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ohio gosaymust /jp/

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cool radish yuyuko

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bony butt

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ran belly

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nice tits

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Good teats

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Herro Ran shama :)

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ran tail brush

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[x] Stick gum in fluffy tail.

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her anus must smell wonderful

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Ran, a fox youkai and a shikigami. Specifically a kitsune meaning she has 9 tails. This is the crux of the matter. This would make sitting on a toilet near impossible the normal way. Meaning she would have to sit in reverse on toilets. As a shikigami, she would also be averse to washing with water as well. Wiping would also be pretty difficult as her tails in the way. This would make cleaning up nightmarish for Ran. As well as expensive considering all the tail fur she would need to wash. Thinking about it, she would possibly be even less hygienic than Chen. Unwiped anus, tail closest to ass somewhat stained, doesn't bathe or shower. Thinking about it logically, she would be quite filthy. Especially her anus. And even if hair didn't grow on her anus, it would still most likely be covered in fallen off tail fur most of the time.

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She can just get her shikigami to clean her. That's what she's there for after all.

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