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/jp/ related because Idols are allowed, rite?


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Sure, let's talk about the LN or VN it's featured in.

...it IS an LN or VN, right?

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All their albums are pretty good, pretty Denpaish too.

Can't say much about the anime though...

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It was originally a bunch of albums and music videos.

Much like Denpa and all the stuff neo-/jp/ usually discusses.

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Whic Skool Aidoru wul u fuk?

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there it is, thanks to this idiot anything that has an anime tied to it in some way isn't allowed.

btw 'idols' mean 3d ones.

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Who are you referring to?

We're all Anonymous here, you mean Sion? I don't think anyone has ever posted anime seriously in years, where's the anime content?

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We're not going to start this. You know that I'm here, great. Go make your dozen or so "troll" threads to garner replies and be on your way.

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You sound extra frustrated.

There must be a story behind your frustation but I can't guess it, it needs a few details.

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Why is niko such a bitch?

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>this makes up for not having a one piece opening 16

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What a bunch of delicious sluts.

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