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I fully agree.

The way these things usually turn out, though, there's going to be fucking in a few panels or pages.

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But I love you!

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Why are they forbidden?

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Are impure relationships in the same gender okay, then?

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>Impure relationships between genders are forbidden.

Well, I guess Kasen has brain problems ┐(´~`  ) ┌

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Not an uncommon theme with that artist.

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Let's have an impure relationship, anonymous~

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Well. It's time to get gay. Ri-ight??--......

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Kasen doesn't even know the definition of a pure relationship anyway.

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The love between a man and his imageboard.

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"Anything no forbidden is compulsory," T. H. Whyte, The Once and Future King.

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this better be from a doujin
she better gets raped after that
give sad panda link to me of this

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No rape sorry.

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here you go babby

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Whats edgier: sex with the same gender, sex with loli, or sex with sister?

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sex with loli sister who is of the same gender as me.

i'm a girl btw

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I bet Kasen has the pinkish and most delicious vagina.

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Most of these doujin artists have e-mail addresses posted in an author's commentary page at the back

Has anyone actually sent e-mails to their favourite doujin artists? If so, did you get a response?

I know either /a/ or /jp/ got a response back from ShindoL

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Why don't you try it, nerdface?

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I'll let you know how it goes
What should I say? (´・ω・`)

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Did you consider ``suck my cock, dude''?

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who are you gonna mail?
tell him to draw more futa and genderbending

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Here is what you say.

You tell them you were about to kill yourself, but his art inspired you into not giving up on life, tell him You love him, and that he should keep going.

Do that and he will totally draw for us.

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You should listen to this anon, he is a good person and knows what is important in this world.

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thanks and im not a babby

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Oh babby!

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Okay, how about this?

I really enjoyed the Rumia doujin that you produced for C83. (´・ω・`)
If I could confess to you under the cheery blossoms, I would!
I would be in ecstasy if your next doujin involved futa, or genderbending."

That seems good. I'll have to change the letter to match doujin artist, but otherwise it's perfect.

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I think that was via Twitter.
They asked him if he faps to his own doujins.

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>They asked him if he faps to his own doujins.
What, like Robert Crumb?

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babby pls kill me...

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Did he say yes?

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He said that by the time he finishes drawing them he's been looking at them for so long its not exciting anymore.

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what a tragedy

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