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Mokou a badass

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Moko pls go

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poor girl needs a nice dress and a home

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go to bed kaguya xD

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No roleplaying.

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Shikieiki pls go

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hahaha, what the fuck is moko to the beauty of kaguya? kaguya a love princess, deep elgendary beauty unmatch by all. she the helen of troy, the aphrodite of greece, the maiden of the moon. moko, she the whore of babylon, the catamite of egypt, the stink, the smell, the disgust of the DOG. DOG moko is,s he mangy mutt need to be but down and put to the dog bpund so she be sleeped. moko, dont make me laugh, wha a pig, wha a bafoon. kaguya, oh my kaguya, she is the beauty, the grace, the intellect, she the lunarian goddess, th earth goddess, she bring a nation togethe,r MOKON ONLY DESTRY, a slut unfit, not even the lowest male fuck her, her vagina rotting away, but kaguya, she a oure perfect wife, she an ideal of all, kaguya foreve rbe the best touhou, moko forever be the worst

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Kaguya also looks like a whore that could fit a truck in her cunt, probably due to people thinking like you do.

Kaguys pls go

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Kaguya is too picky to be a whore. Due to her unearthly beauty, she always had many suitors from many different lands, but she would task them with finding great treasures across the world, which was impossible due to them already being in her possession.

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She probably gave people a sample of what was to come if they did the trials. How else could anyone fall for such a bitch?

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People fall for women's tricks all the time, so it's probably especially easy for the canon most beautiful touhou.

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Mokou is a girl!

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Kaguya simply loved 2D too much to ever bother with 3DPD men, but being the most beautiful woman in the universe tends to attract attention. This whole impossible task thing was just a way of getting them to fuck off so she could go back to her beloved husbando

Most pure touhou

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I wish I could suck on Kaguya's toes.

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I just flipped through the two most recently scanned Mokou doujins.
God. I've never wanted to hug her tight so badly.

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Could anyone please give me a link to that so-bad-it's-good ``doujin'' some anon made for christmas about Mokou?

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Needs more badass

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Such a badass that she cries and begs for mercy when Reimu & Yukari beat her up.

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This is so cute, I might get diabetis

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Moko needs her own shonen mango

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kaguya a cute

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Kaguya a sexy

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what's wrong with her tits?

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Nothing, they're cute.

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moko a babby wipe

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What does Mokou's semen taste like?

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kaguya, what a shit, what a shit! stupid bitch ned 2 go back 2 the moon, she go pond rice cake for mokou w/i the bunies, kaguya but a slave for the great mokou! my heart burn for mokou, the passion, fury it eminate warm the earth, i cannot bear it, my heart like to explode. kaguya, my heart only feel hate, it cold, deep, frozen in the icebox only mokou cna bring it out and warm with her radiance! kaguya, a lazy slut, she canot do anything without the entei, but mokou, there is no task she canto complte, not even hurcules can best her labors, her power her skill her beauty pearless, kaguya kiss her feet, an obscene girl, she can only looka t up the wonder that is mokou

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some post the copypasta of kaguya using mokou as a hoes while she makes mokou piss piss that's so hot that it burns and kills people then kaguya fingers mokou in the end

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Mind providing some links?

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This is the most badass file on my computer

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Yes, I would.

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Now that I have it it's the most badass file on mine.

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Why so autistic? Only feeling of power you have over anyone?

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No, I just don't like providing links to bad doujins.

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He already told you what you need to know, I just looked. It's the usual depressing rape-breaking.

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What do you mean by bad? Are they not worth reading?

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I don't think so, no.

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Mokou is the manliest, awesomest dude in all Gensokyo and I'm so fucking gay for her.

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Just consider all the benefits of having something that looks like a sexy, manly and badass dude, but with a vagina you can fuck and a discreet pair of tits that can be licked without necessarily being distracting. Oh my...

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Mokou is a girl!

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Mokou is the kind of girl you wanna tame.

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I take it Yuugi and Yuka took advantage of poor Mokou?

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Mokute more

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Mokou is the kind of girl I want to fuck me until my eyes roll back into my head, my tongue lolls out of my mouth, and I am semi-comatose for hours afterwards

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bwahaha, it's great

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Hymyilin ääneen.

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I think Mokou and Utusho make a good pair

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so much autism in that post

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Mokou and other unimportant people.

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Mokou running with friends

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Mokou running alone

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Are you guys able to just cut out patchy?

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Realized they were two different .gifs

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Mokou lookin' good.

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So you want just patchy?

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I'd rather it just be Mokou and Meiling. Didn't think it would be interpreted otherwise aha

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If she's so badass why did she give up and cry after she got beaten up in danmaku? What a wuss.

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Passionate people get carried away by their emotions all the time. No need to be upset about it, how about a smoke?

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Thank you so much Anon! I didn't think anyone would really do it aha

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Where is edgy moko?

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I'd prefer Patchy's...but Kaguya's are fine too.

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You rang?

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Well... Not the one I was thinking about but this one is ok too.

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What were you thinking about?

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Ooh, you know. That one leaning against a bamboo tree. I think it's traced too.

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That's it. Isn't it beautiful?

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is that bawson

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very nice

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Lazy Mokou

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I'm sorry to be one of those people but Ive been searching for any あずまん/azuman doujins.

Please tell me you have a link to the whole thing.

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you cry too if you were about to be raped by two raging lesbians.

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Someone asked for a pic I drew/edited, someone had it saved and top of that someone called it beautiful!

I'm so flattered.

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I like Kaguya and will leave this thread alone just so that Mokou friends leave Kaguya threads alone in their time.

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she had a hard life

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you are such a whore

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Not done

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Masturbating? You must have a serious case of blue balls by now.

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