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Why the smiles, ladies? You have nothing to be happy about.

You surrendered to their system, surrendered the best years of your life to the consumption of politically censored misinformation.
It mightn't be so bad, except now your being welcomed into an equally brainwashed work-force as a reward for all your efforts.

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.... seriously you lost me.

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Atleast they fit in somewhere, unlike you.

Kill yourself. IMMEDIATELY.

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3D and soundin kinda /n/ there, needs more b&

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Yes sir!

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Yeah, they fit in.

The same way cogs fit into a machine.

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What's so wrong with that?

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Individualism is sin.
conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform conform

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Oh, you know. Just surrendering your soul, your life's passions, dreams and desires to the maintenance of a system which will ultimately exorcise the same wants from others doesn't seem so great to me.

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Humans are biological machines. Do you know why society exists? So we can have some individuality and happiness instead of spending all our waking time as instinctual beasts desperatly searching for our next meal before we die at the age of twenty-seven from a tooth infection.

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I'd give them something to fit

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Yeah, but that idea breaks down when society NO LONGER facilitates a person's growth and instead acts to deliberately fracture a person's development.

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bawwwwww japan hurst its ppls


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This is fucking outrageous. Faggots don't even know what the fuck they're saging and why they're saging it.

Moot needs to remove the ability to sage.

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Its a conspiracy!!

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Didn't you hear? Moot wants sages to actually have an effect on threads now.

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Did that post seem useful at all?

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Does yours?

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Welcome to the aftermath of agriculture. We're a good several thousand years deep into that pattern.

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spoiler: sage is for replying without bumping

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It's not a conspiracy, really. People are very open about the fact that the education system is designed to churn out workers, not inspire real education.

I mean, those responsible for the US education system have flat out said so.

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Not gonna happen as long as we have douchebags saging EVERY thread. I've seen morons sage threads that were completely on topic. He just needs to remove the feature and call it a day.

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What other reason would there be for a government to PAY for your education? GB2/thelibrary/

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Sage in every field.

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Fitting in must be a hell of a lot better than being NEET and living with your parents at 25. I wish to be the little slant-eyed girl... ;_;

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Atlas Shrugged is a piece of shit, along with everything Ayn Rand touches.

Try again, please, I'm not your stereotype.

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Which one? :/

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The left one is cutest, but I would be the right on too just to fit in. At least semi-ugly chicks can get laid.

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That's eh ... wait what do ya' mean?

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Protip: we're all animals and developed countries are nothing but zoos.

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True. Doesn't make it right.

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I was referring to the chicks in OP's pic. Females graduating = fitting in real hard. I want to be like that, but I can't. I can't even get laid.

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His analogy is accurate though. In a zoo, and animal is (mostly) safe, but it is not free.

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His analogy is accurate though. In a zoo, an animal is (mostly) safe, but it is not free.

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Traitorous scum. You don't belong here.
You chose this life because you are different. It wasn't forced upon you.

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Damn. Sorry dude.

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It's very difficult being the only dog on the track asking, "What the fuck are we running for?"

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The problem is money is only worth the country that prints it. That's why gold is worth more than a dollar an ounce. You are being made poor by your governments ability to devalue your work. Let's say you earn 7.00 an hour, and then the government prints up 10 trillion dollars when there is only 1 trillion in circulation. Now how much is your wage worth?

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No. I'm not your stereotype.

Just because I am aware of the fact that the US and Japanese education systems promote subservience over education doesn't necessarily mean I listen to rap-rock grunge bands from the nineties.

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But trust me, I never wished to be different. I just fail and get angsty about everything. I'm useless, dumb and weak. It's really pathetic.

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Get out.

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Because it gets you fed.

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To stay fit and healthy you silly chump, you! ^__^;; Also, bitches LOVE strong, running males.

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OP Probably shops at hot topic and wears those shirts with the anarchy sign on it while listening to "punk" music such as blink 182

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I know this is a troll post, but this is how some people actually think.

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of course he does, blink 182 is really damn catchy!

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Nobody doubts money is a fiction. But it's what runs the world now, for better or worse.

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Being a non-conformist isn't the same as being an anarchist or an emo kid.
Those who preach absolute anarchy are even stupider than those who preach absolute conformity.

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It's got a good beat, and I can dance to it!

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And how do you know that they're not right?

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But bitches do love strong, running males.

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>>1033570 your

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Shove it up your god damn ass hole, you worthless putrid freak. You're as worthless as the junkie whore that shot you out of her crusty womb.

You find 2 gallons of milk for 3.30 an hour after taxes anywhere.

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How many times do I have to day this?

I'm NOT your stereotype.

I don't shop at hot-topic, I don't listen to rage against the machine, I think people who display their political affiliations on a motherfucking T-SHIRT are retarded ESPECIALLY if it's communist (Che-Guevara) or Anarchist (an ideology which typically doesn't support corporations outside of Anarcho-Capitalism).

I'm completely free of all the self-congratulatory meaningless crap of both hipsters and punks, thank you very much.

Also, I just had to wiki blink 182. If their pic on wiki is anything to go by, they're fags.

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In during "In such condition, there is no place for Industry; because the fruit thereof is uncertain; and consequently no Culture of the Earth; no Navigation, nor use of the commodities that may be imported by Sea; no commodious Building; no Instruments of moving, and removing such things as require much force; no Knowledge of the face of the Earth; no account of Time; no Arts; no Letters; no Society; and which is worst of all, continuall feare, and danger of violent death; And the life of man, solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short."

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Actually, that seems to be turning into a lie.

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>I just picked up my third copy of Take Off Your Pants And Jacket and cummed on it


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Japan is superior you fucking fags.

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Exactly. We formed society to change that shit. Anarchists want it back.
However, we didn't form a hive society. Individuality should be accepted and encouraged as long as it does not endanger other individuals, but even though our (just talking about the USA here) culture preaches individualism, it's one of those unwritten rules to try and act like everyone else.

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i listen to anti-flag bcuz they tell the real truth about our country and they make good songs!!! STAY METAL!!!1

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"We" did, did "we"?

Oh, that's right. YOU DIDN'T DO SHIT, FAGGOT.

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I'm sorry, you can't say that. You are under arrest. Please turn yourself in to a public prosecution booth for termination immediately.

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Also had to wiki that ...

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Actually, as a member of society I am continually furthering it's development. OH WAIT DISREGARD THAT I NEVER LEAVE MY FUCKING ROOM

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But Friend Computer, it was the commie mutant traitors!

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lol, japan


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hahaha you fucking communist scum. Why dont you move out to the forest where the big mighty business corporations cant hurt you? Live in your filthy colony with the other potheads and stfu.

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You are a mutant traitor, possibly communist.

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At least insult the right people. Those aren't communists.

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Hey guys.
Konata here. Yeah, I know my hair's not blue and my eyes aren't' green. What kind of Japanese person would I be if they were?

Anyway, OP is right. It's horrible here. Life is so dull and boring, my only joy is playing repetitive MMOs. All our conversations in school are laboured and dull. We spent one whole day talking about fucking food, for gods sake.

Plus, I have no prospects for a job so I'll have to marry some jerk to fund my otaku life-style. That'll be soul crushing ...

Oh, and eh ...


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Sad moe~

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what the hell did I just start playing Liberal Crime Squad or what.

also you need more sleeper agents behind conservative lines.

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This is why I should have been born a girl.

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Brits are broadcasting child tities. For shame.

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This read made me so happy.

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Plus I get beaten and picked on for having such a small chest. ;3;

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No, not really.

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op was right! it's all a reptilian conspiracy! D:

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The "Commie mutant traitor" and "Friend Computer" are from a role playing game called "Paranoia". Look it up, it's hilarious.

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Realistic Konata is moe~

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Wait, Konata has a harelip. LIES! LIIIIIIIIIES!1!!

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I want to hug Konata

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Don't be mean to her guys. You don't know how tough it is to live up to all the expectations that show put on her.
She's actually really socially nervous, like any otaku. Sure, she's open once you get to know her, but she's totally shy with people other than her friends.

Not to mention failing at school does nothing for her self-esteem. :<

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>I get beaten on for having such a small chest

I don't think so, Tim. I don't know about where you're from but i've never heard or seen anyone get the shit beat out of them for having DFC. ಠ_ಠ

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Source as in artist.

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Wait, wheres my moe?

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then you have NOT heard the stories about Japanese school I have.

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I re-read your post several times. Each time it got creepier and creepier.

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Wow. Because where you went to school is like everywhere else on earth.

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This person...! This person...! Really knows how to use this imageboard!

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Oh yeah? How so?

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I thought a lot of japs had flat tits anyway?

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DFC will commonly cause low self-esteem and make the owner a target of ridicule. LOL FRIED EGGS ON UR CHEST

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Okay then, how about this, she doesn't exist, so it doesn't happen.


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Well imagine how flat you must be to appear flat-chested to your peers in such a country. Probably close to pectus excavatum.

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what the fuck is this thread about?

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Yes she exists. IN MY MIND.

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I, eh ... I -I don't exist? :<

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Hey, when did role-playing cease to be a bannable offense?

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Konata is so otaku moe~

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The moment when you realized you like men, you fucking homofagget.

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When the mods went to bed.

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LOL, Wut?

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There is a report button you know.

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Who wants more realistic Konata?

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A sauce is fine too.

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I hate Konata but realistic Konata is fucking moe~

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Still no source on either board. Come on, fagets.

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