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Are you tired of this place where 2D subjects are separated for arbitrary reasons?

Are you tired of a board that takes itself too seriously?

I invite you to post in Ota★ちゃんねる, a place for fun and actual otaku culture.

It's time to unleash /jp/'s full potential.

Get in here, /jp/bros!

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No thank you, I prefer.

/jp/ - Janitor's land

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can I shitpost everywhere using catchphrases and irrelevant pictures from other boards without anyone getting mad?

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No NSFW material allowed.
No real life Idols (アイドル).

/jp/ - 2D/Random

Have fun!

/om/ - Otaku Media

This is the board for more comprehensive discussion of Japanese visual novels, games, doujinsoft, anime, manga and other otaku merchandise.

/nip/ - Japan/General

This is the board for the discussion of general Japanese topics, such as language, society, culture and history.

/hiki/ - TruNEET

This is the board for all NEET related issues. Threads about personal problems should go here.

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>2D subjects are separated
>too seriously
>full potential

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There isn't going to be any other users to get mad.

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We don't need your kind there post-neo-/jp/er.

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I believe I'll stay in janitor land, I'll leave you to your senseless debaucheries.

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>No NSFW material allowed.
Fix this shit

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/jp/ = ded board, I welcome our new overlords.

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What a board needs to be good is -

1. Users.
2. Liberally applied ISP bans.

/jp/ fails 2 and every other replacement fails 1.

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He's probably using a free host. wwwwwwww

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I think it might have to do with the fact that if you ban all your users, you don't have users.

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I will take it. Literally anything is better than current /jp/.

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Not every poster posts the same thread multiple times a day every day for months on end.

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We could fix that problem with donations.

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One of the boards has one page and no threads.

It's like /jp/ but perfect.

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Why isn't our /jp/ just 2D-random yet? Seriously.

Imagine all the problems we would have avoided over the years. And there wouldn't be idol threads either.

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Can we have a shitposting discussion board?

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Because if we were really 2D / Random we would be /a/ and /ks/ rolled into one.

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It kind of feels like that anyways.

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Can't be helped.

I really wish some of these other boards would take off but they never do.

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If everyone felt like posting it would work. The only two significant imageboards that tried to replace /jp/ were that shitty sparky board that didn't work because sparky is a dipshit, and bunbunmaru, that failed for obvious reasons.

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There's no point paying for a host if it doesn't take off.

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I don't see the issue.

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Please support Suzuran as a mascot for the new /jp/. Thank You for you rtime.

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I hope it takes off since /jp/ is kind of dead.

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I'd move if I got perma'd from /jp/.

But that will never happen on a dynamic IP :(

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/bun/ was steadily active, if slow, until Jones nuked /general/.

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We're going to need a /q/-like board so that random people can make up new rules.

Also one hard-working janitor that will delete shitposts and spam (that entire /jp/ board needs wiped). Where can I apply?

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I think it is great! Everybody's having fun, it brings a tear to my eye. GJ on all those banners, too!

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I'm there dude. Need a trip though.

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Just use a sig dude

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You should post with a tripcode so we know when it's you advertising.

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maybe when i get permabanned on /jp/. the message they left in the last ban pretty much indicated that if i fuck up again i am out. looks pretty nice.

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What did it say?

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basically that i was on thin ice. it was this ban here where this guy called me out and seconds later i got temp banned.


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the ban was for "spamming" btw

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It's so obvious
is the janitor that it hurts

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i just hate posting now that i have to live with the fear of seeing that dreaded Error: You have been blocked for 15 minutes" page. i deleted that one post here >>http://fuuka.warosu.org/jp/thread/S10478649#p10478803 today because i felt it in my bones that i would get temp blocked. That is pretty much why I haven't posting much these past two weeks.

one thing for certain is that i am not allowed to say "sword girl" ever again.


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so yeah i guess i am totally done with /jp/ because the tighter moderation pretty much just killed it and its been bad for years. this new board sounds very exciting and represents what i think /jp/ should be to some extent again.

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That was a cute pic

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Even if you're occasionally a complete faggot, I don't understand why the janitor deleted that second post. If hes just doing it cause he has it out for you what a fucking loser. Who the fuck holds grudges against people on 4chan much past telling them off.

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god help somewhat bring up teh vodka and girlfriend on what is essentially a blog thread.

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stupid google tabs. switching to opera

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gigs is steamin'

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not really. a 1 day ban is basically nothing and my shifts now. i might now even come back to 4chan at this point. fucking terrible moderation.

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/jp/ is booru dumps of Touhou and popular(entry level) VNs. It's userbase are lonely people in their late 20s and teenagers playing Touhou during break/class. Not sure why the fuck do you even bother with it.

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someone is mad. was it you who linked the /ghost/ post?

>> No.10481856,32 [INTERNAL] 

dude i just got on i didnt even read the thread

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i can't tell whenever these milk idolers are ironic or not. especially considering the userbase.

i remember when acting gay and hommie love on internet was ironic as well

>> No.10481856,34 [INTERNAL] 


They're serious but it's most likely less than 2 people.

>> No.10481856,35 [INTERNAL] 

I'm a Milk fan, but mostly ironically. I would fug her if given the chance though :-DDD

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Sent an e-mail to moot to block this link due to viral marketing.

I looked at the board for a good 20 seconds and saw nothing but blatant, unironic try-harding. No alternative /jp/ has ever succeeded without my blessing so don't expect to be around for long.

..........('(....´...´... ¯~/'..')

I await your butthurt.

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They're the same tier as Tokikio's board. Or sparkys/bun/tohno, /jp/ and /a/ irc circlejerks. They're all /v/ Steamfags.

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how's that damage control going janny slaves?

>> No.10481856,39 [INTERNAL] 

I'm well aware. Who do you think you're talking to?

>> No.10481856,40 [INTERNAL] 

A tru/jp/er. I just wanted stand with you.

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How's that viral marketing going, kiddo?

You think you're the first kid to try to take on the big dawgs just to get his shit slapped in?

Come back when you've got an ENTERPRISE QUALITY site with proper funding and advertising and maybe I'll start to give a shit.

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Yeah man, you're just like the WoWtards who flocks to every single new MMO, claiming that WoW is dead and that one is the new WoW. You're just wasting your time and money, just admit it that WoW is the best MMO.

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Is the entire flurry of recent ghost posts made in Trevor's style actually him, or are other users starting to bank in on his newfound fame?

>> No.10481856,44 [INTERNAL] 

Well, I know there's at least that one nerd who pretends to be a girl that posts like him to rile him up and causes shitstorms between the two that go on for hundreds of posts.

There could be other copycats.

>> No.10481856,45 [INTERNAL] 

Pretty sure that post is yondre or whatever his name is.

>> No.10481856,46 [INTERNAL] 

How exactly is an anonymous poster "famous"?

That's inherently impossible.

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Don't post 3D in a 2D board.

>> No.10481856,50 [INTERNAL] 

Don't tread on me, Jew.

>> No.10481856,51 [INTERNAL] 

Yep, /ota/'s admin is no better than jannie.

>> No.10481856,52 [INTERNAL] 

There is not one interesting or funny thread on that board.

>> No.10481856,53 [INTERNAL] 

That's because they were all deleted by Autismo.

>> No.10481856,54 [INTERNAL] 

What's so interesting about niggy threads?

>> No.10481856,55 [INTERNAL] 

Freedom. That's what bitch.

>> No.10481856,56 [INTERNAL] 

Bumping to confuse people.

>> No.10481856,57 [INTERNAL] 

You got me.

>> No.10481856,58 [INTERNAL] 

>le successful troll face

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