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That's it. I've fucking had it.

You kissless perma-vigins are beyond saving. I've been trying to do you nerds a favor but you faggots just aren't worth it anymore.

You can all just rot here by yourselves forever. I'm leaving this shithole.

Fuck you.
Fuck /jp/.
And fuck the janiturd.

You assholes better not use my images while I'm gone.

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Good, stay gone.

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One less gay autist, I just have to outlast them all.

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Bet you I can suck more dicks than you in an hour while making airplane noises

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you'll be back

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i'm leaving /jp/ because it's shit thread #534

just because people don't give a shit about your anime thread doesn't mean no one's here, no one gives a fuck is all

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He's a dumb troll, doesn't even care about that.

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Good riddance.

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Close the door on your way out.

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Another one bites the dust.

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Who will be the last one standing?

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Sion, don't go.

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Trevor status:

Owned 5 lyfe

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I envy you.

You became an extremely well known and popular poster on /jp/ in only the time since the Accel World anime starting. You are an icon for me, taking something you love and making a posting career out of it. I can truly only dream of achieving this level of recognition using the face of someone who I love.

This is my promise to you, that I will some day join the ranks of you great posters, and earn my own spot in the history of /jp/.

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All the terrible posters in one thread.

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Now I know where to find you, then.

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Keep up the good work.

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Internet drama, woo!
The reason why I got an anonymous website is so I can not have people like OP making everytrhing personal.

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Rest in piss, gaylord.

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Quite interesting...

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Since this is a shit thread, can we discuss evil Cure Piss?

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Is Evil Piss even lewder than normal?

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Don't give me hope op, we all know you are not going anywhere and stay here to shit up everything you touch.

If it were true it truly would be a reason to celebrate though

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Commit suicide while you're at it.

And you too, the one reading this post.

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seig heil d00d

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You're not fooling anyone florida-anon

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Nothing bad happened to you in real life right? Probably not going to reply even if something did, but I hope everything is fine.

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I hope you were impersonating me ironically, OP.

The last line is the only one that even sounds like something I would say. If you were smart you would've posted as Scandaroon to bait that autist who thinks I'm him.

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Well he convinced everyone in the thread, so I guess you know how you come off now.

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Pencilneck dweebs impersonate me everyday, if I gave a shit about how I come off or my reputation I would use a trip.

If you go through the archive and look at my images only maybe 1/3 of them are actually me, excluding the bearded ones.

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Well you did try to use a tripcode for a period of time, and even threw it on a month back to prove your identity.

I don't believe for a second that you don't care about your reputation, you flaunt it basically every chance you can get. Not to mention how you claim ownership over the images you project your ego onto.

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Those were two quite long days

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Why is it that I cant see images at random times?

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You're using https.

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>if I gave a shit about how I come off or my reputation I would use a trip.

Like !RNFSGH.xy2?

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It's almost as if I used that trip ironically for 2 whole days for the express purpose of making tripfags look bad.

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so basically you were shitposting like you always do, except you put a trip on for a little while, but since you were being ironic about it it was okay

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I actually copied some of it from your previous posts. Like this one:

You're a lot harder to impersonate than Tokiko though, I'll give you that much.

I was thinking about calling you an impostor, but I don't care enough to continue this charade on the archive. And yeah, I did consider the Scandaroon angle, but I don't think enough people would've "got it" to make it worthwhile. Half the /jp/ userbase probably doesn't even know who he is now.

It would be like mentioning tonberryking.

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Don't you know how irony works?

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[hide]I'm being ironic, btw.[/hide]

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Its more the manner that you used it in, it was specifically thrown on to prove your identity. No one needs some autist on /jp/ to show them that tripcode users are complete retards, you egomaniac.

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