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Do you take this woman for your lawful wedded wife, to live in the holy estate of matrimony?

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Fuck no, look at how old she is.

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yukari pls

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I love Yukari but I don't know if getting married to her would do both of us any good. I'm just a weak, sickly human. I can't even produce her any children, or do any housework. I'm not even that smart. I'd most likely bore her and be a burden, or tire out and break down completely from trying to be useful in some way.

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She can fix all your problems because boundaries.

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Yukari is one of the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo, if not the most

She can bend the fabric of reality itself and in her insane lifespan she's experienced more than you could ever imagine. She is more or less a goddess.

Your assumption that lady Yukari has any need for "marriage" and other pathetic human inventions is misguided

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I do.

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just look at that beta faggot

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If I say no would she manipulate boundaries to make it yes?

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Maybe she doesn't need, but she could want it, sperglord.
She can do whatever the fuck she wants

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Yukari is a little too much for me.

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Not likely. But sure okay.

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I don't know about marriage, but I think trying to kill her would be exciting.

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>to live in the holy estate of matrimony?
I read that as matriarchy and now I'm terrified

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Now I'm aroused.

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Uhhh, no. Look at all the men she's gapped and fucked. Think of all the STD's you'll get from sleeping with her!

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The only STD you'll be getting is love.

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I'm not man enough for a woman like Yukari

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That picture makes it so tempting...but...do I love Yukari? I don't think so...

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Sorry, no. My heart belongs to another.
Always and forever.

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You're a good person anon. Never leave her side.