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I can't find the 2hu on the wiki that matches this outfit. Who is this supposed to represent? Thanks.

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That's not a Touhou.

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hint shes a 2hu

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Is that cirno?

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That's kyubi

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Are you sure about that?
This is the Yuakari canonical representation.

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Ran Yakumo you nigging noob hole; alright successful troll successful now go away

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You are everything that's wrong with the internet.

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Heard my Mommy leave and had to sneak upstairs to get a quick snack. Working my way down the list of suggestions and Cirno doesn't seem to match either.

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nooby booby! lol mommy buys me rare obscure strawberry pocky from japan, you jelly bro? I heard you were mad that you cant bing Ran Yakumo, bro? Jimmies rustled much?

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leave jp forever. Or at least until you're 13.

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>The page "Kyubi" does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered.

Are you trying to troll me?
I checked and that is not allowed under global rule 3.

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trying too hard to fit in ass lord

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I think this is the same girl?

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The one one the left looks like it.

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Don't listen to these guys, they're full of shit. She's not Ran.

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Who is she?

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Actually I think that may be
but thank you for responding.

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It's full kitsune girl Naruto

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Did somebody say Ran nee-chan?

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YES! That's her. I got distracted and
seemed so angry I didn't think he was serious. And then he posted
so I just assumed he was changing the filename out of spite.
Anyway, thanks /jp/-kun. I'm glad I figured out who this was.

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I am upset that your were spoon-fed by /jp/ such an incredibly easy thing to figure out on your own.

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This thread is pathetic.

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So is your mom faglord.

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thats epic /b/ro

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chen pls

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chan pls

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/v/ get out "please"

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Don't you mean ``please''?

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No, he meant "please"

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I'm pretty sure he meant ``please''

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But if you look at his post again, he said "please", so he meant that.

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your mom

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>finally believes people an hour after they post the correct answer

Are you freaking serious? How dense are you? Why are you in /jp/? Your brain isn't fit to be here

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Same here.
Let's bring back the glory of this message and educate people like OP, so that they can become respectable /jp/sies

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I can't believe you saved that from Wikipedia.

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> Your brain isn't fit to be here
Seeing how you fail to use the quote function properly same can be said about you

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I know I have it saved somewhere, but i haven't posted in such a long time that I kinda lost it.
So I just googled for "get out of /jp/" and this was the first

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Post the spin out of /jp/ one.

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Yeah, great damage control.

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Why are you guys fagging up my thread?

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She's not spinning, she's seesawing. Please edit your meme-pic.

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Fighting the good fight, one post at a time

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So much autism in this thread. You never cease to amaze me, jaypee. And no, I will not sage. Fuck your shitty board culture.

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So, this is how secondaries are born.

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Don't be sad, join in the fun.

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Should have been "Fuck shitty imageboard culture," its not specific to /jp/. I wouldn't expect someone as ignorant as you to know that though.

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chan pls

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I love board culture so fucking much.

So fucking much.

And all of you as well!

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That's nice.

Though I don't love you.

And I never will.

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Cute image dude.

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Thank you friend. I aim to please.

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Would you love me if I said you were cute and came on your face?

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That is very nice

Although I do not love you

And I never will

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only 9,999 more to go and we'll reach our goal.

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Depends on what kind of cum you're talking about.

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The cum my prostate and gonads make the excretes out of my penis.

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Oh. Then it's a no.

Though I would like you if you gave me ure mom.

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I hate gaypee so fucking much.

So fucking much.

And all of you as well!

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Its /jp/ as in jaypee, not gaypee. Idiot.

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Maybe he hates it when gays pee.

Ever think about that?

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Oh so he just forgot to put a space inbetween gay and pee, I guess that makes sense, what an embarrassing oversight on my part.

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/jp/ really does have the best shitposting.

I would like to thank you all for your hard work!

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you mean "you're"

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You are hard work?

That's not correct. Unless you are quoting what your Special Ed instructor always told you.

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All of "you are" hard work?
Heh. Get a load of this idiot, guys.

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Maybe his nickname is Work.

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Why do you think special ed instructors give their students wrong information?

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Damn, you think of everything.

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I'd like to thank everyone for a good thread. Well done!

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What the hell is going on In this thread amd why wasn't I invited

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Why is Ran a filthy finnish?

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Oh neat, I drew that. I'm surprised anyone saved it seeing as I only posted it once.

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I drew you're mom good after cumming on her face once.