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Scarlets will fuck up any other crew in Gensokyo. We're all in agreement of this, right /jp/?
They run this shit, better believe it.

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Eintei has moon bitches.

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I take it kuso means best, yeah?

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Top Gun.

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If the SDM crew is so powerfull then why didn't Remilia and Sakuya win on the moon?

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They didn't have Flan with them.

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Flan blows.

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Everything up.
Yes, yes she does.

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Why are Rumia and Cirno there?
They aren't SDM
Someone decapitate them immediately

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That's mean.

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Would Kanako, Suwako, and Sanae stand a chance against the Scarlets?

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Gods are probably stronger than vampires

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What's some petty god of wind and rain going to do against the Scarlet Devil?

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Vampires are weak against rain

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That's the EoSD cast, dumb secondary.

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Hell, even fukken Minoriko could throw a few millions of rice grains and force Remilia to count them for years, vampires are weaklings.

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So weak that they have the strongest members in Gensokyo.

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But you can't kill an immortal.

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The biggest vampbitches run this place, none of ur businesses nigga

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The Taoists are actually quite strong. Miko waking up alone had the Youkai scared enough to send in their trump card.

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Not to mention Byakuren and Suwako slapping Byakuren's temple on top of her tomb, to stop her from awakening.

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>Scarlets will fuck up any other crew in Gensokyo.

What, did Reimu and Marisa go on vacation or something?

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Reimu can't be touched or Gensokyo goes bye bye. She doesn't count.

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Taoists would wreck the Scarlets.

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Reimu is a miko, therefore a chaste girl by necessity and definition, therefore she can't fuck.

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China and Patchy were left behind.

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Reimu is still absurdly powerful.

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That's a funny way of spelling Yakumo's OP

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>funny way of spelling

Says a guy who randomly inserts apostrophes into words.

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7/10 plenty of expected replies

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I wish I had a cool household like the SDM. I'd be making group poses all the time like they do.

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Who would win between Miko's group and Byakuren's group?

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It's not random. He's using it possessively but he is probably missing a comma.

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The fuck are you posting that useless bitch for?