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Which touhou has the best hitbox?

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I want Reimu to sit on my face

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What's up with her milk nose?

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Why is Reimu so lewd?

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Marisa's is biggest, right? The bigger the better.

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Reimu's hitbox is too small

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Guys, stop talking about my nose. There's nothing wrong with it! ;-;

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Celestial hitbox

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good thread

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i will save this pic for... research...

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Like a peach.

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Alice Margatroid. Spending all her time sat down doing research made her face a supple, soft butt.

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So "hitbox" is local slang for "buttocks", right?

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I need to get used to typing in the dark. I'm sorry.


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What the fuck does darkness have to do with missing a whole word?

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used to be slaying the gays then took a big cock in the ass

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The darkness briefly gives him mental retardation

His brain runs of photosynthesis

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In a qwerty keyboard, H is close to F and V is close to C.

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cant win against Hina's bum

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I'm starting to doubt that darkness is the problem.

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Please let us not derail a thread with my stupid typos, I'm really sorry for even mentioning them in the first place.

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anal sex with letty

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That's pretty lewd.

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Doing Yoga with Sanae!

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Best Eientei

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Anal sex with Aya.

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Aya and Satori?

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Ovbiously Yuugi.

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I wish Satori-sama would give me anal

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I want to spank tenshi so bad.

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Where's the exclamation marks? Where's the enthusiasm? You're having anal sex! Happy!

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Anal sex with Aya!

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Anal creampie with Aya!

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>What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?
>Do I have something stuck on me?

...uh...looks like you lost something, actually.
Black, huh?

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An invitation to anal sex from Aya!

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she is really dedicated to her work.

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ewww STD

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There's the spunky attitude I was talking about!

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Spanking Aya's ass with Aya!

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Public anal sex with Aya!

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Hey. Tengu butt is off limits. It's small anyway.

Tying her up now? How mean.

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What if I like small things?

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To bad.

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Surprise anal sex with Aya!

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Probably used to your penis right?

just kidding you're alright man

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Taking pictures of anal sex with Aya.

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Anal sex with Aya!

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>anal sex

Birds don't have an anus....

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How many cocks have you sucked today?

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Are you sure? Looks fuckable to me.

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Cloaca is such a cute word for vagina. Why aren't there any cute names for human vaginas? I think I'm gonna start calling cute vaginas "cloacas" from now on.

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Aya is a tengu, so it's ok.
...er, uh, I mean...not OK, but possible.

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Cloaca aren't vaginas, retard.

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They serve the reproductory purpose the same way vaginas do, assmaster.

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They're more versatile.

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Is that a cotton swab or projectile shit?

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They also serve for shitting and pissing, unlike vaginas.

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My sperm after a creampie.

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Vaginas piss dude!

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That's why women are shit, the function is lost in their vaginas and is spread across their behaviour.

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cloaca is the spanish word for "sewer", so it's not really cute at all.

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And that's why beaner language is not used around the world. It's generally disgusting.

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Not really. It's one of the most beautiful languages, especially for literature.

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fuck off

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Know your place.

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If you're a girl you've proven my statement. If you're a boy I'm really sorry that you have to know the truth like this but it's better to get hurt now than get hurt later, okay?

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i'll murder you both

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Was it even necessary to bring it up in the first place? Shut up, post Touhou hitboxes.

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Beanerese is not French, Italian, Portuguese or Russian so your statement is incorrect.

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I am sorry you are right. I may be right but I am being right in the wrong thread.

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>talking like you're chewing on food
>italian is a pretty language
>drunken spanish

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Who're you'qting?

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you are wrong

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Please do not misuse the quoting function.

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The fact that that image is not part of a larger image saddens me greatly.

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I'd post my're Touhou's hitbox, but then you perverts would just talk about fucking it. I refuse to participate in such indecent behavior.

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Yuyuko has the most delicious hitbox

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Is it genji? He should be a part of the cloaca club.

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She has the most delicious everything

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What the HELL is wrong with her skin?

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Now you're being right in the right thread, continue doing so.

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A terrible wizard transformed her epidermis into spandex! Are you a bad enough dude to find her and put a stop to her villainy?

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reimu duh

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Letty of course

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That looks painful. Look at the reddish coloration of the skin around it, marking a swelling or infection.

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I want to hit that box

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I sorta of like Sakuya's hitbox...

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Also, Suwako's hitbox is very cute...

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I want to slap the shit out of Mokou's hitbox.

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Please enjoy my DAT ASS touhou folder /jp/!


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I rather enjoy your Windows XP in spanish LMAO!

Inb4 /g/

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Do you have a Sakuya folder you wish to share?

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Since I format my pc my Sakuya folder is much smaller than is used to be, so isn't worth uploading. But here, enjoy my Touhou art folder.


suck my cock dude

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HEY! I was trying to be nice, fuck you fag.

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are you lost? you know you're on /jp/ right?

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JC Staff 2hu anime.

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If only Clammy were here...

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you hypercorrect fagstorm

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Congratulations Moisture anon, after seeing your Yuyuko pictures posted hundreds of time I've finally developed a taste for them.

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You would hit any hitbox bunch of perverts.

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That's what they're designed for. Well, with a lot of grazing first.

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Butts and anuses.

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Smallest hitbox, you can't hit it without making her cry

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What's wrong with a man being a pervert?

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Big Yukari booty:

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Vaginas are right next to urethras on a vulva, bro.

Kind of accurately describes a vagina considering periods.

>> No.10394325

That's why I'd put some padding there first.

>> No.10396646

Not done

>> No.10396731

It's done. Your thinly veiled bump won't fix that.

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Tewi booty

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Exclamation should be implied through context or writing style. Marks make me angry as no good writer needs them, and many misuse them.
They're a cop out to actually writing exciting content. However, in this case, the content is actually exciting, so marks are not necessary.

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Big ones

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That snake lady

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I want to put it in.

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Thank you for this thread.

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I want Patchy to do this to me.

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does anyone have that really old flash game where you play as reisen and have to snipe people's assholes? I havent seen it in years and years, this gif reminded me of it.

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Periods arent that bad, "bro".

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Check swfchan. Filename is touhousuppositories.swf.

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btw ima grill ;)) :) :D

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