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An NTR story where, after having his woman stolen, the protagonist becomes a trap and seduces the man she left him for

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This would probably go much better on /a/, but I want you to know that that honestly intrigues me.

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So... double NTR?

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/ /    ヽ :: \
| (●), 、(●)、 |
|  ,,ノ(、_, )ヽ、,,   |
|   ,;‐=‐ヽ   .:::::|
\  `ニニ´  .:::/  N-NO THANK YOU
       .n:n    nn
      nf|||    | | |^!n
      f|.| | ∩  ∩|..| |..|
      |: ::  ! }  {! ::: ::|
      ヽ  ,イ   ヽ  :イ

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Cross NTR counter

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Sounds like a plot of some old Warner cartoon.

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Cross NTR counter canceller.

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Kinda like Deep Stalker but trap

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Someone make a kickstrater

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There's this anime about a brother crossdressing to take away every man that gets close to his sister.
I just forgot the name.

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sounds like Minamoto-kun

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A voice actor is divorced from his wife and loses custody of his three children. He puts on a disguise and is hired as a maid/nanny, which lets him be close to his family and seduce his son

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I wholeheartedly approve of the idea of doing an eroge adaptation of Mrs Doubtfire, but it just wouldn't be the same without Robin Williams.

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A game where you scream at wyverns in the snow, but everyone calls them dragons.

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to be closer to Japanese tastes I figured the undisguised Robin would be manly and the disguised Robin super sexy and girly

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wyverns are a type of dragon u nerdlord

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After having his fiance stolen, he goes on HRT and seduces her new boyfriend, and they run away together. His ex-fiance is so depressed that she kills herself. This induces regret and depression in both the protag and his new boyfriend, and they start to argue and in the end, they both die with their hands wrapped around each others necks.


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How did they died ? Who killed them ?