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Have you hugged your mommy recently, /jp/?

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I went to smell my mom's panties once and when I looked inside there was yellow-ish crusty stuff. I almost threw up. This is nothing like my cartoons..

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I'm much taller that my mother now and she's usually the clingy one.
Let me tell you something : It's embarrassing as fuck.

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It's mucus, it gets in my panties as well. Shit sux.

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btw this thread is shit.

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Wanna go out with me?

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She kicked me out ttwo years ago, why should I hug her

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Stop being so worthless and maybe you wouldn't get kicked out of places.

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where do you think we are?

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truNEETism is a choice. Worthless failures who were forced to be isolated should just kill themselves.

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When did the definition of "truNEET" change to lazy neurotypical?

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A lazy neurotypical is exactly the kind of person who fails at life and thus is forced to be lonely. A truNEET chooses isolation because it is the way to enlightenment and does not desire the company of others.

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my mom developed schizophrenia when I was a kid so I don't really feel like visiting her, she doesn't talk at all

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#official mazacon thread

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Impregnating your own mother just means competition down the line. Its best not to do it.

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Isn't that just social retardation... Up yours.

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Are you afraid she will lust for little baby cock?

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Shut up failure, don't talk back to your enlightened truNEET superiors.

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Tryhards aren't truNEETs.

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No, I'm normalfaggoot. Now bow to your masthurrr... Suckle my tits for cash and nail me to the fucking cross.

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My mom spent the better part of last night stumbling around breaking things being drunk as hell.

Next time one of you guys can come over and fuck her with your NEET seed. truNEETs only apply.

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No thanks dude, I'm not into real moms.

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>letting ur mom whore out
I got no rehspehk for you

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Your mom birthed you out of her vagina, that must have hurt! Have you ever thanked her for enduring this for you, /jp/?

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I wish I wasn't born.

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Woah thats like the end scene of revenge of the sith, does she died