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Does /jp/ have an invite they could spare for anime bytes or jpopsuki, or both.. fate1122@yahoo.com

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Anyone.. I really want a anime bytes account.

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prove youre a real otacool and truNEET aswell as a full HOMU.

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Are you going to seed? /jp/ nerds never seem to seed.

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Of course not.

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Ive been here since 2009. I promise you im real deal. I remember things that most /jp/ers wouldnt know about these days like doctor worm spam,white ren army, the boof world of tank threads,the bedwetter kun girl peeing on the bed pic at like 6 am in the morning. I remember
it all.
yes. I do seed. I dont want to get kicked off the site. So please.. anime bytes would be nice.

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Sorry but I really hate /v/ scum. Almost as much as Finnscum.


Popped up in google first thing

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if youre a truneet then, tell me who murdered wtH-kun?

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I sent you a jpopsuki invite. I don't have an animebytes account.

Can't you just use bakabt anyway?

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Im not /v/ scum, I went there because of the bitgamer problem. I went there just only for today, for that.

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Piss off Sean

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Now why the fuck would you need that animu and JPOP crap and whatnot? Nyaa has enough for everyone, and if that fails, you can check BakaBT or Tokyotoshan.

In other news...


A gift, /jp/. Hope you seed enough PS3 games for me.

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Thank you. yeah bakabt is cool but i hear animebytes is really cool. if anybody could also hook me up with a animebytes invite that would be awesome.

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Sent ;-)

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I made a account this morning but I have no idea of what to pirate now since everything I wantedwas found on mediafire or thepiratebay without troubles.

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Gazzlegames is also open if /jp/ wants too know, its gonna be better then blackcats soon. everybody is going there from bitgamer.

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All PS3 games that are hosted in here and most trackers don't have any good direct downloads as far as I searched for months. PS3ISO uses joke services and that's the best they could come up with.

It's mandatory to use trackers to pirate them.

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Also don't forget about http://news.is-fabulo.us/ for an IRC option.
Anime and manga piracy is very well organized and widely available. There is really no reason to use private trackers that try to make you follow rules and seed.

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I don't know why people prefer these sites over blackcats. Their seeding system is so convenient.

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I registered with the same thing in mind before BCG opened, but no. Black Cats is opening for a while due to Bitgamer dying, it was already the best Game one, now it's like main source of everything after Demonoid and BG died.

The only other tracker that's still alive that has decent PS3 game uploads is IPTorrents.

You also only get 20GB with Gazelle.

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What an ungrateful POS!

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How do you go about searching for anime music on jpop? Also if anybody could still lend me a animebytes i would be happy. Anybody have a what.ca or iptorrent invite?
Do you have a iptorrent invite?
I'm very grateful.. Do i sound spoiled for wanted more?

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Are you OP?

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I need an animebytes invite as well.
Bakabt is alright if you can take their pussy policies of removing links to some license materials.

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Even content that's removed can be tracked in other services like Tokyotosh and Nyaa.

All of them have everything I wanted, even old series that are deleted elsewhere that nobody cares about nowadays and I wanted to rewatch.

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yes. Would you be kind enough to lend me a anime bytes/iptorrent? I do seed.

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kil urself sean

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I had a black cats account, lost it because inactivity. There's nothing in there that you can't find on piratebay, unless you're looking for extremely obscure untranslated PS2 jrpgs.

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Well, you really sound spoiled and you would be having a hard time seeding multiple kinds of sites.

I don't even have invites to IPT, just joined like a month ago to check their PS3 uploads.

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There is a lot in Black Cats Games that will be actually seeded and powered up entirely by their facilities rather than a bunch of torrents with 80 fake seeders who have seeding disabled and won't ever help you, including the uploaders.

The thing about "public" trackers like PB is that nobody will get punished or forced to help you out in seeding.

This is from my experience with PS3 games alone, which are huge and rarely well maintained elsewhere.

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Just made a Blackcat account and I can't sign into it, also didn't get a confirmation email.
Guess it's busy.

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It's been overloaded constantly and confirmation takes around or over 10 minutes as it currently works.

It gets better when you actually log in though.

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sent :3

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BG got shutdown.

But not UG.

Damn Jews.

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bg didn't get shutdown, they just closed it themselves.

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Am I the only person that doesn't like private trackers? I mean, I really dislike torrents in general but private trackers just make me angry for some reason. I think it's the rules and elitist attitude. I don't know.

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Fuck knows what they're trying to do exactly.

There's very little to get from Undergroundgamers, almost everything has been uploaded elsewhere. I still miss MU so I can understand why people use it.

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Also I looked at the black cats sign everyone is mentioning and I noticed they'll ban you for using a VPN. What the hell? I would never torrent from my home connection. That's fucking retarded.

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>black cats site

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Black Cats Games is very simple and welcoming.

Anyone who downloads and uploads properly and stays active will be on the same level of anyone who uses their old school looking Forum. Their promotion and SP systems are all automatic.

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I'll trade an animebytes for a what invite if anyone is interested. I don't even hoard anime anymore.

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Public trackers are fucking shit, and if you want something that've gone past its prime or something obscure it's impossible, because 90% of the time it'll have zero seeds.

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Oh, I know. I try not to use torrents at all if I can help it.

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scendt ;---D

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please could i get the anime bytes invite.. im op..

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Why the fuck wouldn't you torrent from your home connection instead of using some shit service that actually slows you down in exchange of a security you don't need for torrenting in private trackers? That doesn't make sense.

All files are in probation and tested before they're uploaded in good trackers like BCG, if any dirt is found they will NOT accept your torrent uploads.

Also, it's secure enough to survive a virus war.

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Private trackers actually aren't any more private than public trackers. Anyone can sign up or get an invite. Anyone can get on and log what you're doing. The only "protection" is that you have to be a registered user, which is essentially no protection at all. I'll give you that it's less likely to be caught using a private tracker but it is still certainly possible.

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Don't worry, I don't miss Bitgamer at all.

Many games like Valkyrie Chronicle were stalled as fuck and nobody tried to revive them. It was almost as bad as Piratebay.

Black Cats Games, on the other hand...

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Just admit that you're a egocentrical faggot leecher that never seed.

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How can you keep your raito? I uploaded some torrent on gazelle games, can i upload the same ones on black cats? Also im i upload a torrent, why does it say free leech for a while and takes a bit to start seeding? do i have to wait for other people to download my torrent?

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You mean you're scared of getting busted by SWATs or some shit? That has a 0.01 chance of happening.

I don't even live in NA, I live in unpopular land. There's your solution.

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I don't have a problem with that because I don't really play games anymore. If I'm interested in a new game I can usually get it with no problems from PB a day or two after release. I've been a member of a lot of private trackers and my accounts always get shut down due to inactivity.

But if someone is interested in really old stuff then yeah I'd definitely recommend it

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Even if you live in NA you can simply use a VPN, oh wait. You'll get banned.

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cold you lend it to me if noones trading for it?

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I just get torrents that aren't full of seeds but have some of them to gain SPs.

Uploading should be easy as long as it's safe and you write them well.

As for you freeleech question...I have no idea, it's supposed to let you download it fast with very little consequences and then seed it. The way it works is explained very well in here.


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Getting to the next rank on animebytes is too hard, how the hell do i find 25 things to upload, even new releases from comiket are uploaded before I can do it

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Welcome to private trackers.

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That's the thing about private trackers: they take downloading shit and turn it into some kind of game you have to play, to make sure that you download the right things that other people will be downloading, or upload the right things quickly enough, so that you can have enough of a ratio to download the things that you want. In the end it's just as bad as public trackers: public trackers restrict you due to lack of seeds and private trackers restrict you if your ratio isn't good enough. I'd say the best way to use private trackers is to use them sparingly if you need a few obscure things that you can't get elsewhere, but wait! Many will disable your account if you are inactive. Torrents are shit all around and I wish people would use something else.

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I was the highest rank on bitgamer without ever uploading a file.

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>and private trackers restrict you if your ratio isn't good enough

And I mean, it's not just a question of "giving back," you know, seeding the things that you download for a while. Seeding shit will normally do absolutely nothing for your ratio because so many other people are seeding the same things already because they need to get their ratios up to. Hence you have to play into the game and hope you can get your ratio up somehow.

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I uploaded about 15 or 20 things to BG.
All but one were TPB copies.

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i had the same thing happen to me. didn't login for too long and my account got deleted. well, that and i stopped using the site for games because most of them are available elsewhere. the one thing that was good is that you could get undubs easily on bcg.

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What are undubs? Japanese version of the game? I've been looking for a site where I could get Japanese versions.

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Of what games?

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translated games with original japanese audio instead of the dubs

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PS2 games mainly.

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Black Cats Games is full of them and if you need PSP games where I went was PSPISO.

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All right, thanks.

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of course depending on who you're asking here they'll be like bitch niggah y u on jp if u no read and risten japanese fluently

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What are some worthwhile PSP games to emulate? My computer isn't bad but I tried to play 7th dragon 2020 and was getting large FPS drop at times.

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Why doesn't everyone on /jp/ just use Share or PD?

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Can you read Japanese?

If not, it's pretty obvious. Every NIS game/port is pretty good, even Square-ENIX ones are somewhat playable and enjoyable, I still have memories of playing with Shantotto in Dissidia or my first time ever playing FFVIICC at launch, putting it on Hard and still being badass.

List of other games that you will want and I heard they run perfectly on emu: Fate/Extras, Corpse Party 1, every STING one, Personas, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, Ys.

WARNING: I heard emulator can’t play translated Milky Holmes 1 in any way due to erratic speed and bugs.

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They're a pain in the ass to use and there are better alternatives.

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I only know a bit of japanese but I'm learning so having a simple untranslated game is no problem as long as its not a RPG with lots of text or a VN

Ill check out those games, thanks.

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I suppose you might have a hard time but Makai Kingdom Portable and La Pucelle Ragnarok are godly ports with new endings, additional scenes, extra gameplay fluff and overall fixed gameplay.

It's a shame NISA even refuse to release them on PSN because they're afraid of losing money and work. Fuck those butchering censor jews.

Bet nobody will ever translate them either.

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is anyone else giving out jpopsuki invites? i've been wondering if they had this album i've been trying to find for ages

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