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Why the other boards are so mean with us?

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The better question is why you're on other boards

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What the hell is this /b/ shit?

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They called us a wall, that's not mean at all.

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everyone likes to bully /jp/

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Who keeps making all of these?

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found it

that was an supposed fighting game between boards


and it's from /b/ 2.0

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my dad.

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That's not mean at all. That's admiration.

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Get out crossboarder.

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Your dad has plenty of free time no wonder I can make love to your mom all day

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That's not /jp/ at all, /jp/ would be Slaking or Slowbro. Much fatter and lazier, but has more attack because of autism.

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Shut up chen is cute.

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Mhhh... I like it! Makes me feel fairly content with myself.

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I didn't know filenames could get that big.

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No, a bat walking on it's legs is cute, a snaking hissing at you is cute. Chen is shit in it's purest form. Orinrin is cool though.

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Too happy

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Chen being cute is precisely the problem.

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>reputation for being untrollable

Why the hell are people saying this stuff? That only attracts thirteen-year-olds who think they can be the ``first'' person to successfully troll in /jp/.

Who keeps promoting /jp/ in other boards? I take it it's OP?

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Maybe the comic where a bunch of trolls rape the trollface guy became famous outside /jp/.

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I like the one where they have dicks and rape him into cock submission instead.

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I think that guy thinks that /jp/'s shitpost is some anti-troll for troll threads

when it's not

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Someone post the Okuu one.

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That one is horrible.

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Where they are all Sanae's exccept for one Saten?

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Yep. Now post it so I can save it because I forgot to the one time I wanted to save it.

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That same line of thought is what brought down /tg/ some years back. It has only just recently begun to recover, and yet still people persist in the fallacy of claiming to be untrollable. /tg/ may have a better success rate, but that's only because fags who don't play traditional games don't know how to troll there. Higher investment cost. I've noticed that the higher the investment for knowledge, the less susceptible to trolling a board is, though I might be off. Video-games? Pretty much everyone has some level of knowledge, but when it comes to relatively more obscure things like otaku culture or the differences between first and second edition D&D, fewer people have the requisite knowledge to successfully integrate with a board, and therefore have a lower probability of successfully trolling it.

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I don't know if it's a reference or if the resemblance is just uncanny.

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Post it please

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What made you think otherwise?

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That's very interesting but I don't know why you'd think we'd be interested in your /tg/ shit.

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Sometimes when I visit /tg/ I end up scrolling across a page where the last five replies are all walls of text and I don't understand shit.

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Why can't we be friends?

Why can't we be friends?

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Well to be honest. I wouldn't like to have anything to do with D and D.

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It was an example.

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what /tg/ have in common with /jp/?

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Please don't be so rude.

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i don't know maybe you should try reading the post

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I don't want to friend someone like Rumia, i'd rather make friends with Yuyuko and have hijinks every once in a while with maybe Marisa, Suika, Orin, Nue&Mamizou, or Tei.

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/tg/ was never untrollable. /tg/ is like /jp/ in that it trolled itself, in this case, just by MENTIONING skubhammer, skubmachine or IMSAD.

Did you guys ever get over -4str? (though it's probably like asking if /jp/ got over shiki killing servants. )

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I meant another picture, but I passe d and couldn't find it.

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>not bullying /jp/

I shubby wubby dubs.

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/tg/ is a friend board

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-4str was never really a troll, anyways. It was always code for "Post more musclegirls". But yeah, /tg/ has always been way better at trolling itself and whipping itself into a neckbearded rage than anything else. Recently there've been some tumblr-level feminism trolls, though, and that's just kinda sad to watch.

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>though it's probably like asking if /jp/ got over shiki killing servants
We did, though. All the TYPE-MOON fags lost their fighting spirit or left.

Please don't perpetuate this idea.

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picture THIS!

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I left /tg/ because it was too trollable. All that shit twinkie stuff got too much. Then Ruby Quest moved there and it was fun, but it started a lot of drama that overtook the board.

After that I heard they got a Nazi mod and everyone was upset. I lurked quite recently and it seems to have returned to form, however.

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Didn't /tg/ make a 2hu RPG?

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what about the 'party at /jp/' we got every month?

isn't it supposed to be a troll at us?

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That hasn't happened in a while.

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There already was one somewhere else.

They have created stats and other content, though:

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The friend board that until recently felt very accomplished about getting their own ED-tier wiki to the point of making daily threads to rub it in our face that /tg/ ``gets shit done''.

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how the hell does a "tradional game" board even get trolled
it's about fucking "traditional" games, I thought all you do there is just talk about "traditional" games

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There are a couple floating around, yeah. There's also a Japanese one, but it's pretty poorly put together. I wouldn't recommend it.

Yeah, we've started to recover recently.

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I posted that once (>>10126139) mostly as flamebait. I'm not even from /tg/, but you've complained about this ever since.

You're way too paranoid and cynical.

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>>10399336 see what I mean? Give them just a little space and they start bringing their shit in as if it's allowed just because it isn't anime or videogames.

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Fuck you man you just reminded me of how much I miss my Mario Party 6 and 7

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It's because you're mean and elitist. You derail threads that are even slightly off-topic, confound posters with your "ironic" posting, and make frequent use of redirects. Your board also presents nothing of value --90% booru image threads without a subject and NEET threads. It revels in immaturity.

Not to mention you spread your zany in-jokes and ettiquette to other boards and chans.

That is why.

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What are you talking about? It's handy because it serves as a repository and graveyard of /tg/ projects, but no-one points to the wiki itself with pride, at least not on /tg/.

The humor is fucking awful, mind you.

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>The humor is fucking awful, mind you.

I like /tg/'s sense of humour but the wiki does lay it on too thick.

That said if you're a faggot who hates in-jokes you shouldn't be on a website that pretty much revolves around in-jokes.

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In his defense, it happened more than once. I remember a week in particular where threads about this kept showing up along with people talking about how /tg/ is a great board and how /jp/ should follow it's example.

Maybe it wasn't a week, since time gets a little skewed in my head. But it happened sometimes, at the very least.

And for the record, /jp/ shouldn't follow in on /tg/'s footsteps, but now I'm being too meta.

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Everything is related as long as you can shove Touhou into it, from car decals to metalwork.

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>It's because you're mean and elitist.
>You derail threads that are even slightly off-topic,
It's funny.
>confound posters with your "ironic" posting, and make frequent use of redirects.
I only hate the XDDDD shit, but the actual sarcasm is okay.
>Your board also presents nothing of value --90% booru image threads without a subject and NEET threads. It revels in immaturity.
We also have VNs and other things too, you know.
>Not to mention you spread your zany in-jokes and ettiquette to other boards and chans.
But they're not, they're stolen from us in actuality.

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I've never really tried any traditional role playing games before. Are they any fun?

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I thought that was called Pixel Perfect, unless I'm thinking of a different minigame.

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I'd go ask /tg/. This isn't really the place for it, and they'd probably be inclined to hook you up. But yes, I do enjoy tabletop RPGs quite a bit.

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You are.

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They're really fun with the right people. Computer RPGs (even pen and paper inspired ones like roguelikes) are way different.

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>It doesn't move

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mind = blown :O

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Nothin to see here anon, go do yer reps.

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Fuck, shut up dude.

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Tell that to the faggot who greentweeted his life actions.

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Looks like some 4_chan_expert™ wasn't able to take the bullying.
You should try to ``fuck off'' instead of posting.