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Can we have a Yuyu thread?

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Only if OP posts 20 images first.

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wow. this saddens me.

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step one


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/jp/ doesn't like quality Touhous like Yuyuko. A shame.

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Not a good night for ghosts, and OPs not exactly doing much to get things going.

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dont post tiny images d00d

I know that feelio. Just wanna feed her a burger.

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Even if she's becoming a 1st boss, she don't seem to be that famous. And that's why i love her.

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yours was like, the same size you bully.

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Yuyuko's beauty is a miracle of the afterlife.

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I like Yuyuko. With Youmu by her side, they make the best combo in Gensokyo. Their dialogue in IN is especially adorable. Even when separated, both are the best Touhous. But this thread is for Yuyuko so I'll post an image of her.

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Very lovely.

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yuyuko is cute

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I wish to buy a Yuyuko dakimakura cover, but I cannot find one that isn't lewd.
All I will to do is keep my lady warm at night, nothing more than this servitude. Are there any non-lewd Yuyuko covers out there at all?

I've had the pillow in my cupboard for months still unused and unopened.

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Think about this way, if she is naked you can transmit more body heat to her! Otherwise you will have a hard time trying to find a non-lewd daki, especially one of a Touhou character.

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That's a good way to think about it.

I can just have the non-lewd side facing me anyway, I just have to keep strong so I'm not overtaken by lust, it will be hard!

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The non-lewd side doesn't exist

Everything about her is lewd.

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Please post Yuyuko scratching her ass from TD

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Did she scare herself?

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Cute, but elegant.

Familiar and friendly persona, But with otherworldly grandeur.

She's perfect.
At least, to me.

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Prettiest lady of all Gensokyo

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I wish people would stop portraying Yuyuko as some fat slobbering hungry slob.

Anyone who think she's anything less than the beautiful, elegant ruler of the underworld is just being silly.

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I would like to disagree with you, since her canon interpretation is like that, But the more i think about it, it's like calling a food lover a glutton. It doesn't sound right.

Yuyuko loves food, but there's no indication that she says she wants to eat more.

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But she referred to everything as food in IN.
Although there was a lot of intelligence behind it all if you look deeper.
Yuyuko might act silly, but she is definitely one of the smartest Touhou. But she does act dumb on purpose, so I see nothing wrong with depicting her as such in fan works.

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I wonder how soft her tits are.

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I think there must be some laws against being so beautiful. She should be arrested.

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I would let her eat my dick

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Takatora have the scariest art in whole touhou work.

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This thread makes me happy.

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But Yuyu would never make it through prison! They'd eat an elegant woman like her alive!

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Yuyuko is why i don't sink into depression. Every night when i go to bed, i wish i could make this dream where i held her in my arms.
She is everything to me. This is not just a "Waifu" and i can't really say that i love her.
But in my heart, she take an important place.

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How can she scare herself?

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I see lots of knife Yuyu an hero in fanart.

I don't see why the nether princess of spirit manipulation would need to use such means.

She would not die such a pleb death.

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She's a canon an hero, look it up.

Why do you think she's a ghost, anyway?

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it's never stated she'shaving that power by the time she was alive.

think she got her power because her body and soul is tied with the saigyou ayakashi

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I didn't say/imply she wasn't...

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Wasn't her power the reason she killed herself?

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No. He sacrifice herself to stop what his father started.

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What the fuck is Yuyuko trying to say on the lower right? Who let a Chinese translate something into english?

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In the beginning, Yuyuko only possessed the ability to manipulate departed souls. Unconsciously, that power grew stronger, that eventually she possessed the ability to invite others to death. Terrified by her own ability, she committed suicide.
From her PCB profile. Pretty much states that she got her ability when still alive.

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How dare you doubt the great CGRascal?

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I know, right? this picture always confused me.
I mean I know she's trying to say "I just fucked your man, bitch" in that, but how does "it's ok for breakfast to have a strong taste" imply that at all? fucking japs.

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Maybe she needs some food with strong taste to get the taste of semen and dick out of her mouth? Who cares, translated or not, it's a shit doujinshi anyway.

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Yuyu would never do that.

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yoyo is muh fav 2hu

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