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I get kind of a "squiggly", skin-crawling feeling every time I play as a female in a video game. I can't handle the fact that they have vaginas and reproductive systems, and that I am in control of them. Valkyria Chronicles really affected me this way, and Touhou/Gundeadligne on high difficulties also do.

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That's pretty interesting.

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>/jp/ - Mental Health/General

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This is a curious symptom known to plague certain people just like you (you're not alone!), but fear not! There are ways to remedy this and let you have a fuller experience.

Take your pants off and masturbate until your penis is erect and you are about to feel like you have to go pee-pee. Now, take a pair of scissors, open them, and slide your penis between the blades. Make sure the blades are pressed firmly against the base of your penis, and close the scissors quickly. Make sure to do this as fast as you can. You will feel a momentary discomfort, but testimony shows that this should lead to increased experience playing as females in videogames!

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You're a fucking moron. How dare you suggest sucj stupid things?!?

Don't listen to him, OP. You need to cut the BALLS, not the penis.
If you cut the penis you'll be forced to wear diapers like a retard. If you cut the balls, you'll be fine.

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sup Rockcandy

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It still makes me feel weird sometimes to think that humans make milk. Human milk. And that women have to carry milk glands around strapped to their chest for their entire lives just to use them a few times.

The human body looks pretty ugly when you don't look at it from a humans perspective.

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Do this.

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I hate milk so much, just the thought of it makes me want to puke, so completely disgusting.

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You're a special kinda guy aren't you?

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Ever tried fapping with it? Just add flow, it's surprisingly amazing.

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Even cute girl milk?

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The last time I went for a physical exam the doctor had to examine my private parts. When he touched my penis and testicles I felt so tingly and I was involuntarily squirming like a madman. My abdomen was going up and down like crazy. It didn't feel bad, but it wasn't good either because he was just examining. I used to think that my boring masturbation is exactly the same sensation like other sexual stimulation, but now I'm using experimental techniques like with my glass shower doors.

I'm having trouble with my anus though. I'm too scared to even get it open. I want to try prostate stimulation at least once.

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>And that women have to carry milk glands around strapped to their chest for their entire lives just to use them a few times.
Men have milk glands too. They don't normally produce milk since the required hormones aren't usually present to activate the glands, but it can happen. Just look up "male lactation"

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I wonder.

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What kind of experimental technique with glass shower doors?

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I want to fuck a girl

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ewwww gross

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just pressing the frenulum against the cold shower door after a very high temperature shower. Nothing extreme.

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Absolutely not. . .

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That doesn't sound very exciting.

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Why don't we drink human milk? Why is it considered completely normal to drink the milk of some fat ugly bovine instead of milk naturally designed for our bodies?

It's baffling to me that it's completely taboo to partake in drinking human milk despite the fact that I'm a human.

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Well, drinking breast milk is quite lewd.

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Is that what's happening when I get wet spots where my nipples are on my shirt?

It's annoying when it happens because it makes my nipples cold.

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If I ever got a girl friend or wife that is what I would do. Drinking milk straight from the source must be like heaven.

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I get that feeling too, especially when it's an online games. I recently played a female character on Dark Souls and every time I was summoned or summoned someone my heart raced like crazy and whenever I was invaded I would immediately kill myself so they wouldn't see me.

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Imagine being nursed every morning for breakfast as she strokes your hair and sings you a song. Wouldn't that be lovely?

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I can't imagine this ever happening.

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No milk is designed for adult bodies. It's useless for anyone not a child to drink it.

It's only cause they add vitamin D to it that they even have an angle to market it.

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That would be amazing

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Imagine collecting it and churning it into butter, or preparing it as cheese.

You could make cream cheese out of her breastmilk, then spread it all over her breasts and lick it off mixed with the milk.

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I'd need crackers, but that would be hot. Though churning milk actually takes forever and can be labor intensive from my experience. Than again that was kindergarten. . .

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That sounds like quite a bit of effort. Although I'd enjoy if she mixed her breast milk in with ice cream and made me a milkshake with it. I think Cake batter ice cream would be the best for that.

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You should keep practicing until you can milk yourself and drink it.

Can't you buy human milk for babies from a store? I'm sure someone has tried to ferment it into cheese or something.

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Or you could make a cake with it and smoosh it all over her during sex or other dairy products. In fact why not just use it for all milk uses? I would be amazing.

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Kind reminds me of a time when I thought to mix my cum into food dishes.

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How did that work out?

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I mixed it with A1 Sauce and put it on a burger. It add something like a sweet and sour taste. Wasn't bad. I'd probably mix it into cake batter next time if I ever get the nerve to do it again.

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>and Touhou/Gundeadligne on high difficulties also do
So I'm the only one who got bothered by the high difficulty thing? As if, it's okay if it's easy modo?

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Umm you can't do that. I don't know why you would think you can.

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Cum shares a lot of similarities with egg. You can store cum up and replace the/some egg in a recipe with cum.

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OP here. When the girl in question can die under my command is when this gets triggered the easiest. I don't have any problem with non-hard Touhou difficulties.

The worst was when I had Susie Evans die on me in Valkyria Chronicles. I almost broke down. I reset the battle and won with her to redeem myself.

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At least nobody is dying in Touhou.

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Do smaller breasts produce less milk?

Either way I can't imagine drinking milk from a flat chest would be as satisfying as drinking from a larger chest. Which is a shame since I prefer smaller breasts but have a thing for lactation.

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If it was less, you'd appreciate so much every little drop you could lick out of her tiny tits

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>Imagine being nursed every morning for breakfast as she strokes your hair

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>Being bald

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I'm going to shave my head bald soon, probably next week.
Deal with it, dork.

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>implying i didn't mean my penis
>not knowing i meant my penis

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Balding men detected.

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i'm a proud bald culture truOTAKU

i can have you killed if i wanted

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No, I haven't cut my hair for two and a half years and I want to feel what it is like to be bald.
Also, because I am too lazy to comb my hair it gets matted. I don't like how it gets in my eyes either.

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Drinking the breast milk of a mature women sounds too lewd.

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I wanted to feel it too, and shaved my head. It was totally worth it as an experience, but I admit I do miss my hair. I probably wouldn't miss it at all if I was still a shut-in.

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Fuck, I haven't cut my hair in probably a year and it really limits my field of vision when I have these locks of hair that curl slightly around my face.

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So you can make baked goods with cum and breast milk. if we keep this up we could write a unique type of cook book.

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