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Are you ready for warm fuzzy feelings? We're just going to skip all the trash in the middle, because this was really the only good part in the whole anthology.

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What? Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Yeah you're right actually

The mid stuff did kind of suck

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It did serve its purpose though, giving a sense of time passing while Chen was building the bowl.

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Good point

I did like the bit from Tohnifiwiaojfkwlcan'tfuckingspell, at least the first page with Yukari bitching in her fuuton then going NICE when she saw that Ran got a cat girl

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Ah, I personally never liked Chado very much. A lot of his stuff doesn't make much sense. The action is pretty cool though.

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Hot Dog Chuck probably makes my favorite depiction of Ran. I wish I had a friend like her.

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Yukari vs Yuka was probably the best story/pacing wise, it had some nice touches here and there. The whole Yukari vs Ran series just boggles the mind with its....creativity I suppose? Putting it nicely

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I didn't understand Yukari vs Yuka. Storywise it was pretty interesting seeing Yuka fly off into insanity but Chado made Yukari look piss weak what with only being able to put up a barrier shield thing and not retaliate at all. Except at the end which I still don't understand what the fuck happened.

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Ran came, Yukari worried about her safety, portaled her out and dropped a nuke on Yuka. Yeah it was kind confusing with some of the panels near the end, took me a few re-reads

I just liked the way the story was presented. First we got a short confrontation, Yuka's power was hinted, then we a look at the Yakumo household that showed their relationships, and then bam real fight. Yukari gives up, but LOVE motivates her to finish the fight...etc

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Chado needs to make some sort of Touhou Super Sentai Series.

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Their negative story rep came mostly from the Yukari vs Ran stuff to be honest. Their other works don't really have much story at all to complain about.

I really hope they can make some of their fight panels a bit more detailed though. I still can't say for sure I understood the end of the Remilia vs Wriggle fight (when she was closing the portals) in Wriggle vs SDM

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Seriously, I can't tell what the hell is happening 70% of the time, but it sure sounds cool.

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>negative story
>Yukari vs Ran
What the fuck? That series is fucking awesome. What kind of faggot dislikes it?

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>warm fuzzy feelings

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People don't like how far it deviated away from the..."norms" I guess. Not just relationships wise, but some of the settings were quite outlandish

I personally agree but meh, whatever works for you

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You can like it but that will not change my opinion about it being terrible along with the fact that it makes absolutely no sense. There are interesting things in the series but I still don't like it very much.