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been asking around, and i'd like to ask here as well.

after i got bored of literally my whole library of games, i wanted to ask you guys for new ideas. looking for any RPG, on any platform, that futures customization, has preferably an open world, and is action-y. i like dynasty warriors games and their clones, dark souls, dragon dogma. it can be an anime-style game, i\m ok as long as i like the gameplay

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Play the games that character is from.

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>i like dynasty warriors games and their clones, dark souls, dragon dogma
dumbest post of the day award

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you took it from him

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i've played a lot of rance games, at least the ones that are translated. i like them a lot, but i don't wanna replay them
played oath of felghana but didn't like it, and ys seven too. not sure if i'll like the older ones.

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no i mean dynasty games and their clones, period, dark souls and dragon's dogma. i didn't actually name any of the clones.

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I see. What about Ninja Gaiden?

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Have you tried Warriors Orochi?

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i've played one on ps3 ages ago, found it too hard. i wanted to try the newest, but since i heard an upgraded version will come out soon, i thought i should at least wait before that. also, i prefer the game to have more rpg elements than, say, the one i had played.(i think it was ninja gaiden,but not sure)

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Monster Hunter

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all 3 of them, played the last one for nearly 180 hours. i keep wondering if i should pick a wii u just for warrior orochi 3 hyper

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played those, along with phantasy star portable and god eater on psp, but i'd rather not play a monster hunter again. well, unless i get my hands on the ps3 hd version.

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You've played all the games anon.

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