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Just a friendly reminder that Taoists believe in action through inaction, and thus the taohous will not be appearing as playable characters in 13.5.Then, as a result of this, will not receive the attention they deserve.

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Good, we don't want to hear about them anyway.

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It's ok, because I will still love them. It doesn't matter if they don't get appearances and thus don't get attention from others. Why are you so dependent on others opinions OP?

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Speak for yourself, if she isn't one of the best touhous ever, I'll eat my hat.

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This makes me wish some other individual touhous were taohous

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I might be wrong but I once heard a story attributed to Taoism.

The story goes there once was a young man who desired to be a Tao priest, he was accepted among them and taught how the Tao is ineffable and nothing can interfere with it. That night a storm rolled over the temple with a harsh wind. The next morning one of the elder priests was tying a branch back on the tree.

One of the main differences between Eastern and Western religions is the separation of Man from the Divine. Western religions tend to keep them separate. However, the story is meant to point out that the Tao is everything, and that includes the storm, the tree, and also the priest.

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Never mind OP, Miko and Futo are more or less confirmed for HM. What kind of things are you looking forward to in relation to that? I have feeling Futo's story will be a lot of fun to play.

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I really want to see Byakuren and Miko settle their differences. If that's through force or through political noir, I'm alright with it.

Of course, it will probably be whoever you were playing as at the time, "winning".

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>I have feeling Futo's story will be a lot of fun to play.

I have a feeling Futo's arc will essentially be her kicking down the doors of all the other touhous and proclaiming "Allow me to show you the way of the Tao!"

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Now that you mention it, I'm curious of how ZUN will actually solve this. In previous fighting games, weren't all routes canon?

I feel a bit doubtful towards the idea that the two of them would actually go as far as to fight one other head on, because even if Touhous have fought over much less, I feel theirs is a somewhat delicate situation. Assuming they are trying to gain sympathy/followers from others, starting a brawl would probably look bad however they may end up. Especially now that the new game apparently is about gaining the crowds support. It's not like they can settle stuff in secret.

I just don't know. Hopefully people won't bitch about it, that is, if it doesn't end in some kind of epic climax.

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Futo got 19th place, they aren't forgotten. It's just like what happened to UFO. Nothing for a long time, then a sudden surge in popularity.

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Yes. And it will be fun.

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>I feel a bit doubtful towards the idea that the two of them would actually go as far as to fight one other head on
because miko would wimp out, Byakuren would crush her in a 1v1 fight.

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More like, they both have so much to lose, it's not worth it. That's what I was thinking.

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Can we have one thread about Miko and company or one thread about Byakuren and company without this crap?

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All you need is some moderately famous artist releasing a batch of kawaii uguu drawings for a character to suddenly become popular.

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Miko's gotten a lot of that lately it seems.
Not that I'm complaining.

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Seiga will be the most difficult character to fight against because everyone will be distracted by her lewd legs.

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It runs in the game.

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Byakuren is a pacifists. She wouldn't fling swords at people unless they were a clear threat.

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I doubt that. But whatever, I don't really care about who's popular and not. But I guess it's kinda interesting to follow and analyze the trends, even if you probably won't get any kind of useful information anyway.

Anyway, I kinda wonder what sort of role Tojiko will play in HM, if any at all. Hopefully she will get to appear in an ending.

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at this rate won't it be more or less the same for everyone?

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I want to write a fanfic of Taoists doing stuff.

Give me some ideas, guys. Already thought of dicks.

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At best, she'll be a playable character. I mean, we got Ichirin, that was pretty ouf of left field. Even at worst, she'll be a summon for Miko or Futo.

Arguably better than either of those, Miko gets to use Royal Clan's Chaotic Dance.

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write a cute Futo one

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no dicks, please

I want to write a story about Tojiko and Futo when they were alive myself. I have a lot of ideas, but I'm too lazy/unmotivated.

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I wrote a bad Miko one. Horrible self-insert shit, not sexual or anything, just bad.

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>"Allow me to show you the way of the Tao!"

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as a Buddhist, I have to represent the Buddhists in the hood.

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I'll be the judge of that. Show.

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Don't bully.

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Not hotblooded enough.


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I want to see Futo's BOAT ROLLER finisher.

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That's pretty radical

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Nah, it's cool. I dislike the lack of setup though.

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I don't think she'll be playable. It would be cool, but I don't expect her to. And it's unfair to compare to her Ichirin, she had in many ways much higher chances than Tojiko.

>Even at worst, she'll be a summon for Miko or Futo.
>Arguably better than either of those, Miko gets to use Royal Clan's Chaotic Dance.
I love that spellcard, but it feels like it would be weird in this setting. Previously, all matter of summoning have been more logical in the way Sanae and Yukari use them. Sanae calling down the powers of the gods (her role as a shrine maiden) and Yukari using her shikigami (who're basically tools).

Not sure if my reasoning makes sense, but Miko summoning Futo and Tojiko would feel out of place by comparison. I felt that it made sense in TD because then, both Futo and Tojiko were there. In her dialogue, Futo even mentions hurrying to Miko's side for her resurrection. Anyway, that's just what I think. I still think it's arguably plausible to expect Miko to have Futo and/or Tojiko summons, though.

But yeah, I want Tojiko to appear but I don't want her to be out of place either. More than anything I just want her to interact with Futo and/or Miko, so that we can know more about their relationships.

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I wrote it because I had a dream where I was in suspended animation, in the middle of a completely blank space. It reminded me a little bit of Miko's stage/fight

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So why's Miko so tiny anyway? Tiny women fetish?

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That was all hypothetical, and just my guesses and hopes and dreams for 13.5

Royal Clan's Chaotic Dance is one of my favorite spell cards too, but if Miko doesn't pull out Guse Flash at all, I'll be even more disappointed.

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Her "throne" is modest and small, that was the idea. Also, everyone knows touhous are small.

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Miko is based on a boy, it makes sense.

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I suppose.

So that aside, how would you alleviate Futo's boredom?

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Introduce her to the modern wonders of the world.

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Would you become a half-man, half-machine to entertain Futo?

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Different person here, but I always imagined Miko as small, or at least quite short. It really suits her design. I get annoyed when people draw her as too tall. I wonder how tall she will be in HM...

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>It really suits her design.
But tall people are charismatic.

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being based on a male and being male isn't the same thing though...

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Would Miko enjoy being sat on your lap and cuddled as much as Futo would?

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I wouldn't dare.

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It's not, but doesn't Futo refer to Miko as "crown prince" in TD?

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Short people can be too, that just makes them all the more impressive. That's her thing. She's small, think and kind of fragile looking. But she's truly elegant and has the kind of strong, intimidating presence that silences crying babies.

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Why are there not more pictures of Futo encountering new/modern things?

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Everyone likes being cuddled. Why wouldn't Miko? I mean, as long as it's not against her philosophy or something.

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We've already got one of those.

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I don't think they'd enjoy that particularly? They're not little kids.

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It's a mystery.

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And so there can't be more than one? Gensoukyou has many strong individuals now. Besides, I think Miko and Eiki differ fundamentally in the kind of character they are.

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>he doesn't like cuddling!
I, on the other hand, would kill to sniff her hair.

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carcharias seiga is very alluring.

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Even if you like Miko better or something, you have to admit Byakuren is a deeper,more interesting, and controversial character than her.

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>Everyone likes being cuddled.
I suppose, to a certain extent. I can't say Miko nor Futo seem like the kind to jump at the opportunity though.

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It's not that, it's more out of respect for her. She's a politician, religious leader, and has transcended humanity to become one of the most powerful beings in Gensokyo. Miko is someone I could really look up to.

Byakuren's cool too, Miko is just better in my opinion. She has a "canon" history and past, has a very interesting ability, and having a fun modern design just tops off an already sweet dish.

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There are also no pictures of Futo doing any JoJo poses. This makes me very sad.

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If by controversial you mean a hypocritical, homicidal bitch, then yes, she's controversial all right.

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Jumping at the opportunity, maybe not, but as some post-work relaxation? I don't see the issue.

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I'm pretty sure Miko would be considered more controversial considering her actions were on a country wide scale and affected the real world.

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I hope they fight as a pair, or tag team.

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I don't know. I think they are about the same, I like them both. Everyone thinks Miko is so goody and never question her, but when Byakuren does it in SoPM, she brings up some really good points.

Miko might be a more "proper" saint, but her entire life she's spent doing nothing but elevating herself above others, practicing her own religion only because it suited her needs best. She simply just couldn't deal with the fact that a splendid individual like herself had to die a mortal death like any other peasant, I suppose.

That what I think, and I think it makes her an interesting character.

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Soon, even the Youkai will fight for her.

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Not playable because to insignificant for a religious conflict story.

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What's so wrong with that?

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I thought it was the way of Tao to not lie.

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They have a lot of common ground on the fear of death.

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If anything, the Taoists embraced their deaths.

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I wouldn't say it's "wrong", but it's quite elitist. Byakuren, who has seen many different things in life and lived after many different ideas, to finally become truly devoted to religion through that, is perhaps closer to what people would normally consider to be a proper saint. By comparison, isn't Miko just a kid with special powers who also happened to be born with a silver spoon in her mouth?

Again, I think they're both interesting characters in their own right, and I don't think the other is "better" or less evil or whatever. They are just different people who lived different lives and such they have different views on things. It's characters like them, and the way they clash, that make me love Touhou so much.

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Just like how Miko is a deceitful politician that only saw used religion as a tool.

People have different stances on Byakuren, but at least we know she doesn't treat her followers, human or youkai, like shit. Unlike Miko who treats all her "disciples" like servants.

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Only because they knew they would be resurrected in a jiffy.

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Byakuren and Miko are not evil people. Though I prefer Byakuren, I think both are very good individuals are deserve the title of Saints.

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"Couriers" hardly classifies as servants. Also, the way I understood it in SoPM, she doesn't even really want all the attention she's being given by humans, and is sort of pushing them off onto other duties rather than taking -everyone- as a student. Perhaps it makes her feel uncomfortable or it's all apart of her plan, who knows. I don't think this makes her a bad leader.

Right, but they didn't know they would end up in Gensokyo. Who knows what her original plan was. Maybe it was to awaken and show that through the power of Taoism, one could unite families that were once torn by war (Mononobe and Soga clans), her plan could very well have been to usher in a golden age for humanity (and it probably was).

Humans in Gensokyo can see this, and Miko was at first more than willing to be the ruler of Gensokyo but once she was informed that Gensokyo didn't need a ruler, she stepped down.

She does what she believes is right, even if she has a narrow vision.

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Miko used her followers in experiments to make herself immortal. I always found that extremely distasteful. They both seem approachable, but Byakuren seems more so. That being said, I want to touch Miko's hair. Seems like she never fixed her bedhead.

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Why do artists always feel the need to hide the transition

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Futo and i scrim is so much fun.

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She doesn't value her own disciples, she thinks of them as pawns. I think that's even worse than treating them as servants.

She's an uppity bitch. Oh but of course she is! She is loyalty after all.

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Oops I meant royalty.

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It's like you didn't read anything of what I wrote.

>She's an uppity bitch.
Alright, now I know you're a master ruseman.

Byakuren is fantastic, I think so too, but she wouldn't approve of your behavior.

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I've heard that many times, but never seen it cited.

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>Crown Prince, Crown Prince, I bring urgent news for you!
>Lend me your ear!

>They're not up there...

>> No.10408762


>However, she doesn't appear to think of those disciples as anything more than mere servants, which is quite natural, as in terms of "hermit's disciples", they are just pawns or couriers. (*2)

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No, it's a fact. We've had massive Byakuren shitstorms in the past. Unlike Miko we're we just have threads where everyone calls her hair stupid.

>> No.10408781

>Also, the way I understood it in SoPM, she doesn't even really want all the attention she's being given by humans, and is sort of pushing them off onto other duties rather than taking -everyone- as a student.
My guess is everyone is just jumping on the chance to become immortal, and so she has a ton of not-so-serious disciples throwing themselves at her. That said, there's no denying that it was quite clearly stated in SoPM that she treats her disciples like servants, even if only by Akyuu. I wouldn't say that makes her a bad leader, I don't know what to make of it really.

>Who knows what her original plan was.
We don't know, so we can only speculate. However, to me, the idea of an eternal, sole ruler seems unsettling, as well as the idea of a "golden age" somewhat naive.

>She does what she believes is right,
I don't doubt this, she does seem to want what's best for everyone (at least the humans), however...

>Miko used her followers in experiments to make herself immortal. I always found that extremely distasteful.
I wholeheartedly agree with this. Even if Miko wants what's best for everyone, I somehow get the impressions she believes that her needs being fulfilled is what's truly best for everyone. And for that sake, she's arguably prepared to make sacrifices. Even Futo, who was eternally loyal and trusting, might have been sacrificed.

That said, I think she indeed seems quite inflated with self-importance, even if she has a graceful presentation of her personality. But as a ruler, I think you should always question what's the best for your people. She truly seemed convinced she herself, was the only answer. And whether she was right or not, I don't know if I can judge properly.

>> No.10408787

Why do you say such obviously wrong things? Come on.

>> No.10408790


But they're not wrong.

>> No.10408796

>everyone calls her hair stupid.
I think that's just you.

>> No.10408802

...I'm not talking about people who don't like her hair.

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>However, to me, the idea of an eternal, sole ruler seems unsettling, as well as the idea of a "golden age" somewhat naive.

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I really like the art, but Carcharias' TD doujinshi series was just too much drama for me. It also feels like it takes more basis on real Japanese history and less on Touhou canon which bothers me, even if it makes some sense seeing it was most likely conceived before SoPM.

>> No.10408963

Why? The male Toyosatomimi perhaps? I think they are really good

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I can overlook the dramatic flair as long as he keeps drawing the lovely kaku seiga.

>> No.10408978

Well, that too, and their names, plus Futo being Tojiko's surrogate mother and all(?). I also don't like how Tojiko is portrayed like a whiny selfish little girl, and Miko being a creeper. I actually love Futo's portrayal though.

I'll probably keep buying the series just because of the art. And after following for almost a year I need closure. I mean we all know what will happen basically, but eh.

>> No.10409265

note that this isn't word-of-god, but Akyuu's writing. Granted I'm not sure how much that fact comes into play here. On a related note, isn't it canon that Akyuu's publicly publishes this info? I doubt many of the beings are too happy with their profiles.

>> No.10409812

>I doubt many of the beings are too happy with their profiles.

Even so, freedom of speech is a right that no Gensokyoan wishes to infringe upon.

As long as Yukari's article says what it's supposed to say, that is.

>> No.10409823

Do you think Mokou would want to beat the shit out of Tojiko?

>> No.10410323

Mokou already has one immortal to worry about.

>> No.10411622

Depends on how dear her Grandfather was to her I suppose. It'd be very interesting to see them meet, at least.

I can't help but think they'd be more surprised than anything else. Seriously, what were the chances all of them would end up in Gensoukyou?

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Favorite True Administrator arrange?

>> No.10412099

>>1041208Hard question. There are many that I like, but none that really stands out as a no.1 favorite. If I absolutely had to choose though, maybe this onehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9n__F_8
Either that or White Clear from the album with the same name. How about you, Anonymous?

>> No.10412124
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>How about you, Anonymous?

I don't even like metal or "screamo" all that much, but this one I can listen to on repeat without repeat. It's probably the vocalist, but I'm not complaining.

Before C83, I would have linked you to this:

>> No.10412128

>on repeat without repeat
I don't know how that happened, but I meant to say "...on repeat without a problem"*

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I hate how he makes futo with big eyebrows

I like nopan futo most

>> No.10412181
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Nice choices!

>We cannot get out of here Forever (Seated with Liquor)
I love Merami but I still think I prefer the original arrange from "Ghost and your heart", but maybe I just need to listen to it again.

I'm not the one to prefer non-vocal over vocal or vice versa generally, but with True Administrator I just feel a bit more drawn towards the non-vocal arrangements. My favorite vocal arrangement of it might be the MISTY RAIN version tough. But it's not on YouTube. It's one of those tracks where I'm not sure exactly why I love it so much; it's pretty anti-climatic, but I don't think it's boring at all.

>> No.10412185

>I hate how he makes futo with big eyebrows
I think it's quite cute, and I normally don't even like big eyebrows.

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Byakuren was most exciting
UFO was in the sky and then they go to makai and stuff

TD was in the land the entire time, so boring

>> No.10412236

>UFO was in the sky and then they go to makai and stuff
Agreed, I love the sky route and seeing the huge shadow above you in the first stages is really cool. Makai looks great too.

>TD was in the land the entire time, so boring
I disagree. The underground mausoleum is pretty and eerie, and the last stage with all the thousands of desires shining like starts was really beautiful.

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>> No.10412269

This thread is about 13.5 and the taohous, Byakuren can have her ow thread

>> No.10412489

>>1041209>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9n__F_bThis is gorgeous. spctrm had a part in this? Awesome, their Otogi album was great
>>1041212>http://youtu.be/jjwDpanYRlI don't like those two either but I agree this is great
As for myself, the O-Life arrange is pretty solid: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1969845Favorite in my current playlist is a bit basic but still nice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soG6LpSj4

>> No.10412498

>spctrm had a part in this?
Yes, that's the arranger.

>Awesome, their Otogi album was great.
Are you talking about fromadistance? Pretty sure they didn't have an album with that name, unless I'm mistaken.

>> No.10412525

Why is Futo such a cutie?

>> No.10412558

Is it a frilly hat?

>> No.10412565
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Because Futo.

>> No.10412566

oh shit yeah, I got mixed up. Historie is the album and Otogi is a song that stood out. And yes I meant fromadistance.

>> No.10412574
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No prob, just wondering just in case.