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Chen has lost her fruit! Can you help her to find it?

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Cats don't eat fruits, you silly person.

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Oh god, not this again.

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Here's your fruit kitty.

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[x] Touch fluffly tail

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lel image dump time xD

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please stop spamming

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I dont undersant this one

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5/11 ?

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Left it inside ur mom.

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I wanted to post that image.

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That's unusual.

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I followed the directions but all I got was this?

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She found it!

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I didn't understand that thread.

Was the OP Keine or something? It was cute.

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I failed.
Pretty sure I know where I took the wrong turn, but it was like twenty minutes back. Maybe I'll get back to it one day.

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I don't think I could make it any looser without going outside the lines.

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>No cheating
Fuck that.

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These were really cute. Thanks. They cheered me up.

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What program did you use to solve that? Daedalus? I used to love messing around with that program.

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You should spoiler the solution; some of us are still working on it.
Although I now see that I've been going in entirely the wrong direction for about the last three hours...
Unless there are multiple paths. Do you think there are multiple paths?

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Reuploading this behind a spoiler.

If you're wondering how I solved it:
I opened it in an image editor (Paint Shop Pro 9 in my case) and used the paint bucket on the walls. Make the walls just above the entrance/exit one colour, and below the entrance/exit another. Then I used a edge dilate filter a couple times to find where they meet. When the filter sees the two overlap, it combines them to a third colour. Then I just did some selection altering to make the line look smoother.

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Oh, well, I guess that works too. If you like mazes though, check out Daedalus, you'll waste a day or two playing with it.


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That's pretty nice.

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Fuck, I hate those things.

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Stick to one side (e.g. right wall) and follow that. It will take a long time but you'll get to the end inevitably.

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neat, weirdly nice to look at when it's solved.

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I tried to OCR it and the websight that did it failed miserably. What's so hard about OCRing a perfectly clean PNG?

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That would be "ciniכ"

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You fucked up the swastika.

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I haven't implemented searching diagonally yet, but seeing how little I've found I call troll on that pic.
I used gocr. I had to edit the output, though.

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found hag, otaku culture, and (yuru)sanae instantly
too easy

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It's not a troll... I have found loads of words already. And stop trying to cheat. I do it 100% legit but it will feel so useless when you just cheat through it.

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being "infinitely far away" makes no sense. To answer nonsense with nonsense, the solution would be "infinity".

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How could she ever reach her drink if she is infinitely far away from it?

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Don't worry, if he keeps being that incompetent, he's not going to succeed.

Using advanced computational methods isn't really cheating. It still requires loads of manual work he seems unwilling to do.

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Its hypothetical. The answer is not infinity. It's also possible to give an object so much kinetic energy to escape a planet's gravity even though the reach is infinite.

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Good going there m8, I'm totally convinced that it's not a troll. Here, take all not_amused images on my computer.

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This is how far I have come. Just to prove that it's not a troll.
Please help me find more words if you can.

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Some words are also backwards (e.g. Touhou).

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whiteren and tohnochan underneath turbonerd

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getoutofjp to the right of the d in sudo!

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Here are some more

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I see honk honk. I'm not telling where it is though.

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I found BEE but i'm not sure if that was put there intentionally

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Diagonal, between getout and anonymousjones.

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thanks everybody, keep em coming

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fumofumo diagonally just under gensokyo

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Bawson a little to the right under Turbonerd

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More in red

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Start from the M in MOE and go in the other direction.

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HOOD directly under LIVINGTHEDREAM. Might be for /jp/ hood

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memearrows - bottom, left side from tohnochan

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half of thesde are probably irrelevant

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GAR is a little under Otakuculture and above gensokyou

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There's Chisame in the second column.

And when you start from the M in it and go upper right, you get metathread.

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What you have labeled as "Shoop" is actually "Hoopdog".

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POSTING is left from Warosu and spelled upwards. The G in posting is a bit left from Please Respond

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And Boof to the right of that.

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Kasane Teto, horizontal, last E from Japan General diagonal pink.

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Teto between Japan General and Lifelike texture.
Shimapan to the right of it in the second-to-last column.

There's "king of" in front of "gets".

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you forgot to highlight tea room
next to honkhonk going up/left diagonally

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Ghost posting up from the G in hag.

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pissbottles spelled backwards two rows up from the u in bunbunmaru

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tokiko spelled upwards to the left of vocaloid

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yume nikki under otaku culture

>> No.10425123

Bkub next to mahjong

>> No.10425130

jpmeetup below the d in pleaserespond

>> No.10425131

"/jp/ meetup" just below the D from "please respond".
Tenga above Bunbunmaru. Then "Piss bottles" above it. Yutanpo above it.

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I have to go now unfortunately.

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memearrows under gensokyou at the bottom

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Ran, vertical reversed, 1 block over last 'r' of memearrows horizontal violet.

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reminded me of...

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Gloryhole to the left of "nice, epic, I like it".

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I just came back and... I'm sorry.
I don't even frequent /jp/, but then I came in, tried to find words, couldn't, tried to practice programming by writing a solver, made a terribly newbie mistake in my code and falsely accused something because of that. I'll stop blogging now. I'm sorry.

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takeiteasy spelled upwards to the left of cirno

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BBA directly under Shrinemaiden and right to the S in Sudo

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Why is jp so shitty, vertical reversed, 3 blocks below last letter of Yume Nikki horizontal reversed red outline.

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Please tell me if I miss adding anything

I don't think that is intentional because there is another RAN at honkhonk (yellow, up, middle)
No worries, just don't be so aggressive.

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King of jp, vertical, 3 blocks right of letter 'h' of Chisame vertical reversed blue.

>> No.10425194

Nue, diagonally starting from under the R in Glory hole

>> No.10425203

disabilitysan diagonally with the san to the left of turbonerd

>> No.10425198

Pygma above memearrows.

>> No.10425201

Nue spelled diagonally upwards from the N in Cirno

>> No.10425210

Niggy is spelled downwards starting from the N in Nyoron. Unless that chart is super recent it has to be a coincidence though.

>> No.10425216

'Waifu' to the left of 'Ten desires'.
'Lenfried' to the left of 'Why is jp so shitty'.
'The split' reversed between 'get out of jp' and 'please respond'.
'Polite sage' directly over 'Denpa'

>> No.10425219

MMD is in near the top-right corner and ends in the D in Hoopdog

>> No.10425225

ZUN diagonally below the e in gloryhole

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You fail at this, OP

>> No.10425245

There is also another MOE starting from the M in MMD

>> No.10425291

GOOD OLD DAYS in the top-left corner spelled diagonally backwards. The S in Good Old Days is the very first letter in the search field

>> No.10425307

This is a fun thread.

>> No.10425316

I am impressed

>> No.10425320

clangclangclang vertical to the left of pyonta kun

>> No.10425329

DAILY DOSE also near the top-left corner and also spelled diagonally backwards to the left. Starts directly under Meido

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Help Hina find her crayons! You can do it!

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Sion in the same direction as Kigurumi, two steps to the left from it.

>> No.10425382

There is another SION near the top-center. It's under Do Your Reps and spelled once again diagonally backwards to the left.

>> No.10425391

Oh my

>> No.10425407

There is a third Ran which fittingly enough ends in Chen near the bottom right bottom right corner. Might have been intentionally this time

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I'm off to bed now. Had fun, thanks everybody.

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Shut In is spelled downwards near Take It Easy on the right side. It's missing it's "-" so i'm not sure about that one.

>> No.10425572

Takoluka is in the leftmost column next to Chisame.

>> No.10425625

Portal? Right above "OTAKUCULTURE"

>> No.10425648

Thank you very much, now I can create extreme mazes.
3D would be too much, but making extreme 2D mazes is fun

>> No.10425691

Honk next to ghostposting

>> No.10425703

The "get out" below "aikido" continues with "KS devs".
There's "idolfag" to the left of "hotglue".
That DearS over it and the "kendo" that crosses with the Buttranger are, I'd assume, a pure coincidence, though still tangentially /jp/-related.

>> No.10425710

Akamatsu next to ghosthunt.

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>> No.10425749

Cornelia between ZunBar and Nyanners.
Toshiaki starts two letters below Cudder and continues upwards to the right.

>> No.10425763

Metathread from the M in ChisaMe.

Naru from the N in hoNkhonk, A in teAroom, an R and U in getoUt

>> No.10425792

I guess Hina is sleeping with the fishes tonight.

>> No.10425808

The maze is impossible, there's a wall separating the left from the right.

>> No.10425827

Shit choice of words. Too many tripfags and attention whores.

>> No.10425836

IRISU SYNDROME is spelled upwards starting at the very bottom, right between Memearrows and Tohnochan

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Oh shit I forgot something, I have brought shame to Hina.
This one is doable

>> No.10425859

Archduke is spelled upwards next to Idolmaster, but i can not remember anything /jp/ related with Archduke.

>> No.10425889

PAD is spelled through the second A in AlpAcinothread near the bottom left.

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STD is spelled between Sion and Kigurumi near the top center, but i'm not sure if that really counts.

>> No.10426057

I remember back when I was in elementary school, I would make multi-page mazes. Between grade 2 and grade 5, I had a 5x5 maze with keys, warps, and shit.
I wish I hadn't thrown that out...

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It would have been neet if it drew map of the world or something 2hu related

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I used to play this with someone in elementary except we put holes on the pathways then lift the paper. I hold the one end and my companion hold the other end. Then one of us will trace the pathways under the paper when we holding it up and when the pen got stuck in the hole then we change turns until one of us reach the end.

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>> No.10429114

>Then one of us will trace the pathways under the paper when we holding it up and when the pen got stuck in the hole then we change turns until one of us reach the end.
This sounds pretty lewd.

>> No.10430034


There's fucking 9 of them not 6.

>> No.10430124

What is an upside down answer.

>> No.10431019

You spelled "⑨" wrong.

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What do you think?

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