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The stars have aligned, /jp/. It's the year of the snake. This is the year to make mommy yours. You know you're who she thinks about when she masturbates. How much longer are you going to keep her waiting?

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shut the fuck up she is the worst

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I want Kanako to cuddle me and let me suck on her breasts. Not breast feeding - just breast worship.

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Put that faith in Kanako-sama instead.

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I don't think kanako would be a very loving mom. She's too ambitious. Any child would be a tool for her to use.

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Is Mazacon a kind of Mexican food

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I feel bad for posting this because I actually love me mum.

I didn't mean it I swear.

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If only real mothers can be as attractive as their 2D counterparts.

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Don't make these threads too often or you're going to kill them.

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Why isn't the little Byakuren this cute?

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You are depressing.

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my night can begin.

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I want to molest your mother.

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I can't fug my mom in her sleep while there's 3 kids in the house that will hear her moaning as I plow her bussy.

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Why hold back? Tear that pussy apart anon! It doesn't matter if the kids are watching!

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That is how... the cookie crumbles.

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Get wrecked.

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I don't care about her, I just wish Kanako or Ran could be my mom.

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Why Ran?
Gaijins are so kemoner...

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Everyday life at Yakumo household.

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Why is Yukari such a manchild?

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fack you

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Why is Ran so perfect?

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I wanna crawl into Yukari's futon and dry hump her while she plays her video games. I imagine her butt is really soft.

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She's gonna gap your dick, dude.

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If it's into her body then I'm happy with it being gapped.

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One would think the ethical system of a very-powerful eldritch being, outside of 'time' as a rationable dimension as Yukarin, wouldn't differentiate work and play and nor would that system have much of a sense of moderation. Even with empathy, thinking in a traditionally 'rational' sense shouldn't be expected of immortals.

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why stop at just dry humping?

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It's my fetish.

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Nice hitbox.

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That's one big bitch

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A big hitbox is obligatory for a mother figure.

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Don't call Yuyuko a bitch.

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Get rekd mate

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That hitbox is pretty small for a woman in MILF age.

This is a mom hitbox.

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m-m-mommy's ass...

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I am the mothafuckest

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Yukari is so hot. I want her to make me call her Momma and eat her butthole out.

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Do you have any of non-touhou mom?

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This one was good

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Thanks mate

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mommy boody

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Are there any /ss/ Kanako doujins?

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If I wrote a story about being transformed into a little boy again by Kanako and living at the Moriya shrine, would anyone read it?

Picture related, I posted about it in the last thread.

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No. That looks more as if Kanoko is making that boy one of her saints.

A "chosen one", so to speak.

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I'd prefer it if he stayed his own age. Little boy + mother is too common and not as satisfying for me.

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do as you please

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This is why we can't have nice things.

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Does /jp/ want to cry on mommy's shoulder?

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Sometimes I have that desire, yes.

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My mommy wants to cry in my shoulders but I don't let her

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what's wrong mommy? your face is all red

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"Well? Are you coming to bed, or do I have to come over there and make you?"

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fuck you, you're not my mom

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haha! You are so funny kazami-sama. You know I can't sleep away from home. I'll see you tomorrow!

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My mother is a drunkard who give birth to three sons from three different marriages.

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you are not my real mom!

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Do it