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If you were to live in Japan someday. where would you like to live?

I would definetly live in the Kansai (otherwise named kinki) region since people seem to be more honest friendly and amiable than in other parts. Also, the only japanese I've talked to and mantained some kind of comunication are from there... must be their friendliness. also, dat dialect

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>>>/trv/ >>>/trv/ >>>/trv/ >>>/trv/ >>>/trv/ >>>/trv/ >>>/trv/ >>>/trv/ >>>/trv/ >>>/trv/

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I would live in Okinawa because ____________SURPRISE!!!!!!!_________

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There are people in /jp/ with heart problems you know.

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I believe Hokkaido would be nice due to the fact one can find wild hemp.

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Kanto so I can catch them all

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Also, Hokkaido here because ____________ANOTHER SURPRISE!!!!!!!___________

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No thanks, I'll stay in Unova.

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tohoku sounds like toho so I choose that one lol

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秋田 or 青森. I like taking it easy.

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japanese people honest? you must be joking
try kyushu. at least people there seem to have emotions

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Kobe, because they have the tastiest beef and girls have an accent that sounds sexy.

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worst pokemons

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What's Shikoku like? It never seems to get much attention, all I know about it is that they have good archers and farmers.

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Do you want to give a bit of background information for each of the regions? Like pros and cons for example.

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Quiet and peaceful. Tohoku and Hokkaido without the bitter cold and balmy summers.

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Above Okinawa but below Hokkaido.

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chugoku because china

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For all of them.

Pros: Easier access to shit.
Cons: Being in Japan, Japanese people, etc.

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Anyone else find Kansai dialog really cute? The first time I heard it in real life it was like cuteness overload.

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Japan is shit.

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It's hard to explain, man. It's just really cute. Almost child-like.

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Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka.

I was a foreign exchange student to Osaka for a year in high school and I fucking love that city. It's massive enough that it has all the things a big city would have, but without being dirty or crowded or cramped or anything like that. I love the dialect, I love the politeness of the people, I love the trains, I love the huge buildings in various parts of the city, I love how quiet and peaceful the smaller residential areas can be, I love how it's possible to spend all day shopping and looking at stuff without ever going above ground, I love it all. I'm going back this summer, and I can't wait.

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>Almost child-like.

l don't even.

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>but without being dirty
But Osaka is filthy. Not in a bad way, but it's grimey as fuck.

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What do you mean? I never see trash anywhere or anything like that. I don't recall finding any part of the city 'grimey'.

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They mix up words and it sound all goofy.

I guess it's also not helpful that it came from a qt.

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It's the air. Osaka just leaves you feeling dirty, but in a good way.

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I think it's about tone. They use a lot more tone than standard Japanese, making it sound like they're almost singing in comparison. Most people don't pay attention to this part of language, but if you try to listen to someone you think has a great voice, chances are they use more tones when speaking than others.

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Why did my post about wanting to live in Saitama get deleted... ?

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Kyushu or Tohoku.


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I don't like to live.

Why are there no suicide booths? Fucking worthless world. What is this garbage? I didn't sign up for this shit. I never once consented to being born. Why aren't my parents being put on trial for this heinous act?

This world is an eyesore! Begone!

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>exit bag

google it

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who are you quoting?

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a small part of the universe

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If you are Japanese you don't wanna live in Osaka.
It's the worst in Japan.

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I thought the big island was Hokkaido until last month.

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Not Japan

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/jp/ has never been shitposting general, newfag.

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Tohoku. Because they offered me a job there.

I'm really not that picky. I grew up in Caribou, Maine. No matter where I go, It'll be warmer and have more people.

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But will it have more caribou?

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Hmm... True. I must be sure to pack a few of those.

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I will marry with a cute neighbor in Tokyo and then we will move to her father's farm in Hokkaido.

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Gay marriage is not legal in Japan

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But I'm a man.

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get out of /jp/ fucking tomboy

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I'm going to be living in Kyushu for the next 4 year come August. For free. While getting paid.

Thanks military.

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not funny.

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i would like to live in gensokyo

it seems like a friendly place

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It disgusts me to think there was a man hiding in our midst.

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Gensokyo obviously, isn't half of japan still underwater and radiated anyways?

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I would move to tokyo
Become part of a Uyoku dantai group
restore japan to empire status

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No gaijin, no.

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Yes gaijin, yes.

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Holy crap.

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I would like to live in one of the nicer residential districts of Tokyo, and move to the countryside when I'm old.

Like to one of the smaller islands in the Okinawa prefecture, or maybe just a random place in the mountains.

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Die sean.

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I thought that the people from Nara the nicest and most caring while the people from Osaka were the most indifferent and impersonal of the cities I visited. I'd like to live in Nara.

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Sean is dead.

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I'd like to live in the frozen wastes of Hokkaido and become a bear hunter.

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How could you not want to live in Kagoshima?

>Great views
>Great weather
>Just a train ride to Tokyo any time you want

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the bullet is fucking expensive bro

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Hoenn so I can be confirmed.

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I like you.

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What I am curious about is what each region is like.

What is their equivilant of the dirty south like?

What is their equivalent of the uppity north like?

And every other region

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Anywhere that I can hug the curves of the touge.

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suck me turd covered cock janipussy LMAO

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I don't really have a locational preference! I guess I would just want to live wherever most of my toubros from /jp/ decided to go, as long as the weather is nice most of the time.

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I want to go the the region were it is coldest the most during the most time of the year.

From what little I know about japan's weather is that it gets real hot there. Not only hot but ridiculously fucking humid. I dont like warm climates nor humidity so I would prefer to got to a cold dry place.

I take it hokaido would be the place.

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North is more rural, as far as I can tell.

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Because mountains and trees.
And landscape stuff.

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Go shit other threads please.

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>Just a train ride to Tokyo any time you want
It's about $300 and 12 hours, bro. Japan only looks small next to China and Russia. You're talking about a train ride similar to one from Texas to New York, here.

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If I recall correctly a trip report I read once it gets really humid and pretty warm in Hokkaido in summer, but it's a big place, so maybe it's not true about all of it.

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I do live in Osaka and definitely prefer it to living in Tokyo. Milder weather, friendlier people, more to see in surrounding area. Tokyo is overrated and only 2 hours away when something is going on.

Too many blacks and tourists there as well.

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Kinki area sounds good. I like lewd girls.

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Are you true Japanese or gaijin?

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True japanese gaijin

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Have you watched that Osaka imouto anime that's airing now?

If so, how true are all the Osaka stereotypes they list there?

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I can't compute.

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It's an island, humidity will be everywhere but the mountains. And living on mountains has a whole other set of challenges.

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Haven't seen it. What are they?

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Too many to list, really - it's basically a 5 minute anime about all the weird quirks of Osaka people(well, according to the title, Osaka mothers specifically, but the episodes themselves don't seem to make that distinction).

The stereotypes are so numerous and exaggerated(and I saw some of them in other works)that I was wondering how far removed from reality it really was.

It has Asumi Kana speaking with delicious Osaka accent, so I would recommend it.

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I imagine they are all only weird to people in Tokyo who are pretty weird themselves. Big rivalry between the two cities. Only stereotype I can confirm is that most people have great sense of humour. Tokyo is full of miserable fake politeness. Osakans are much more honest, especially if you are pissing them off. They will let you know about it.

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Oh god stop it, anon.

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Why are the arrows pointing at the pigs?

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Confirmed for what?

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It shows the favorite locations of howaito piggus.

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I would never want to live there. The only benefit would be cheaper video games because I wouldn't have to import. Everything else would be a negative.

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Oh. I just thought it was a crude depiction of Japanese plans of attack on white pigs swimming in the seas. But then I thought again and that seemed very stupid to me. Would not the arrows point towards the land if that was so? Please help.

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oh wow you're fucking dumb

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Pleasee Respondee more seriously.

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Stop what?

I like cold climates.

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Gaijin(foreigner)is so arrogant.

You foreigners can work at Japan, study and play.
but it's not your rights.
this is japan,our country.
not yours.
you are not a member of our society.

It's special special favor from us.
Please dont misunderstand it.
All foreigners must think about the importance of showing respect & gratitude for japan.
Surprisingly many foreigners have a mistaken sense of superiority that can push japanese people.
because we Japanese spoilt the foreigner too much.
we'll be only scoffed at by them.
Now,we need to say clearly to silly foreigners.
Remember your place!

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wtf no way does a bullet from Osaka to Tokyo take 7 hours

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Yeah I always wondered why the fuck are there so many blacks in Tokyo. I'm dead serious. I see them all the time.

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because niggers think Tokyo is the most japanese place in japan

also its the same reason why there are fuck tons of gaijins in new york. tokyo is just one of those major tourist attractions

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They're not there as "tourists" from what I can tell,

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Others are probably there as military personnel that are being stationed there as well.

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I should elaborate. They’re often standing / patrolling around one area, like they are looking for specific people to “solicit”.

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That's basically them. It does not matter whether they are military or otherwise. All niggers do the same thing.

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Same, OP.

Also, it won't be destroyed by Mount Fuji in a few years.

>> No.10476928


really? niggers "often standing / patrolling around one area, like they are looking for specific people to “solicit”."

I don't know. It often seems like they're there everyday for an extended period of time. Like in shifts.

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They are wild Africans, not Afro Americans. Just touts on tourist visas.

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well when they want dat asian pussy they are determined to get it

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That was one of my initial thoughts but they also go after / solicit guys ...

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You spend too much time in Roppongi.

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I'm assuming the answer lies in your statement somehow?

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The answer being what? Night clubs?

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Probably Tokyo, and then once I explore all of the infamous places there I would live for real somewhere else.

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I mean in Japan that is.

>> No.10477942

Hokkaido is where it's at

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Is Osaka like the texas of japan?

what region is tokyo in

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get the fuck out

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>on a train that goes faster than airplanes

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Get killed webu

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I already live in Japan, but yeah anywhere other than Osaka. Filthy animals with stupid accents.

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Are you guys retarded, or just stupid? Keep your insecurity in >>>/pol/

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I'm just saying its really weird and curious especially in a relatively insular country like Japan and that on the face on it there must be some organisation involved.

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best food, people and nightlife in the country. tokyo is just boring overworked salarymen, sluts who do porn and africans

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I'd like to take it easy on Okinawa all day. If only the army wasn't so stressful.

>> No.10478434

Nagoya. Not too big, yet big enough not to be boring, and my gf lives there.

Moving from Kyoto to Gifu soon, so I guess it's cool.

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They're probably selling drugs

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Okinawa, saw in [spolier]GTO[/spoiler] how awesome it was beach, sun...

>> No.10478468


Ah! That could make sense. Still niggers really draw (bad) attention, like myself.

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seems like n korea is gonna blow japan up anyway. why bother thinking about going.

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*~*~*~*~*~*~*95% of /jp/sies are tsundere for Japan*~*~*~*~*~*put this in your sig if you are one of the 5% who can still admit you aishiteru nihon.....xxXXx*~**~*~*~*~*

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You sound quite ridiculous. Khatzumoto is black and lives in Japan, and is the reason that at least 25-50% of the Japanese speaking population on /jp/ actually knows the language.

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You're an idiot too.

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>Khatzumoto is black and lives in Japan, and is the reason that at least 25-50% of the Japanese speaking population on /jp/ actually knows the language.

Citation needed.

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It's common knowledge to those who have been around.

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I currently live in Japan (2 years as of current), and I am in Fukushima. Its my first time seeing/visiting the northern area of Japan, and its pretty dang chill up here compared to the Tokyo area.

I have visited Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Tokyo, Sendai and Yamagata. It seems to me that the closer you get to Tokyo, the more 'tightwad' people tend to be. Then heading north (or south), it starts to relax again.

When I went to C83, the only person who talked to me while I waited in the morning was a single Osaka guy. He was pretty awesome and very friendly. We held a conversation for at least a good hour before the floodgates opened...

So, if I were to live in another place aside of Fukushima, I would probably choose Yamagata, Sendai, or down south in Kansai somewhere. Kansai people seem to be pretty cool.

Living in Japan is really cool, and if you really want to get here, I think anyone can do it. As long as you get a good grasp of the language, you can do just about anything you would need to live here.

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except finding a job

>> No.10478775

Have been living in the Kansai region for about half a year. Osaka is nice to go to for clubs and shopping but not so nice to live in I'd say. Kobe or Nara are really good places to live. Tokyo is nice for sightseeing/shopping once in a while but I wouldn't want to live there.

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That picture is from China. There's a clothing store chain in China called "Nigger King" (黑人王) that sells "hip-hop" fashion apparel.

>> No.10478826

Takeshima island

>> No.10478830

enjoy having your feathers plucked by Coreans.

>> No.10478835

Kinki region because I'm a slut.

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