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*cums on youare boobies*

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I fapped so many times to this doujinshi. It's amazing.
I give it two thumbs up.

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(C83) (同人誌) [Circle Eden (ヂイスケ)] 温泉でボインボイン姉貴達に勃起を見せつける本 (東方Project)

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This makes me feel really awkward.

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Just take a non-hostile posture, don't make eye contact and slowly retreat.

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Is that before or after you suck your boyfriend's cock, fagboy?

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>I give it two thumbs up.
more like two dicks

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>blue eyes

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Who are you quoting?

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They see your eroge shortcuts

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my mom

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I don't cheat on my waifu.

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Do you avoid visual novel routes and ero manga not featuring your waifu?

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Why is /jp/ so perverted?
We have a lot of lolicons and mazakon threads at the same time.

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It's probably a little cooler than normal.

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Yukari with purple eyes is best Yukari

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I don't even understand what people see in this stuff. OP's pic isn't even slightly lewd, it's just some people that look vaguely like Touhou characters soaking in a hot spring.

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in a hot spring?

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Ummmmmmm, Yukari is fooling around again?

It's the PCB one so yes it is.

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read the doujin

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No. But I don't identify with the protagonist anyway, since he is a competent human being, so I'm just reading someone else's story.

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>mazakon threads
This isn't a "Mazacon General" shitthread m8.

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That gradient hair ruins everything

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>im gay
quoting u

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mah nigga

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Why is yukari so lewd

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Don't girls get offended when you cum on them? My sister always gets mad when I do it to her while she's trying to watch TV :(

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she needs to be lewd otherwise she couldn't catch food.

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I want to sniff and lick each BBA touhous feet and anus and thoroughly lick them clean~

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The semen of little boys?

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I want them all. All five of them.

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and his meat

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I want all of the BBA touhous sweaty stinky feet all over me.

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that's not Yukari

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I love my mom.
I want to love your mom too /jp/

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Thanks, you're a real friend.

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More please.

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Which one is the biggest?

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muh dick

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so are Yukari's eyes blue, purple, or yellow?

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That was too lewd

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da fuck is that smudge