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What apps do you use?
Apps /jp/ related thread I guess.

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That one Booru app for iOS to look at 2D girls on the go and that one weird Vocaloid tetris game that came out three years ago.

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Apps are for normies. I hate how Windows 8 calls all programs "apps" meaning I use a ton of apps and that makes me probably the biggest normalfag here.

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You probably use apps on your iPhone every single day, anon.

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Look at these beta faggots, not using glorious Android!

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Shitty "smart"phones are for normies.

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Look at all these normie faggots, not using glorious Windows ME!

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Mimi Reader

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i was re-reading the Yukari vs Ran series by Tohonifun and noticed that I'm missing a few chapters (Unknown, Destruction and S&E)
Does anyone happen to have the whole set and other nice Touhou doujins like these? I haven;t really looked at many non-H TH doujinshi since 2008

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Jesus Christ why are phones such a giant piece of shit, holy fuck.

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But I was talking about Android!

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if you own a phone you're a normalfag.

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I have one so I can always be with /jp/ even when I can't!

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my phone only exists to get calls from debt collectors.

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poweramp for music listening, twitter to keep track of my favorited doujin artists, opera for better web surfing, youtube because my shittyass phone cannot into flash, and some free mini games

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You should be using the youtube app anyway. Flash on phones is a lost cause.

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I only know what that is because of a gay uncle, its like homosexual spotpass.

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I could have lived without knowing such a thing existed.

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I don't think anyone expected otherwise m8, it's not a particularly necessary thing for living.

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Some Tohou for iPod
Download Youtube (x2)

I also had Barcodekanojo, Shizu Talk, Lunacraft and a Remilia theme with Jailbreak but I fucked the device in the 6.0 os actualization and all got deleted and I'm too lazy to download and apply the jailbreak again

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Does anyone have the original image of this? I've done reverse images searching but can't find anything.