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Remilia Scarlet - 1.95/10

Anti SDM thread

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try with the zun drawings.

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tried it with original. scored 4.32

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Kill yourself.

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Why do people dislike the entirety of the SDM?

Are so lazy they can't decide on just hating a one or two characters so they just say the whole SDM?

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it's because SDM attracts the worst of secondaries.

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ESoD was the 1st windows Touhou so >>10404897 and tbh they're quite boring

The "charismatic" leader
The "crazy" little sister
The stoic bookreader
The obedient maid
The oafish gate guardian

Flan and Remilia have decent character design as far a ZUN goes and Patchouli is great but other than that the entire SDM is lack luster

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I tried this once and I got a 8.9

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I do not dislike the characters themselves. I dislike the fact that people can never seem to shift their focus away from them. If there is a new fan game coming out, chances are it will feature all of the SDM and almost no one from the newer games. Most of the SDM will also be playable if they appear. New doujin coming out? Chances are that it will be SDM stuff, because that's the easiest stuff to write. Remix CD? Will probably feature U. N. Owen or Remilia's theme.

It's like those characters are just used as a sure fire way to sell stuff, because if the SDM is in it, people will buy it.

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I love the SDM and I bet I've 1cc more official games than you.

But it may be true. Blame U.N. Owen.
But then comes Eientei.

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remi, flan, and sakuya are only good for mastubation