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If Lunarian civilization is so advanced, why do they forbid legitimate medical research regarding clinical immortality?

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Cos being immortal is wrong?

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No society can support immortality on a big scale.

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No, being immoral is wrong. Being immortal is awesome.

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Star Empires can. Just send dudes to the next inhabited planet when you run out of space.

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> why do they forbid legitimate medical research regarding clinical immortality.

I thought it's only Hourai elixir what's tabu.

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awesome for the first couple centuries, and then you slowly die away inside until you become a soul-less husk like Kaguya

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It didn't seem awesome for Mokou

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What's the end game? Eventually you will run out of space and ressources.

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No scale can support your mothers fat ass, LOL.

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The galaxy is pretty big. Throw in a way to reverse the process, so you can commit suicide when you get bored, and it'll work out all right.

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Aren't they, like, immune to death of old age and such anyway?
A lot of them are somewhat immortal as is.

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If you can kill yourself, you aren't immortal.

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It could potentially prevent entropy and the heat death of the universe.

If everyone just regenerates out of nowhere and there are billions or even more immortals, they could construct entire solar systems out of pieces of their infinitely-regenerating bodies. They could potentially do way more. They could rebuild the universe.

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I'm sure Mokou enjoys being immortal for now

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Being undying unless you're administered proprietary compound X is close enough for government work.

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Ethics. The same reason why Eirin flashing her pantyhose should be forbidden.

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so you mean that she has to wear a skirt down to her ankles?

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They already have agewise immortality on the moon, yes.

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If you kill an immortal like how Cell was killed in DBZ (cells completely vaporized along with body), do they respawn?

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She should wear a skirt down to her feet in order to avoid performing crimes against my purity.

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I was going to respond seriously but I got too distracted by Eirin's SWEET ASS

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Eirin's butt is big.

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I like big butts and I cannot lie

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Stop posting these pantyhose pictures right now!

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Eirin needs to relax more. She works far too hard!

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No. There is no wiggle room with immortality. You either are or you aren't.

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That's when Reisen becomes useful, if you get what I'm saying.