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Does anyone have more of those gay touhou cosplay videos?

They were really good!

If you want them I can reupload them for you. but I only have two

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I only have momiji playing with another male's penis. Are there others?

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This excites me, but I am prepared to be disappointed.

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Yeah I have the Momiji Sayuka one too.

Are there more out there like ones on xtube or whatever?

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Is there any sex? I'm not gay or bi, but I think that I'd enjoy men touhou cosplay porn.

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This one is a favorite of mine, but has no sex.


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This video is my top video of 2012.
I want more.

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Let me upload them one sec.

Doesn't work

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Doesn't load for me in any browser.

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Works perfectly for me. Using Iceweasel. (rebranded firefox)

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It's working now.

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This one is the op image. It's just a blowjob but holy fuck is it a nice blowjob. It's a guy cosplaying btw, you see his cute penis briefly.

These two are SakuyaxMomijir. The guys face is censored and it's not too revealing even though it its hardcore sex, it's only in missionary and doggy style from what I can tell. And they don't get out of their costumes so you don't see much skin. Gay as well.

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Non cute penis.

The rhythmic humping is pretty cute however.

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Is there any facial? I can't fap if there's none.

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No sorry

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fc2 link for those of you who can view it.

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Holy fuck he starts sniffing the penis. This is amazing.

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Couldn't fap because the dick is disgusting.

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I think his dick is really hot, the fucking videos are fucking HOT though. They are so passionate it's fucking beautiful.

The top cums in his boyfriends ass and doesn't pull out just keeps his cock in his asshole and kisses him for a good 30 seconds

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Yeah I really really liked that. It was fucking good. Something about blowjob face turns me off though so I had trouble enjoying the first one.

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I like to imagine it's me giving the blowjob, I wish they did POV of the bottoms or girls in porn. I could get off to that.

I want to cosplay with my jpbf and fuck I think that'd be hot.

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What are you, gay?

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I really like it when the Momiji wraps their arms around the Sakuya, partnered with those little pants and moans, it's super cute!

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>They were really good!
No you fuck.

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So are there anymore cute/hot gay 2hu cosplaying videos that anyone knows of?
The 1st video doesn't even look like a man at all except when you see the dick

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Fuck, I'm so confused. /jp/, what are you doing to me!?

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Why did you two sage?

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we're downvoting your shite thread

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>>10425613 (>>10425609)
I'm timid.

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Embrace the faggotry.

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Forget about trying to "stay straight". Just enjoy it.
It made things a lot easier for me, but on the other side I do view almost exclusively homosexual porn.

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I only like homosexual porn when it's two boyfriends passionatley making love like those two videos, I can't jerk off to straight stuff or non armature stuff.

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So it's just these three videos that you have to offer?

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Yes, I'm looking for more. Sorry

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That's ok, I was just wondering if I was missing something.

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Post some screen caps you faggots

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Blowjob video didn't get good until he pulled the foreskin back. Shit looked nasty.

The anal ones were good.

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Can't do that on a worksafe board. We don't want to get anyone fired!

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What's wrong with foreskins? I have one and I wouldn't want to mutilate it.

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His is really intense. I am uncut and I like the look of my own dick, but I don't much care for uncut when it literally covers the entire penis when not 100% erect.

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just download the mediafire they're like 70mb

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Foreskins are cute. I wish I still had mine.

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I don't care about all that cut vs.uncut stuff. His cock just looks really nasty.

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No I refuse to download gay porn

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refuse THIS

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I usually do too, but it turned out better than expected.

/jp/ you have let me accepted another side of myself, I thank you for that. Sort of.

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Curse you /jp/, curse you.
Sakuya x Momiji is hot. I'll just pretend they are futanari.

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This is a bit gay.

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No, this is gay.

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So nobody has anymore cute 2hu gay cosplay?

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Oh, just wait for >>10418630

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That was just too cute and passionate.

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Does anyone here even have boyfriend they can cosplay as 2hus with and fuck each other? I find it hard to believe.

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If Japan can do it, /jp/ can too, surely!

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The question is wether or not they have a boyfriend to cosplay as touhous with. The question is do they look good doing it.

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Is anyone here an actual cute couple that would look cute cosplaying as 2hus? I think all the people saying they have cute boyfriends from /jp/ are lying to make me feel bad

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I'd do it, but I'm black. Also, lack of boyfriend. Also, lack of touhou outfit. Also, lack of decent camera.

But once we get pass those minor details, it'll be smooth sailing to the /jp/ meetup JAV

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I'm not gay but I'd fuck pygma cosplaying as a 2hu

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I think it's just a lot of people who lost contact with other people for a long time. Then they find someone to chat with and one thing leads to another and they want to fuck. It's not even out of desperation. They're just so disconnected with the world they think what they see is cute. At least that's how I interpret it.

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how does that work? I've seen couples from /jp/ before or at least alleged couples and they seem very cute

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Does it hurt being black

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Where did you see these couples?

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Only when I try getting a job.
So not in any /jp/ related ways.

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It's probably like an eternal sunburn!

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people have posted pictures of them with their boyfriends before idk

I can't tell if it's all lies though, I just want a cute boy to cosplay with and love. I'm pretty sure nobody on /jp/ has ever accomplished that, even those videos are of japs.

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My braces hurt...

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Well, at least you aren't SURPRISE!

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please don't misuse the spoiler function.

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It's funny because the spoiler bar is black.

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there's also this

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what's that?

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Das a nice Rumia.

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Actually, I don't get sunburn. I know this from a fact because last summer, I had to stand outside for hours at a time, and rarely put on sunscreen.

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Judging by file upload date, I'd say that's sakuya doing lewd things with Yuyuko.

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Sakuya sucking Yuyuko.

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How big is your butt?

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if you looked like that i'd ram you like no end`

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>I just want a cute boy to cosplay with and love.
Me too. It's a shame that it's illegal, though. Especially since it's obvious they want it.

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More foreskin never covers up like that unless I was in a cold pool or something. Normal state is the tip half covered, when erect nothing is.

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Really? All the flaccid dicks I've seen look like elephant trunks.

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Probably too big for my own good. I know I got lots of comments on it years ago, but it's not like I hang around that many people now, so I don't know if it's gotten bigger or what.

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How do you feel about the war in Mali? Do you secretly root for the Islamists, the Tuarges or the southerners?

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i support the Azawadi Freedom Fighters but they're all dead now so....

>> No.10426561

Isn't it sad?

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thats what they get for allying with the islamists i suppose

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Mine is exactly like this. My foreskin stretches completely when I'm erect, too.

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When is France going to deploy the super ninja French Foreign Legion to restore order?

I mean everyone knows they are in Africa so when are they going to ake action, geez.

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You guys must have large dongs.

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When the country's infra-structure is guaranteed to be completely destroyed so diamond prices get cheaper.

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What constitutes as large for you?

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War in Mali? Sorry, I don't keep up with most international politics. Especially non-first world countries. Doubly so for Africa

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Over 17 cm.

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i like you

want to be friends and discuss history and international politics and happenings?

>> No.10426637

T-that makes too much sense

Only if we can keep it superficial

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I'm not large. I'm sorry. I did feel flattered for a moment, though.

>> No.10426649

i'm okay with that

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I don't think so