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How many dicks does milk take on a daily basis?

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0 she is pure

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from her bf

now d e l you're thread

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about 3 including mine
she says she's virgin after sucking my dick and telling me `she has two another business appointments`, does she think i'm retarded? bussness? maybe prostition business lmao

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You forgot your trip, milky-chan.

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Gotta be jealous of the guy

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A girl is still a virgin if she's only done oral.

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How do hideous dorks like this ever get laid? He must have loadsa monee or just a great personality.
Maybe milk is his first girlfriend though.

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As if you're a looker

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>He must have loadsa monee
Who do you think got milk all that shit?

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MLP:FiM really isn't that bad, it's just the fanbase. A lot like Touhou.

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She's a female, what exactly were you expecting.

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She has to keep up with the geek chic fads or else she'll become unpopular. Imagine the pressure of being forced to like something just to get along with others and not be stigmatized. The things neurotypes do.

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I was expecting her to suck my cock,dude.

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I don't regularly stick my willy wonka in glasses of milk, OP.

Does /jp/?

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This. Thank you

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le milkyface has spoken

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milk, please stop replying to yourself. It makes me sad.

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I'm gorgeous, and told so frequently. Sorry that not everyone is as ugly as you.

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Why do you name yourself "milk"?

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My balls are twitching, Amanda. I'm going to cum for you in mere seconds.

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its a semen joke because she can guzzle 3 liters in 5 minutes

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how much money did you get from sucking off 5 guys dicks?

i'm willing to pay double for anal

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3 liters?!


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The going rate is two dollars for milk-chan's holes.

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It's really weird how milk happens to be in nearly every spam thread about milk.

Really weird, isn't it?

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use u're new tripcoed faker!!!

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I usually tell her about them when she's done sucking my dick.

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I don't understand why she loves the attention so much. Doesn't she understand that it's because she's a girl?

That would kind of tarnish the experience for me.

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milf devs pls go

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She only posts with her tripcode for these threads.

Maybe she just lurks 24 hours a day, or only happens to be on when these threads are made? :)

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You there for her new years when she serviced 5 guys at once? Does she really smell like semen like all the rumors say?

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This. It's why I could never love a love robot. The robot would love anyone, that's its job. I want a robot that has free will and falls in love with me because of me, not because I'm a human being registered to be its lover.

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nice thread milk

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Sure. I'm sure that's the reason.

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I know this is 4chan, but the fact that people on an anonymous board talk about their genitals and say mean things whenever a girl is involved upsets me deeply. You should all be more gentlemanly, even when standards don't matter so much.

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Nice try, milk.

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Stop bullying milk

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Milk start these threads to squish

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Bad news for you, but nobody makes the decision to 'love' anyone in a vacuum. You 'love' others because your instincts tell you that they are optimal mates to produce, birth, protect, and rear children. Your feelings are as robotic as any robot's.

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Get a life, loser.

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You're forgetting desperation. That's probably what I'll work with. "Sorry Ms. Robot, but all the other men are dicks and you should settle for me. Don't even think about being unfaithful or you will never find another man, let alone one as good as me."
That's generally what love is, I think.

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physicalists go away

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tfw no gf :(

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I'm so ok with 5 Guys being my last meal of the year

What's this about

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I want cum on your breakfast toast and watch you eat it, milk

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Uh, why? Do you deny that I'm right?

Sorry if it 'depresses' you, but you need to be a really weak-minded loser to be depressed by the idea that abstractions have real, physical happenings behind them.

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Oh, milk. You do this to yourself.

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She took five dicks at once during new years. Can't you read?

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This, but with half as many men.

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FIVE guys?!


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These threads always make me sick.

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I'm so inured to shit threads like these that I almost forgot to report it.

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I just somehow reported this thread for the second time. What the fuck?

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but it's fun to bully milk

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The report queue was cleared. If you keep reporting you're going to get banned.

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I'm inured to fucking your mom. LOL

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I'll keep reporting, fuck the system

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As much as I like to berate people, these threads are an eyesore. They're not related to Otaku Culture in any way.

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You're welcome, normie slut.

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full force in vagina, mouth and ass

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>You 'love' others because your instincts tell you that they are optimal mates to produce, birth, protect, and rear children.
I'm not sexually attracted to women, though.

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I wish I lived close to milk. I'd have a go at her holes, not kidding.

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Pretty sure something can be hooked up.

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Hey milk, I have $15. Can I come over to your place and have a little ``fun''?

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California is a big place, I'm sure there are some anon's who live close to milk. You could make a trip over there and stay with them.

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Only if you're okay with Mush watching. :3

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sono kimochi when impure ;__:

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/jp/ meetup 2013 at milk's house
guaranteed fun

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I only want to do things to her holes, not live with other anons for a while.

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fuck you, mod

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m i l k