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Is that Akyuu?

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I really like that third panel.

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Who is better, Sinsack or Anonymous?

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filthy dumb pedo scum

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Sinsacks are more charming.

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on the left there, that's me

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Sinsacks at least have the decency to cover up their wanks with a beautiful rose.

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Pls respond.

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Sinsacks are our Eastern Brothers.
Perhaps even the Anonymous that make it into Gensokyo.

We are both united in our quest for that which we hold dear in our hearts.

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Sinsacks are funnier and they have a more interesting background to boot.

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Why's my penis so hard suddenly.

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I wish I was a female NEET so I could be popular on /jp/. I'm just another white 20-something unemployed male, no way I could ever stand out from the crowd.

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you don't want to be female and popular not in /jp/

but if you really must stand out from the crowd. you know what to do, sir.

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Who are you all quoting?

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I wish I was a female NEET so I could sniff my smelly NEET pussy all day.

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The OP, obviously.

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I'm not quoting anyone dumbass.

I've been asking >>10448368 .

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I'm sorry, but I really can't find where this might be from. Could you post the whole picture so I can search for the source?

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It's from an ero-manga collection called Mitsuiro no Kousokuihan. Quite nice stories and charactaristic art. That should be even better than me posting the whole picture.

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Thank you very much.