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Hatate's boobs.

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That's a pillow.

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that's a kowaii pillow

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Boob pillow.

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Why do you have to be so lewd /jp/, it's just a picture of a cute girl lying on a pillow with a worried look on her face, probally thinking about her problems and what she should do

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She's actually thinking about her crow tengu lesbian friend.

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You talking about the crowslut?

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I'd rather her legs

Tengu legs = best legs

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Those silly tengu-shoes.

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Yuri doujins always manage to be steaming piles of shit.

Give me for once a doujin that ends with Hatate curbstomping Aya's paparazzo ass into the dirt

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Hatate can't do something like that, Aya is too smart for her, it's like david vs goliath.

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How the hell would a shut-in who just started to see the world be able to beat an over a thousand years old pro with tons of experience?

Go watch Naruto or something if you like this bullshit.

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I love them so much.

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david won dude

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I wish I had boobs I could use as a pillow. Would have been convenient for sleeping on my desk back in school.

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Femanon here. That just feels uncomfortable.

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btw im a girl

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ur no otaku chique

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Yours are probably too small

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Wouldn't it hurt to stretch them up like that so you can sleep on them?

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When I was at school I would balance my desk on my belly and sleep on my head on my desk on my stomach

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how fat are you?

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I doubt that's healthy in the long term.

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please draw a diagram

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I doubt that's healthy in the long term.

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You would hurt yourself.

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how about I hurt you for looking down on people's dreams

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Something like this

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Almost makes me wish I was fat. How does it feel to sleep on your stomach?

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I will hurt your mouth with my dick nerdlord.

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Why Hatate so cute?

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twintail and check pattern.

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Social phobia

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it is time...

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andmods victual

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Less one-sided would be nice.

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it would be if i had any

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Aya is not a whore you Engrish bastardo

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oh yeah, i ve got this

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hatate is the cutest

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Nope I'll rape you
whips out cock

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hatate`s been here, aya` shit

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You can't even rape a doll faglord.

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>(1) A person (A) commits an offence if—
>(a) he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person (B) with his penis,
>(b) B does not consent to the penetration, and
>(c) A does not reasonably believe that B consents.

Dolls can't consent and nobody believes dolls can consent, so having sex with a doll is rape. Of course, it boils down to whether you consider dolls "people", but apparently you can rape niggers so I don't see why dolls shouldn't count.

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>it boils down to whether you consider dolls "people"
Many fumoqueers on /jp/ consider fumos "people".

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Hatate isn't Hatatan

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Aya = David
Hatate = Goliath

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Hatate has a fairer complexion than Aya.

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