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i want to fuck a loli

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I think very many people here want to as well.

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I'm sorry.

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Well, my friend, unless you live in a very few specific places in the world, you'd better either reign in that impulse or be prepared to learn quite vividly the pleasure of being cummed inside.

Not that I don't sympathize; that's just how the world is.

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Get one of those loli sex dolls.

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1. booru dem lowly tag for your fappin pleasure
2. ...
3. Profit

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Fapping to drawn faceless fat man fucking loli=/=fucking a loli
It's like the difference between seeing a picture of people in the Sistine Chapel and actually going there. One is vaguely entertaining, to say the least, while the other is damn near a religious experience.

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i had a dream i was a loli and was getting fucked by several real versions of me last night(i wish i were joking). should i get help?

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No I think that is normal.

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Only if you are afraid that you'll fuck a loli in real life and don't think the consequences are worth it.
Otherwise, no, you're good. Maybe learning to draw well and share your dream with us would be cool. There's never enough lolis.

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Slit your wrist. That should give you religious experience.

If you're child rapist then say so, using the term "loli" caused confusion.

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Even if I were, I'm not quite stupid enough to say so, even if I had the protection of mighty Tor on my side. Invites too many chances for Lady Luck to put her stilettos to my balls.

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>Slit your wrist. That should give you religious experience.
That does not seem very enjoyable.

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You never know till you try it.

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Okay maybe I will another time.

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This is why I hate /jp/'s pedos, fucking cowards at its finest.

If you're a rapist, then go rape one and get killed on the street. Instead, you're here, hiding your pussy ass behind the term "loli". You make lolicons ashamed, scum.

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I think we have some sort of dissonance here. When I say "loli", I'm not only indicating the drawn form of little girls. It's a stupid differentiation, and I refuse to use it that way.
I am a lolicon, and I will never deny it, even in real life. If someone straight up asked me, I'd straight up tell them.
However, I refuse to be ruled by my desires. Simply because I find them sexually attractive, that does not mean that I actually will go out and fuck a little girl. Society is structured in such a way that that sort of experience cannot leave her undamaged.
I don't give a shit about the laws and such about it. Law can go fuck itself for all I care. I don't fuck lolis because it hurts them, and that's the only reason.

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Then I retract my comment. You sound like a gentleman. I know some lolicons myself. Cool bunch to hang out with.

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We got an outlaw here.
This elementary school ain't big enough for the two of us.

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I live near an elementary school. I'm close enough that I can hear the bell in the afternoon and in the morning. Whenever I drive past it, I always look away because I don't want to look like a pedophile.

It is nice to go to the store or something around 3PM and see the lolis walking home from school.

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Watching little girls and boys play is relaxing.
It's too bad you can't actually do it without being confused for a pedophile.

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What's even worse bad is that everyone seems to assume that pedophile=rapistsexoffenderevilfuckerbadbadbadbad

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Very relaxing.

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>be asian
>be 16
>parents loaded
>always have dinenr parties and karaoke parties and shit
>guests bring kids
>i'm very popular with kids. they always want me to play and get them stuff. always smiling when they meet me again.
>one day taking noon nap cos up all night watching gaki no tsukai.
>wake up by weight crushing me
>3 girls ( that i know ) are sitting on me giggling and chattering
>1 on my face, 1 on my chest, 1 on my legs
>push them off barely containing boner.
it's like the whole fucking world wants to convict me before i even turn 18.

true story btw.

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why are you on 4chan if youre so lucky

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Please write the story without greentext.

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>Be on the 4chanz
>guy writes interesting probably fake story relevant to thread
>Spergmeister McSpergman von Sperglord dislikes his chosen story format
>I'm not sure who I'm quoting, but is this the correct use of spoilers?
>tfw I have no face to convey that feel
Listen here, my kraut-mick friend
fuck off

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Please no greentext.

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Excuse me sir, sir. You are incorrectly using greentext it is STRICTLY for quoting and you are intended to place a single space after the right bracket. Sir, excuse me, sir! I don't want to seem intrusive, but it really is imperative that you listen.

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basically being an asian in my late teens with well connected parents, i frequently experience visits from other asian families of similar social stature. they often bring their offspring which have a thing for grabbing onto me and getting me to play games like tag or marco polo. essentially the karaoke is the adults entertainment and i am the kids' entertainment. around august last year i had stayed up one of the nights watching one of the old gaki no tsukai's and was taking a nap in the afternoon. mid sleep i felt a weight on my body and a suffocating kind of feeling. i woke up to a 8 year old on my face, a 9 year old on my chest and another one on my legs. i removed them one by one and immediately distracted them with toys as i rushed to the toilet to prepare my public face whilst barely suppressing a boner.

it's tough being me.

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Kids can tell who is a pedophile and who isn't.

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>you are intended to place a single space after the right bracket
> You mean like this?
Or are you talking about something else. I'm a little confused.
> If you really mean like this, then I have to say, that's the first time I've heard anything about that

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hi i am being asian in rich parents they invite loli over and they sit on my face and weigh alot when i have pedosex but boner too hard life is good u jelly jp?

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so you're saying kids like pedophiles?

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Enthralling story 10/10 would get choked up again

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If a woman came up to you, gave you some candy, and wanted to fuck, you wouldn't like her?

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They seem to gravitate towards them.

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Why was this deleted?

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Not pedo enough for our janitor.

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Seems like it was getting there.

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