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What similarities do you find between your favorite 2hu and your mother?

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They are female and have boobs.

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Complete opposites.

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so you want to fuck your mother
tell me more

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not canon.

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they both have burginas :--DDD

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No I said: booos.
2hu i would fug =/= fav 2hu

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You know, Freud was a strange man.
He was so fucked up that he simply assumed everyone else was like him and ended up embarrassing himself for all eternity.

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my mother used to have long, dark hair like her (sadly, no hime cut)

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you still want to fuck your mother

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"Sometimes a Touhou is just a Touhou"
-Freud, Comiket 83

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Touhou | Mother
Petite | Cow
Refined | Crude
Elegant | "Goofy" (Unashamedly annoying)

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She's dead. Can I still want to fuck someone that doesn't exist? Or does one only want to fuck something that exists?

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He was right about everything.

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Like Hitler?

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Freud didn't say that, you fucking liar.

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loli body

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She had plenty of sex appeal.

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My mom and Moriya Suwako....
They're both female and wear clothes.

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My mom is a lot like Sanae, I don't know who my dad is.

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Some one post the tv images of the Japanese mother and sun aboutcto bath togethercfrom that tv show. After my post it will only be further proof.

>.67.Extensive studies show in Japan, for instance, mothers today not only still commonly masturbate their children but also often have sex with their sons while the father is out having sex with other women, the mothers promising them they can have intercourse with them in return for good grades.

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Aside from gender, nothing really. They couldn't be more different.

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My mother is a spoilt princess, but with a kind heart.

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I don't get it..
Why do the say it's a common practice if I haven't read a single fucking downjean about that? Sure they are tons of them with mother/son incest, but not with that plot.

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They can get pretty grumpy too.

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Nothing, thankfully.

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If you're serious that's awful anon. Have a shot on the house.

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Absolutely nothing. My favorite Touhou has all the good qualities a nice person should have, and my mother has all the bad qualities that an evil witch would have.

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Why does /jp/ hates his mother this much?

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my mom is kinda like mokou but not manly
just emotionally guarded and edgy (even more than me)
what the fug

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also holds grudges

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I'm with this guy.

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It was pretty simple, so I am confused as to how you couldn't follow.

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Why wouldn't I? I was raised by my dad and stepmom. Only reason why I wasn't aborted was because that was the only way biologically mom could continue to leech off my dad. Considered me an accident all the way. Left when I was 4 and haven't heard from her since then. Actually think I'm better off because of it. Stepmom is pretty nice.

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I understood the text. But apparently you didn't understood my post.

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Maybe because she threatened to disown me multiple times just for always being in severe and disabling chronic pain all the time. Or possibly because she thinks I'm faking my illness only because doctors can't figure out what is wrong with me. Or maybe even just because she actually believes that I want to be in pain and be miserable for the rest of my life only because I want an excuse to not have to work.

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My Mother and my favorite 2hu are nothing alike.

You're move crack pot.

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Absolutely none.

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Hair. Goddamnit.

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The main difference between my mom and my favorite 2hu is that I would fuck my mom but not my favorite 2hu


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Well, are you faking your illness?

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My favourite 2hu is someone who does what they want, when they want, where they want, and who knows how to have fun, not being bound by silly human things like 'morals' or 'ethics' or 'laws'. In fact, she wants revenge on humanity itself.

My mother is a fool who has wasted her entire life doing what everyone else wants her to do, she knows she's miserable and she complains every single day about it. She's always tired and worn out, she doesn't know how to think for herself, and she's old enough that she will probably never learn better. Instead, it looks like she will just disappear after having lived a meaningless life.

Eat it, Freud.

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>Eat it, Freud.

Said after hilarious repression of Oedipal drama.

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Do you live in a world where absolutely everyone wants to fuck their mother and kill their father, and anyone who says otherwise is in denial? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are a lot of people who do, and you could somewhat say that I used to, about a decade ago when I was a brat, but that's long since passed.

Or were you actually being serious?

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>My favourite 2hu is someone who does what they want, when they want, where they want, and who knows how to have fun, not being bound by silly human things like 'morals' or 'ethics' or 'laws'. In fact, she wants revenge on humanity itself.

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They're both straight-shooters.

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They like to hit the bottle.

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My mother is a person that rides on the border of pretending to be naive and actually being completely helpless, someone that can do terribly mean things and sugar them up to sleep with a clear coscience.
this said, she's also generous, openminded, and dedicated to the ones she love...
my fav 2hu is moko. what they have in common? tobacco?
btw jung>>>>freud= a shit

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They're both female, and...
That's about it.

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Well I like Yuuka/Byakuren the most.

Well, my mom is an uncaring person, a gambling addict, and fat. She's also the kind of person that thinks they know everything and must absolutely have the last word. If you somehow defeat her in an argument, she resorts to making noises/going away/ignoring you completely.

So I don't think she has anything in common with my favorite Touhous

also >>10458879

Wilhem Reich>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jung>Freud

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50+ replies. RIP, /jp/.

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RIP /jp/ ;_;

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Very little, you Viennese witch-doctor.

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Hair colour.

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Well, orgones and gestalts apart, I can tell that you like the epitomes of "twisted maternal figure" 2hus...maybe its because you consider you're mom a immature, childish person that never really worked as maternal figure? the twisted could come in because you consider yourself a weird creature, or maybe there's a link with your mother being a bizzarre parent?

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Yes. I think I like "maternal figure" characters the most because I feel that I never really had a mother, so instead I fantasize about these types of characters on a regular basis. It's also probably why I'm beta in real life and I like femdom.

I'm not too sure if it's because I consider myself a "weird creature", but it's definitely not because I thought my mother was a bizarre parent.

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How long is his dick? Is it cute?

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None at all really. There's a lot of similarities between myself and my favorite 2hu though.

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btw im a girl

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>the twisted could come in because you consider yourself a weird creature

Feelio when your self-esteem is so low you can only fantasize about Touhous who might accept you as a freak

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You are an anal slave?

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there's o noticeable sexual dimorphism in wriggles
Well, I'm not into femdom, but I often fantasize of being raped by women.

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Same guy here.

Yeah that's kind of it. I'm not so much into the whole whips/chains/torture. I guess you can call it femdom lite*?

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No ;_; I stay inside a lot and I'm very frail and weak.

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No one cares

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btw, im a girl

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milk pls go

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Short hair, it's Youmu, also my mom is graying

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I can't think of anything.

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Nothing, despite of being a milf-type of woman.

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Both have green eyes, which she didn't pass on to me, damn genetics.

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short hair and they both stop time

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He was right about just about everything ans is the father of modern psychology.

Only normals dislike him or think he is wrong because they think his theories are "weird" or "perverted."
Truth is, a lot of the human mind, especially in the subconscious and Id, is very weird and perverted. Normals just don't want to admit it.

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Modern psychology is based on his theories, but all these theories are very old and have ben disproven.

Only normals take what he said 100% serious because he's famous

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Did I say all?
Sorry, I meant to say that most of them has been disproven

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Your mom here, finally I have proof.
I expect you to be out of the house by tomorrow

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That's not me, >>10459108
And you're not my mom.

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Mom no! Not here!

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Mom, just how many unknown brothers do I have now ?

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>implying psychology isn't normalscum bunk

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i have 2 dads :(

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wow i bet ur fugging gay

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I find it fascinating how two different people can say totally opposite things about the same subject matter. And yet, both of you seem to be stating these opinions as fact.

Normally, I'd say that the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but psychology as a whole looks pretty unreliable to me. Why do we try to make generalizations about all of humanity in the first place? There is no way they'd all be the same, or at least that's what I'd think.

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Human instinct.

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I find that they are both strong and independent. They are able to lead the way and help when you are lost and dont know what to do.

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I agree with this.

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I was going to study psychology and become a councelor, one who is different from all the others and would always see the patients as individuals who can overcome their problems by talking to me.

I was also going to enable NEETs to get autismbucks.

Too bad this dream will never come true, but I probally would have turned into a bitter old guy who only goes by the books anyways.

I swear, modern psychology is so stupid

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I was thinking along the lines of Yuugi but Mokou seems to fit as well.

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my mama is thrifty, too!

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Absolutely no similarities between them, except that my mother was also a hot loli when she was young (I saw some of her photos when she was 11, so fucking hot I would fuck her so hard mmmmm).

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oedipus pls go

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Am I the only person that unwittingly imagined fucking your own mother thanks to thinking about your favorite 2hu?

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go away bot

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It's funny how this complex is named after Oedipus. The real Oedipus felt alot of shame, gouged out his fucking eyes, and went into exile after he realized he married his mother. I think they should've just named it the Freud complex. Pays tribute and is also more accurate since Freud would be fully content being married to his mother.

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History can say a lot of things but we will never truly know if thats how Oedipus felt or not.

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>The real Oedipus

It's a myth, moran.

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It's more just the gist of the thing. Oedipus had lewd feelings towards his mother, that's all there is to it. Narcissus/narcissism is similar.

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Exactly, so the Oedipus would have been just as content with loving his mother as well.

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My mother, like Patchouli, likes to read. She's also quite smart.

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Naw all that shit is real son at one point in mankind. Don't let the man foolz you.

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I guess not. What did you mean then?

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Doesn't change the fact the Oedipus of 'myth', 'legend' or whatever didn't like the idea of knocking up and marrying his mom. He wouldn't have done it had he known considering his regret and actions after it.

That and probably because it's relatively well known. Freud may have been too lazy to find a real and proud motherfucker to name his theory after. Freud complex really rolls off the tongue though.

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Well I guess caring and intelligent, but I think that would be the extent.

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Blonde bob cut and a large bust

This artist consistently draws pictures that look like my mom when she was in her 20s.

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Opposite of my mom in every way I can think of.

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She's a a double baka.
A baka, and looks like a vaca.
[Cow in spanish]

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>double baka
Me too

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She's pretty.