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Does /jp/ hate her or something?

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She's sexy as HELL and she's just a refular girl on the slut's chart, so she's really not all that slutty.

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she's actually a man

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I like her hair.

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Holy shit them legs.

Also her braid turns me on.

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the smartest and the sexiest.

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Scorpion tail, and the #1 reason why girls grow penises in Gensokyo

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All I ever see is secondaries discussing what type of scientist she is

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1/10 ✘
Apply yourself!

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it was full size on pixiv.

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Are you blaming pixiv for your errors? Terrible, terrible!

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why would anyone hate her?

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Because she's a jerk.

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/jp/ already has a female doctor of choice.

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in a sexy way though.

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I disagree.

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that picture IS pretty sexy.

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I think she's just giving Udonge her daily veggies liquefied or a concentrated dose of mountain dew and whether it's Eirin keeps being awesome!

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what's the #2 reason?

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sex with Eirin!

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I hate her.

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If Eirin's so smart, then why did she get schooled by Yuyuko in IN?

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Reisen is such a messy eater.

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No one hates Eirin. If people are hating Lunarians, then it be the Watatsuki.

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because hunger is always a more powerful motivator than knowledge

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I don't hate her, but I would go out of my way to avoid her.
She's scary, and not in the way that I like.

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That shouldn't be hard to do since people come to her to get medical attention not the other way around.

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You will never be as manly as Eirin.

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you're saving the smaller versions

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There don't seem to be any booru entries for that picture. Please tell me there's more.

Eientei makes the best pairings. Rich, depraved and inter-generational, my favorite kind of pairing.

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... oh my god i should just leave

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best lunarian

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Eirin is easily in my 10 top.

Then again I'm into milfs and Yukari is my fav girl, so its to be expected.

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Go fuck your mom, your aunt or better your grandma you sick fuck

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Punishment by Eirin

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That doujin was ridiculous.

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i'm exactly like you. hags truly are the best.

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I know.
>maiden smell

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...how come each of her trigrams is fire?

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Yagokoro is a strange name

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Nope. Does anyone else love her M-1 3rd voice as much as me?

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If I hate her so much, why did I decide to save this thread from oblivion with a cute picture of her rather than selfishly waiting for it to get deleted and make another thread?

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I love her theme in piano

easy one of the top 5 ZUNs music creations

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she's a doctor and thus awesome

>"My thought is that the Lunar Capital is where the highest, noblest gods live - that sort of setting. On the other hand, Gensokyo is where the more friendly, indigenous gods live. I figured that there are factions even among gods. Eirin is one of them, which is why she isn't interacting with the other humans after she moved to Gensokyo."

I knew her being a god was hinted at but I missed it being explicitly stated until recently.

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This is my favorite picture of Eirin.

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That's really stupid.

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I like her
I like her spell cards, I like what little I know about her, I think she's cute, and I like seeing her tickled
I just wish there was less of her abusing or having sex with (or both) her bunny

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I'm affraid I only got to notice her voice once you mentioned it. Her voice is really soothing.

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What about a hunger for knowledge?

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That feel when Eirin takes out 4 niggas with one AoE attack.

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Hiding hands and feet?, how convenient.

Yukari is fooling around again.

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I thought strong characters were considered unusable in this game due to high costs?