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Itou Life draws the best toehoe doujinshi.

Prove me wrong, b-bitches.
this image is also sfw since that's just a glare

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I don't like big tits.

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Well you're gay then. How do you like that?

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What's the point in tits if they are not big?

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I don't like gays either.

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That's for you, while I agree he draws some fine woman his ball squeezing and abuse of x-ray shoots are not of my taste, I'll give you something and say he draws the best Wriggle doujinshi but that's as far as I'm going.

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Why do you have a penis then?

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Her areola and nipples are showing enjoy that ban because last I check those don't qualify as SFW or newly converted Christian 4chan and /jp/

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So I can piss on you.

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Why are you on /jp/ then?

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That's just a glare. Take a look at her knees, dude. It's just his style.

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I skim through them and get bored and delete

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Areolae are not worksafe.

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Also, there's a difference in the shape of the breasts marking the beginning of the areola, so that's not a glare. It's her nipples and areolae no matter how you look at it.

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>best toehoe doujinshi.
>Prove me wrong
It's porn. Fap/skim and delete, not worth saving.

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His Aya stuff is delicious

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Literally the only decent slutty Aya.

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>he draws the best Wriggle doujinsh
Seconded. Saka Wriggle best 2hu of the decade.

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His Patchy is the best.
Feel free to interpret it that way.

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Oh god that doujin was so awesome.

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second best, behind DOUMOU

who did tonari no yukari?
the first one is better than yuka deli imo

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I like Itou Life solely for the fact that the female acts all slutty, but in the end they ask the guy to cum inside them while saying "I love you". Vanilla is truly the best.

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Jalapeno Chips

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Yukataro is the best.

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Plotless pornfag detected.

So an entire genre is not worth saving because you have no taste?

That would be Atsushiya Kougyou.

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WaToSaTo the best.

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Nice taste.

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>I read doujinshi for the plot!

I'm quoting you're mom.

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Nengoro was cute as fuck

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All those you posted are average to good except Watosato who's pure shit, also you should fit Panzers somewhere.

Anyone does like Fujiwara Shunichi/Paranoia cat? I fucking love everything that guy draws but he doesn't seem to get any appreciation.

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He's amazing. I really enjoyed his non-H doujin, too.

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I like Hiroyuki's comedy doujins.

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>Watosato who's pure shit


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It's my opinion and you can't do anything to help it, I've read his crap and I don't like it.

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I like his Aya. So lewd.

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Your opinion is shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

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It's to laugh at those sometimes.

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>baw, stop disliking things I like.

Oh please, I think we're too old for this.

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Someone should write a Touhou doujinshi about farts. Nameless youkai tries each Touhou's flavorful gass.

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happiness milk and wasotaso are better, "Iku's Four-and-a-Half Tatami Ass" is the best doujin name ever

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It's hard to laugh at those sometimes.

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what happened to op is the broad broken?

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What are the names of your top 3 lewd touhou doujins /jp/?

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So I'm not the only one having trouble posting stuff? The load times are huge.

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Meido mistook the lighting on the knees as NSFW material.

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His anatomy looks like something out of Lovecraft.

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I belive that was a Hiroyuki reference, dude.

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I don't think so, also we were not talking about Hiroyuki until later.