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I don't know why they had to made the guy some dark fat old guy. And he talked the whole time, and Nitori barely said anything. The whole thing was a disappointment, especially since Nitori looks so cute.

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As a blind user, I find this description useful.

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meme arrow:faceless male
it's shit

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I feel your pain, she looked really cute with sukumizu and tanlines, but every panel angle seemed to focus on this slimy guy and his impregnation obsession.

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Cute Nitori dude.

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God the tanlines. I was really excited for it, but god damn that fat guy. I'll never understand why artists decide to put people like that with such cute little girls like Nitori. That shit isn't hot.

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gross men need love too, you of all people should know this /jp/.

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This, don't bully the unfortunate balding fat touhou fans /jp/

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Fuck them, if they want touhou love they have to earn it by not being fat and bald.

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Fat I can see, but bald people can't just stop being bald.

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There are hair growth treatments.

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treat THIS growth!

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Cute Nitori please

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As an overweight old black man I found this doujin to be very relatable and I liked it.

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Only thing I hate more than random males in my doujinshi is random faceless males in my doujinshi.

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Nitori is the cutest

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i just cannot get used to all the titty monster nitori doujins out there

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Cute picture

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I cannot see Nitori as nothing else but a kappai. Flat chest does not become her.

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There are only two types of bald.
Buff manly muscle bald.
Pathetic bald.

Only the first one is allowed to fuck touhou

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Must be nice.