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Let's have another /jp/ wallpaper thread.

But here's the kicker, you have to say how long you've had your current wallpaper.

Two years.

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more than 5, less than 7. somewhere around there.

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2 days

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About five or six months

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1 or 2 months iirc

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Looks like the art from the guy who does the umineko portraits. Does that artist have a name?

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Just did a big desktop overhaul, so it's been up for about 2 weeks.

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Couple of days now, not really an Okuu fan but this is great as a wallpaper.

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Almost for an year

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About 2 years.

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Had this one for a couple months, then I switched off of it.

Very nice though.

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Like 2 days. I don't know why I change wallpapers so often despite not even looking at my desktop for more than a few seconds.

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Like 6 months.

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Mine rotate every 30 minutes, so less than 30 minutes.

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I'm planning on using this pic next but my current one I think I had for a few weeks. I don't change my wallpaper much.

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Quite appropriate cept I would put Utsuho as the grenadier and Reimu or Marisa as the spy,

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4 months maybe?

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And Yuuka as heavy and Suika as soldier.

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I would post my minimalistic Youmu wallpaper, but because it's so good, some of you autistic nerds would then use it for yourselves and I would lose my originality.

So, no.

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Could I just save it into my Touhou folder?

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A couple months, maybe half a year.

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do you guys really use the same wallpaper for months at a time? jesus christ. longest ive gone without changing a wallpaper (two monitors) is maybe a month

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I use this one often (it's currently been in use for a few days now), but usually change wallpapers every week or so.

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How would you even know someone is using it?

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You might already know this, but your statement sounded like you didn't. Mods for Team Fortress 2 that replace all character models with Touhou models actually exists. http://touhoufortress2.web.fc2.com/

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Yeah I know, was just putting in my 2 cents.

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oh yeah 1 week

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I've been using this one on my secondary monitor for a few years now.

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Like 4 days

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I use a rotation system, so 4 minutes?

I've been incrementing it for years now though.

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>implying that tf2 still isn't shit just because you added 2hus to it

Honestly it is no better than pony fortress.

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For more than a year at least. I used to change my wallpaper at least once a month, but now I'm too depressed and NEET to bother changing it. Also, Jill in this pic is so fucking hot so no need to change.

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>using wallpapers

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a week? Love the colors but holy shit that hand.

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Less than two weeks: switched to my desktop (I had to buy a new screen) since my laptop died (I shouldn't have punched the screen, it wasn't as resistant as the keyboard). (;¬_¬)

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what the fug

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Who are you quoting?

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A total of 913 wallpapers each downloaded separately. Changes randomly every 6 hours or so.

The first ones I got are about 3 years old. Whenever I find a good one I add it to the rest.
Most of them touhou related and a few vocaloid ones.

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There are some repeats there.

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Actually not a single exact one, but some only have very minor differences.

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Changed it to this 3 days ago. It'll probably be something different on Monday.

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About a month. I've been searching for walls with girls in front of their computers, and this is the closest I've found to what I wanted.

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Who art thou quoting?

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No one is using it because I personally made the vector.

It's too good to share it with anyone, even after I stop using it.
Same thing with my previous Reisen and Chiyaha wallpapers. You'll never have them.

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If some minor differences include resolutions then ok.

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this one, currently. got bored of staring at flat black. Dont like bright things, so edited a pretty picture.

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also, one week.

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About a month.

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Does anyone have a good Satori wallpaper? please

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This was my wallpaper two months ago, and I had it for a month. This past month I've had a non-/jp/ related space wallpaper.

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>But here's the kicker, you have to say how long you've had your current wallpaper.

I wouldn't really call that a "kicker". You have low standards as to what counts as a "kicker".

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about a week going on now

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I'm also on a rotation of wallpapers. This is my favorite one in there. I've been using it for about 3 months.

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I tried to fix the hand for you because I love Yuyuko

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This guy comes into every single wallpaper thread. Do not respond to him, he is a troll.

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Been using this forever, ever since it went up on Pixiv. I have others on rotation, but this one is probably my favorite.

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Few days.

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Nice job.

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It's fantastic, good work.

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about 2 months

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late 1978

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funny this was mine a couple days ago. I can't stand having the same wallpaper for more than a day or two. I change them with my mood.


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Couple of days.

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A few months or so.

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Four Years

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A few weeks, probably going to keep it for a lot longer.

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could you BE any more plebe?

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Meh, it's my laptop, I don't care about the resolution on it much at all.

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>on a laptop
whadda fuck

That thing must be ancient or a piece of shit netbook.

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Netbook and what does it matter? It suits my needs perfectly. I do homework on it, I read VNs on it, and it only cost $150 what else do I need it for?

Oh right, I need to impress people I will never meet on an anonymous image board, dear god what was I thinking? I should have bought one for $2000 so I could impress you.

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I could just never live with that resolution/aspect ratio, but to each their own.

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When did this become a post your desktop thread?

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As long as you are fine with it being difficult to repair. No CD tray, everything is one big solid state drive, etc.

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A while now, at least 6 months

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You're not alone.

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Bump for classy walls

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I'm glad you seemy way now go buy one and impress me.

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another dark one if anyone wants it.

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Few hours.

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Do you have it not dark?

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File: 2.94 MB, 1476x1615, 1338599401952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Over a year.

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