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Sudo are you here?!

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fuck you

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I think he wont be here for another hour or so.

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Here, I'll help you out:

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It's a fucking fetish


-OP defending FA, his home website

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Is this what the majority of Americans are like?

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Please don't derail my attempt at calling Sudo, thank you.

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You're going die a lonely, miserable virgin. Enjoy! ^_^

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Da ka ra.
He's not going to be here for another hour at the least. I already told you!

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Is that how long it takes him to roll from his bed to his computer lmao

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I really wish sudo were here to witness this epic burn.

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Are you for real?

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Who took this picture?

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His girlfriend.

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Is it really so hard to get a trashcan in the room and at least clean up after yourself? God, the only thing that stops me from becoming a full fledged shut-in is that I would be on the same level as people like this

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What a complete pigsty

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