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What western monsters would you like to see in the next Touhou game, /jp/? I'd like to see a werewolf or a basilisk, myself.

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I don't even

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shitposter touhou

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How is Suika satan?

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Keine's hakutaku form is already a Toho take on lycanthropes.

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Two horns.

Don't try to make sense of something done for cheap laughs.

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Suika is more like an Ogre or Ork but still Oni a too different to compare to any other western monster.

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What makes you think this thing is a wolf?

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What I mean is Keine's transformation to hakutaku form is somewhat parallel to werewolves.

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A Frankenstein monster and a Dr. Frankenstein would be fun.

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Goats also have two horns, maybe she's a goat.

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Geez, TouBro, take it easy :)

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You should get the heck out of town.
Excuse my language.

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lady midday

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Cthulhu and Dullahan

Lunarians are not grays though, just superhumans living in the moon or somethin'
Also oni is the eastern analog of ogre, not devil.

I think Miyako and Seiga fall in that category.

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A manticore.

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Is this a manticore?

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Gensokyo has those, they're called "men"
Not bishoujo shit.

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nigger 2hu so multiculturists could finally feel welcome

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A burka wearing 2hu would be better.

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These are the most terrible ideas for a touhou. You both should feel bad.

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A nazi touhou would be stupid too

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why wouldn't you like your self insert?

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There is already a burka wearing touhou, her name is Ichirin.

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Be ready for a black/brown Touhou after ZUN gets culturally enriched in Atlanta.

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Honorary Touhou.

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What year did the fourth comiket take place?

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I can not think of a better idea than give a bunch of neurotipical tards a game where they can start shooting rampages on the street.

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Brownies and Cait Sith.

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Snake girl count?

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Why ZUN just don't take the cliche ''vampire against werewolfs'' ?
It would be nice see an wolf girl and the scarlet devil appearing again

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To be fair, they already have wolf girls, even if not exactly the idea of a werewolf. I would be interested to see what he does with something Lovecraftian, though.

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An actual succubus.

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That's too lewd for Touhou.

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Actually, I think some light cameo might be better. Like some mention of a dark skinned man in an old suit buying something from Rinnosuke or Marisa.

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Sakuya a dog.

And a vampire hunter. It all makes sense now.

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But Sanae exists, that's already overboard in the lewd district.

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A dragon Touhou, with a Saint George Touhou as the Extra boss.

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There is one. Dragon. He made Gensokyo. Remember that part?

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English mythology is way cooler than Japanese mythology.

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A Western dragon and an Eastern dragon are not the same thing any more than an oni is the equivalent of an ogre.

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The demon that Pokemon Mawile is based off of.

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That is a fair point, I suppose. I actually don't know a lot about eastern dragons; how do they stack up in comparison?

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They're basically the same, just drawn differently. Eastern dragons are derived from Western dragons, due to European settlers in Japan spreading their religion and mythology there.

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I thought it was the other way around, aro you sure?

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I'd like to see teketeke, but that's not western. I'd be happy to see a Catholicism based touhou game, since we've pretty much already had Buddishm, Taoism, and Shinto.

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Eastern dragons are like snakes (refer to that one in dragon ball). western ones are lizards with wings.

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A Sun Wukong touhou becuase i think it'd be cool to have a monkey touhou around.

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Wait, i forgot the japs call him Goku, so Goku touhou.

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Eastern dragons are chimeric with fish scales, snake tails and a bestial head complete with horns and a mane, they are sometimes said to be under constant transformation and there are such things as bat-dragons, clam-dragons and egg-dragons. They have an orb under their chin that carries their magical might, an Eastern dragon becomes powerless if you kick his balls. They either live underwater or are in perpetual flight, never to land. Their passage brings torrential rains and strong winds, rain might actually be dragon piss.

Whereas Western dragons are associated with the earth, live in caves and are snakes or snakes with legs, unless you count the Tatzelwurm (cat dragon associated with the rainy season) and that one Greek butterfly dragon that, like the salamander, was a minor elemental living in fire.

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We need more zombies.

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Just once I would like to see a little girl who is actually a child (maybe around 6 or 7), who instead of fighting you, cries and runs away when you threaten her.

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Is this character based on you?

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I'm not a six year old girl.

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Do you even know what "based on" means? It can just be your personality you TARD.

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Not with that attitude you're not.

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Really, you need to understand how isolated East Asia was historically. Pretty much everything in the world comes from Western Europe, Africa, or the Middle East.

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Anal eye sigma?

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I have a little girl personality?

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i want to see your mom

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excuse me?

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Oni can be found in hell torturing their victims much like "satans" and "devils".

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Going for the impossible here.

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As an African I would be happy with an African Touhou.

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But if ZUN lets an African into Touhou, she'd start infecting the land with mesoniggeroma. Could you even imagine the devastation that could cause?
It would flip the economy into chaos. Everyone would be rushing to Mokou's stand for food and trying to eat Suika.

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Also many people would try to dominate her for a while, and eventually suddenly stop and cause her to destroy herself.

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This. A mermaid Touhou would be awesome.

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A Genie

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Fallen angel.

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Considering she guards one of the only known active portals to Gensokyo, I think she deserves a role in at least one of the games.

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"Ugh, come on, come on, YES I just beat Satan... oh shit there's another one! Ugh... I just beat two Satans... wow, that makes no sense.

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Anyone who opposes the Church is Satan.

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There pretty much already is one of those though.
She's certainly a rather poor angel at best.

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What's the story behind this image?

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Tenko would be a pretty poor excuse for a fallen angel. She wasn't even banished from heaven or anything like that. Also no angel wings.

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That image doesn't really fit or make sense to me,
I like the one with flandre and marisa and sakuya throwing the knife better.

It's a parody of the final scene of some shooting game, I forget.

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What kind of camera does Cpt. Price use?

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Modern Warfare II ending.

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Dude, he was in the VERY FIRST GAME. How fucking secondary can you get? I think there needs to be a new word for being this secondary. I hereby dub thee a Tertiary.

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Yes nobody has used the word "tertiary" before.

Lurk more you fucking denary.

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Several Touhous are canonically slavs, we've been over this.

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which touhou is most like a slav?

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But OP never said that the monster in question must be completely new to Touhou and everything related to Sariel is pure speculation, because no profiles in Hrtp. I want a new angel that actually has some story to him/her.

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While I don't mind the notion of another fallen angel showing up in Touhou, this time with a real backstory, it's not the sort of thing that ZUN would really do. A being directly from a religion that held absolutely no sway in medieval Japan seems to be too far off from the nature of Gensokyou. Unless another cross-planar incident like in HRtP, PoDD, MS, or UFO happens, I would write off the possibility entirely.
However, since ZUN seems to be so fond of interplanar activities (as evidenced by the number of transplanar incidents) it -could- happen. Maybe.

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Africa has some really neat monster and divinities though. Surely, you can't deny that.