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Will you take her?

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Is that Sakurako?

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Yes. No take backs

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>you will never have your own, hhandy and cute byakuren

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Acting all cutesy doesn't suit old ladies at all.

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I disagree.

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No gradient hair, no deal.

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Where are his fingers? Are his thumbs tucked behind his hands, or something?

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She can turn it on and off.

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I'd take her, put her under my heel, and slowly crush her as punishment for all the people who are dead because of her.

I wouldn't kill her, though. She doesn't get to have that easy; she needs to just suffer a lot.

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I'd take her, and I would brush her hair every day, and build a tiny comfy bed and put it next to mine, and she would teach me all about budhism and stuff, and we would be best friends, until I died

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are you going to pass her onto your children or what? Since she will probably outlive you.

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many people seem to take Yukari as example for being an old lady? Watch out for sudden gap attack, all of you.

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Can I screw her and have children with her instead?
Then she can just be their tiny, pocket mom.

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>slowly crush her as punishment for all the people who are dead because of her.
>implying Byakuren has killed people

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She wouldn't even be able to take 1 inch in.

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That's twice as much as she needs to take.

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I could just get creative.
Can't I use a funnel or a cotton swab or something?

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I don't know what to do, I won't have children

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What would you do with a pocket-sized version of your favorite Touhou?

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Take her for a ride.

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I wouldn't mind a mini-Tenshi.

I'd build a house or just buy a dollhouse, but i think making one is better that way i would let decorate as she wants, with a terrace where she could eat her meals and drink tea.

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Lil' buddhist!

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Bully her until she loves me.

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N'awwww, that's cute that you would build her a house with a little terrace and all.

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What's the point of a byaka without the hair

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Glass pipette

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It'd be cute, but also a lot of work.
I'd rather be a touhou's doll~

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I want a mini ika musume so badly. But even nedroids are squiddily expensive.

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If you don't mind key chain size and quality this is was 7-ish USD.

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