly like Futaba except in English. This looks like just 4chan.

People won't remember either in a few months.

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Sparky is a special case

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buttfrustrated homo

do you even fun

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Also, for what it's worth, Sparky's board seemed cuter because of how it so closely resembled Futaba. The layout for some reason just seems cuter than 4chan's, which seems to try to make things more streamlined by making it look cleaner.

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It had that special air that only a completely retarded person could give it.

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I just remember sparky's board having a green theme similar to these archives, then all the posts were shit so I left.

Go to Wakachan or 4-ch or somewhere. There's no reason to keep reinventing the wheel.

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Sling scares me

>> No.10484886,10 [INTERNAL] 

a true 2d general/random board combined with those rules seem promising

>> No.10484886,11 [INTERNAL] 

I don't think it's about reinventing the wheel. Sparky failed so much because he circlejerked and tried too hard to interact with the board. Not only that but his chan lacked foundation and it was essentially linked to his shitty persona that no one likes.

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I get all my news from him on the News board. I don't know whether he's using a script or doing it manually, but the images suggest manually, which is pretty scary.

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I give it 4 months before it turns into an epic circlejerk for annoying nerds

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Why so steamy jannie?
Upset nobody wants to play in your playground? You brought this on yourself.

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They usually turn out like that, though in this case I expect it to be dead in two weeks.

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u tryin to take the piss mate?

>> No.10484886,17 [INTERNAL] 

Why are Brits always taking piss?

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But why should it be dead?

The boards there are better thought out than their 4chan's counterparts, but 4chan will thrive and that imageboard will die. I'm not saying they're brilliant, just that any /jp/er could come up with better 2D boards than the bunch of normals working on 4chan. And yet none of the spinoffs take off. Isn't that sad?

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The chances of it succeeding are very low. So if everyone bets on it, if it succeeds, magic is born, anon!

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Oh no doubts about that, I just said it'll be dead because thats happened to pretty much every spin-off except a select few. I'd be willing to use it provided it doesn't end up being the /jp/ irc crew circle jerking.

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I'm on there currently, and not part of /jp/ irc.

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>>/jp/ irc crew

You do know such a thing doesn't actually exist, right.

There was #/jp/, but ironically (in a real sense) that channel never had anything to do with /jp/.

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>watch ZUNbar blog like mad in IRC
>say >ZUNbar
>watch as ZUNbar freezes up in fear

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/jp/ irc is full of massive nerds

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Oh I must have completely hallucinated it then.

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omg so spic guys

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meant epic

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Touhou on /a/ instead of /jp/, wow

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So he was the one in that loli Asuka thread? Those times match up.

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