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Oh, it's that anime.

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Expect to see it a lot

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Good taste.

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Why isn't that a gif already

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/jp/ approved

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Pixiv only has (>ワ<≡>ワ<)コシコシコシ tag at the moment.
デモデモ and ヨシヨシ are you even trying?

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Please more please!

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What about Reisen?

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ZUN is really rolling in the money this season with all the royalty from people using his characters.

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I don't mind as long as it's Satori~n it's OK!

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Blue haired Reisen.

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Like this?

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Good job.

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Thanks, Tom.

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Wouldn't Koishi be included in "all"? And doesn't your equation therefore imply Koishi>Koishi, which is a contradiction by the irreflexivity of strict ordering?

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I'm so happy Satori and Reisen both got a Anime this Season.

It just goes to prove who the superior Touhou's really are.

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For the slowpoke not keeping up with the current trend, this is what the comparison is about.
Even Japan seems to think that Koishi is superior as it is the only skit that get arts and its own tag.

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Koishi > (all & ~Koishi)
or if all is absolute simply
Koishi > ~Koishi

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That reminds me, I never did finish wood-log-chan..

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Dumb Koishi. Can't even think.

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Fucking terrible.

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Pixiv is spitting them out like an assembly plant.

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So why is this happening?

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Sleeper hit of the year

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( ˃ ヮ˂)

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I thought Sasami-san was going to be the 2hu anime of the season but Kotoura-san and Mondaiji-tachi both out-2hu Sasami.

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How is Sasami-san anything like 2hu?

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To clarify, how did you think Sasami-san was going to be the 2hu anime?

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He probably thought silly hat+hikki = kaguya+/jp/

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All the supernatural shit flying around with magical little girls solving silly incidents. Not so much because of any characters to look at and say "that's a 2hu." Except for maybe Sanae.

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Keine got her own show as well.

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Holy shit, it doesn't stop.

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Holy shit this anime one minute I'm smiling then the next my heart is sinking
Is bullying really that bad in Japan? Do they all hop on the bandwagon?

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What's the problem, officer?

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People commit suicide in Japan all the time because of bullying.
Do you know that Satori VA in the show was involved in a bullying scandal herself last year.

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Really? Tell me more

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Oh, I know about this. I never pay attention to VAs.

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How terrible I should've payed more attention to this now I feel like it's going to be awkward watching this

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it's Koishi, anglo scum

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Worst idol after chihaya reporting in.

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But she has some nice doujins.

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Rin is better than Chihaya

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but demo sounds cuter

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I'm glad I'm not the only one.

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Exactly, that was what I said.
2nd worst idol.

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Rin is the Chihaya that the world deserves.

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Fuck off with your anime shit.

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I was told this show was good and it wasn't.

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should of watched the Keine show instead.

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I can't take it easy like this. Please use 'have' next time.

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Good idol only

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What's the name?

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I dont think you should watch it for her.
Keine is a slut, bitch and a jojofag in that show. It is going to make you hate her.

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Is there one with Sachiko, the cutest idolmaster, yet?

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Being Satori: the Anime

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Why is Youmu doing this to Udonge?

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Her CD is out

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What anime is the OP image parodying?

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She is a cutie

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...and why is it related to koishi

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Almost, OP. It should be Satori > all.

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Does anyone have the "demo demo demo" .gif, please? :3

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Go get the full OP, there is a different variation to the demodemo found in the short op.

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Go get the full OP, there is a different variation to the demodemo found in the short op.

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Ok, thanks for the advice AND .gif, buddy!

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Would you protect her with your life from bullies?

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Thinking is overrated, wander - never wonder.

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When i saw this thread I thought it'd be a Koishi thread, why are you guys so dissapointing?

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i also think she has one of the best themes.


Want to make it one?

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which is better, red or blue? I like blue.

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No this is the Koshi Koshi thread were we post variations of >>10398705 from pixiv the OP was making a pun please make a different thread for Koishi

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Who homu here?

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Which Touhou would the girl with red hair be? Parsee?

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Oh golly, look at those comments.

>> No.10406458

Those aren't even bad compared to the usual touhou comments.

Remember those are the people you share an interest with.

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Hitler dude seems pretty cool.
That underage b& dude on the other hand, kind of sad that I am sharing /jp/ with those kind of people.

>> No.10406469

Well I prefer a 15 year old good poster over 30 year old niggerspammer.

Some underaged people are surprisingly civilized.
I still remember how I always went on a WoW forum and tried to explain everyone that underaged people are just as good as 18+ people, with horrible grammar of course.

>> No.10406471

>tried to explain everyone that underaged people are just as good as 18+ people
You weren't a good poster.

>> No.10406477

>WoW forums
I remember shitposting there for the first time in my life those were the days

>> No.10406480

I know.
But there are underaged people here on /jp/ who try their hardest to be quality posters

>> No.10406485

>But there are underaged people here on /jp/ who try their hardest to be quality posters
That doesn't mean they are. Underaged posters trying to be quality are always some of the worst posters always around. It's just hard to tell in /jp/ because of all the people who are trying their hardest to be awful posters.

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What? Who is the dude next to nori?
>APNG not supported
Why so shitty 4chan?

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I like the smiling one more.

>> No.10406574

I think it's the Hidamari King.

>> No.10406748

>But there are underaged people here on /jp/ who try their hardest to be quality posters

Read the rules.
>2. If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view the materials contained on this website, discontinue browsing immediately.

So no matter how civilized or good quality posters they are, they still need to get the fuck out.

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Alright, gentlemen. I bring news of the next plan of attack.

Tomorrow, at 1/27/13 6:30PM EST, we attack the front page of /jp/ with Spurdo threads.

Lately, the janitor has a bit been overwhelmed with shitposts. For that reason, this next wave of shit will surely cause permanent damage.

Prepare your weapons. Save those pictures of Spurdo. and give me fugen burger :DDDDDD


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[EAC] [130123] TVアニメ 琴浦さん OPテーマ「そんなこと裏のまた裏話でしょ?」/中島愛 (takhttp://www.mediafire.com/?erozfms0dzmr5

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>> No.10414476

a grat one.jpg
congrats man

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so basically this is the new Chuunibyou?
Great. We haven't even really recovered from that one and now we're being assaulted by this. That's just real great.

>> No.10414501

File Blocked for Violation.

>> No.10414507

What are you blabbering about?

>> No.10414521

Wow... really?
Why is mediafire so shitty?

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it's gonna be another WOOP WOOP so-fanny-lel daily dose
except it looks like there's already more derivative content for this, so it's going to be worse.
I think I'll be staying away from the internet for a while now.

>> No.10414548

I'll really miss your valuable posts.

>> No.10414554

It's been out for 3 weeks and this thread has been up for 9 days but sure you can leave if you want

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WOOP WOOP has nothing on koshi koshi though.
It didnt get the touhou or [email protected] fanbase bandwagon on board.

>> No.10414633

>Koishi > (all & ~Koishi)
xorl %koishi, %koishi
Or just !koishi.

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Only you, Koishi.
Only you.

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File: 170 KB, 287x366, niggggggggggggggggggy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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This show sure attracted tons of [email protected] and touhou fans.

>> No.10420628

Whats the show even about?

>> No.10420629

What happens if you cut the wire

does she die?

>> No.10420635

What happened, i thought they where finally moving away from moe shit since the last two or 3 seasons had more real deal and interesting stuff. why did it revert to like just moe shit shows now?

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Who has bigger breasts? Satori or Koishi?

>> No.10420652

You call fanservice and otaku pandering shit interesting stuff?

>> No.10420691

Koishi girl reads minds, people hate her because she knows when they lie aka all the time, that one guy loves her and has ecchi thoughts about her that only she can see

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Romance comedy.

That red-haired bitch deserves to be raped by niggers.

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It begins

>> No.10424675

Probably because most i[email protected] and 2hu fans are weeaboo fucks that already watch anime.

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>> No.10432479

I like to think they have the same breast size, but I'd say Koishi would have slightly bigger breasts that Satori.
Also that image is HELLa lewd dude

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>> No.10436511

Grandpa incest and spanking? A little bit too much. So are there any drawings of her being spanked as Satori?

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>> No.10438290


Satori is a DFC loli.

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Oh, the ever-changing curves of the undefinedness!.

Satouri-san is a girl that can hold you very close to her heart.

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I like literal 3 leg utsuho.

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>> No.10438923 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 156 KB, 918x1000, okuu_third_leg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10440150

Satori is a young woman with a petite structure!

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